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  1. 8K, 41K... Close enough.

  2. You're kidding, right? 1998 the team went 3-13 and had been sucking for a while. Most of us that were fans through those times are still fans today. This team was a perennial loser throughout most of history and you're seriously coming with that argument? Granted, the skins have been much worse recently, but you guys, Cowboys fans and Giants fans throw around one argument more than any other. I'm pretty sure I don't even have to state that argument and we all know exactly what I'm talking about.
  3. The Eagles have 3 championships.
  4. I haven't said anything for a while because I didn't want the thread title to get changed, but I love that the subtitle still reads "The Naive America's Team" instead of "The Native America's Team". It sums up Snyder perfectly.
  5. "He's doing the worm, Lavar!" "He look like he was just dead"
  6. "Get em!" "You owe us money for having 50% Eagles fans in that stadium"
  7. This thread is hopping today. Too bad the Redskins fans aren't here to enjoy it.
  8. Multiply it by 78 million and you're spot on.
  9. I love the fact that this thread's subtitle is still "The Naive Americans team!" even after 89 pages of posts. The personnel moves the Redskins make sure as hell make the subtitle of this thread a fitting addition.
  10. OMGZ I have teh intranetz friendz!!!

  11. DFC

    Quit stalking me, hoser.

  12. DFC

    35K posts is chump change. Quite an accomplishment for a Canuck though.

  13. Oh herro. Wercome uh to dah ****ty wok. Wourd you rike some ****ty chicken?

  14. DFC

    I feel bad because I am going to eclipse your post count soon. I will have a week of silence w/ the DFC account as a sign of respect. You are missed...

  15. Where have you been lately?

  16. DFC

    If you're reading this, April and I just celebrated our one year anniversary in July. We could have done it without you, but it was much easier with your help. Did Jesus give you a hard time for not following him? If you're kicking it with Christ, tell him I said hello.

  17. :lol: I'll be sure to.
  18. Nice to see you in the LNC. Please feel free to introduce yourself.

  19. Sure am. I have no ideas for my 20,000th post either.

  20. Been posting sporadically for a few days now.

  21. DFC

    LOL, I thoroughly enjoyed your message. I actually started laughing out loud and that sparked April's curiosity. Thanks, you made my day.