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  1. boogyman

    Zeke Set To Hold Out Of Training Camp?

    I doubt he actually holds out and if he does it wont be for long. He loses too much, Cowboys hold all the power here. He is obviously a mental midget but I doubt his agent let's him hold out past August 6th.
  2. boogyman

    Your team can't win the next Super Bowl ...

    The Jets would be funny too, for about the same reasons.
  3. boogyman

    Over rated Head Coaches ?

    I agree, Tomlin
  4. boogyman

    Daks Agent wants $34m per year

    I dunno. Foles has real accomplishments and just got paid. Dak is finishing a rookie deal and has had some nice seasons but has not done anything of note really.
  5. boogyman

    Daks Agent wants $34m per year

    Foles will be scrutinized more than Dak this season IMO.
  6. boogyman

    Rank your top 5 coaches in the NFL Today

    I used to be really high on Tomlin, but last few years I think he has been fairly overrated the whole time. He is ok
  7. boogyman

    The Hypocrisy of Kaepernick in 4 Stories

    Also...and it's just curiosity...but do you research every item you buy or is it just Nike? What was the wage of the people who picked the oranges for your juice, for instance? On and on, etc. Or just Nike? BTW I rarely but Nikes, I have weird feet and most fit me poorly.
  8. boogyman

    The Hypocrisy of Kaepernick in 4 Stories

    Didnt read. But I got my jersey dont I?
  9. boogyman

    The Hypocrisy of Kaepernick in 4 Stories

    I prefer: "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it" - Evelyn Beatrice Hall I complete disagree with almost everything Kap has said or done. That doesnt make him evil in my eyes.
  10. boogyman

    5 in / 5 out of the playoffs....

    Out: Ravens, Bears, Dallas, Texas In: Steelers, Packers, Falcons, Jacksonville Only got 4
  11. Not maybe. Hes gonna screw up again. He is an idiot and that's what idiots do. He might get 150 against us. He will still be sitting home in January and Febuary watching us on TV though.
  12. Good for him and you guys. Until he screws up again that is. He will give plenty of chances to get some games off.
  13. boogyman


    The cockroach fans really dont care. I can remember people sticking up for him after he killed that guy.
  14. boogyman

    The Hypocrisy of Kaepernick in 4 Stories

    Didnt listen sorry. Bottom line, if I want a Jersey, Nike makes the jerseys and I dont like anything about a Nike spokesman, I will still buy a jersey. My purchases are governed by 2 things, cost and need/desire and how they relate to each other. "Principles" do not enter the equation for purchases.
  15. boogyman

    The Hypocrisy of Kaepernick in 4 Stories

    Lucky for me I am rarely offended. Especially by other peoples opinions or points of view. Even if I disagree I just let them be them and I do my my own thing.