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  1. I don't think they are that close either. But they definitely have suffered from very poor QB play the past 2 years or so and a good one could bump them up quite a bit imo.
  2. Wonder if he would take a discount for Coughlin?
  3. I thought they were high on the kid they drafted? Obviously he's not ready now but maybe next season. As for possibly team's for Eli, I would think a team would need to feel they were ready to compete now, has lots of talent and just needs a qb. Maybe the Texans? Or back with Tom to the Jaguars?
  4. Oh I was joking. It's 100% on the FO. You have a guy at qb who is a winner but aging. Job 1 should be protecting him. That Marshall money could have went to the o line. Minnesota somehow managed to change all 5 guys in 1 off-season. I bet some of what you wrote happens in the next 2 weeks. To me though, it doesn't look like the solutions are on the roster. And it could get worse next season, both Pugh and Richburg are free agents I think.
  5. Yeah. And I feel it's my job as an Eagles fan to crush that hope. I thought Eli played one of his guttiest games last night. The guy tried to will a win out but got zero help. I found myself feeling bad for him.
  6. I was pretty happy watching the game last night. But as the day is going on I am getting an ominous feeling about Sunday.
  7. The o line problems are not all the front offices fault. Not many teams could survive the best right tackle in the league leaving with an injury after the 2nd play.
  8. Only 2 weeks have been played. Almost every team is one game out.
  9. Gruden just called that "one of the truly great throws"....lmao
  10. Odell is playing. As soon as he made that 6 to 8 week injury statement I thought he would probably play.
  11. That washington o line ran the ball all over a good Rams front