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  1. boogyman

    They just can't help themselves

  2. boogyman

    They just can't help themselves

    I honestly thought it was an April fool's when I first saw it
  3. boogyman

    CBA discussion thread

    Everything I can find that has been written about the agreement in the month of March says it was removed. That, some more retirement benefits and a few other things were changed to get the players to agree. "Owners agreed to remove $250K cap on the 17th game check for existing contracts, but rejected a proposal to shorten offseason, Pelissero reported." the NFL&p.adsm=true&p.tcm=%23fff&p.bgc1m=%230964bf&p.bgc2m=%23053a74&sr=amp Again I am not 100 percent certain though.
  4. boogyman

    CBA discussion thread

    I thought that was changed though? Not sure 100 percent though. That tweet is from Feb 20th. Here is an article from March 15th: "One sticking point in the negotiations was how players would be paid for this additional game. An initial proposal would've capped the amount at $250,000 per player, but that was since changed to ensure that players will receive the full prorated value of their contracts, even if it exceeds that amount." Looking into it further, articles written in March all say the 250,000 dollar cap for the 17th game was a sticking point and removed to get players to agree to the deal.
  5. boogyman

    Travis Frederick Retires

  6. boogyman

    Travis Frederick Retires

  7. boogyman

    Travis Frederick Retires

  8. boogyman

    Travis Frederick Retires " I wish him failure in whatever he does after football." That was the worst I read. A few more about his timing and how he "screwed them like Witten did". Only read 2 or 3 pages on that thread. Most wished him well. But a lot more negative than i would have expected.
  9. boogyman

    Travis Frederick Retires

    I perused a couple Cowboys boards. A bunch of scumbags bashing him for F'ing the team and whatnot.
  10. boogyman

    DeAndre Hopkins Traded to Arizona!

  11. Yeah a Bucs/Jags game is definitely must watch TV.
  12. Tagged Will he play under it?
  13. boogyman

    CBA discussion thread

  14. boogyman

    Another Cowboy arrest

    It gonna be..."it was only a DUI" or "it was just a special teams guy".
  15. boogyman

    CBA discussion thread

    I meant as far as wear, that's why I said as far as shortening their career. The extra game check and more roster spots would be a huge deal. More money and a higher chance of hanging around.