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  1. But until football starts...a reminder...
  2. Someone needs to send a memo to Rodger that the Cowboys have primetime games to play dammit.
  3. The didn't want some law abiding citizen messing up the culture they got going on.
  4. Lmao how dysfunctional can they get.
  5. I doubt they even arrest him. The Cowboys have primetime games don't ya know.
  6. Not a factor
  7. But they have as many prime time games as a third of the league. That's gotta factor into suspensions somehow.
  8. Lol. Your reaching. None of that has anything to do with him getting suspended. I am on the fence if he will, but none of the nonsense you are going on about will have anything to do with it.
  9. Yeah it killed the NFL suspending arguably the best player in the league last year too. Where do you get this ish?
  10. You hope!
  11. No I was hoping for 2022, but I am just trying to be realistic.
  12. At this rate Zeke might not play again until 2019 lol
  13. Jerry sure can pick them!
  14. Well he is a Cowboy so that's probably not what happened.