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  1. David Carr vs. Dak Prescott passing competition

    Saying anyone is better then Dak is not a huge compliment. Dak is not that good.
  2. David Carr vs. Dak Prescott passing competition

    If his left tackle was not injured he would have drilled those targets.
  3. 18 Games: An Offer The NFLPA Can't Refuse!

    "An offer the NFLPA cannot refuse!!!" They say no. The season finished with enough stars on IR.
  4. Dallas to host 2018 Draft

    Well I was only alive for 40 of it and was only aware of what was going on for a little over 30. So not too bad!
  5. Finding every team's EDP445

    You know it kills this d-bag that we just made his custom jersey obsolete.

    Take your congratulations and stick it in the same orafice as all the "Eagles have no rings" jokes and memes.
  7. Dallas to host 2018 Draft

  8. Carr 2.0. Paid too much for too little
  9. What Pats fans are saying as their dynasty crumbles

    That corner was benched because in the first 2 playoff games he was terrible.
  10. Did we end the Patriots dynasty?

    Yes. No.
  11. McDaniels changes mind, will stay with Pats

    Its a family message board moron. Figure it out.
  12. Bills fans are both dedicated and nuts. Let them have one.