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  1. I thought we had a bunch of really good players even during the 7 win season. Cox? Graham? Johnson? Kelce? Ertz? Jenkins? All studs to me then Even when Eagles fans were down on guys like Ertz and Kelce I defended them.
  2. The thought of Odell suffering though a year of Lauletta struggling or Carr dumping off 3 yard passes all year and watching the sideline tantrums makes me giddy with joy.
  3. Roster was not really gutted. A ton of those players were also on the super bowl roster last year.
  4. Have fun watching Bradford in 2019. Trust me it sucks.
  5. We had no polarizing players like Odell when Wentz joined the team. We had a rookie coach (who may or may not have been good no one could have known), not a known retread with little success. Not the same.
  6. It's ok. Just bring Eli back he has a lot left in the tank.
  7. That team was gone before Wentz was drafted which was the original point of the conversation. New coaches. Roseman back in charge. Try and keep up happypants. Also they won 7 games I think. They were just a bad team that needed a coaching change. Not a 3 win mess with a troublemaker as the best player. Meh. He sees his possible destinations as the Raiders or the Giants and wants no part of either. That's right. The Ginats are now the Raiders as well as the Browns. Sucks huh?
  8. No. They had a dysfuncional coach who they got rid of...way before Wentz was drafted, thereby there would be no reason for him not to want to come here, which was the origin of this conversation.
  9. boogyman

    Week 7 Open Discussion.

    Lol Dak
  10. So next season Odell will be gone and you will have a new coach?
  11. Heat? We lost. I dont feel any heat from that. If Alshon was punching kicking nets and cramping up because he dislikes water, Lurie was throwing chairs and Wentz looked like a washed up has been...that may make me feel heat. No shame in being mediocre a year after a championship. We will be ok, still as good a shot as anyone at winning the division. If not we still have a base of excellent players to build on next year.
  12. We suck right now. The 2018 Eagles are horrible. Me "worrying" about a football team doesnt mean much. That same horrible team just trashed you guys. And again in this part of the forum I usually converse about other teams in the league. It's difficult to keep explaining that to you but you seem to have a problem getting it.