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  1. McMarc

    NFC Divisional: Seahawks @ Packers

    Go Pack. Beat that gum chewing clown and his dirty defense.
  2. McMarc

    Has there ever been another season where...

    He was fired today. The Cowboys have a lot of talent. Don’t know who would take that job with that owner though... Ron Rivera in Washington is a good move for them. Unfortunately, I think their owner and ? GM stink. Giants have some good talent on offense, they need some help. The Eagles need some serious talent additions. Coaching needs some help, but I think the issue is more with the talent.
  3. Maybe that’s why their QB is always getting beat up. Seriously, for a NFL Guard, he got pushed and knocked down.
  4. Foos, need to eat some humble pie. Cousins is a mediocre QB. He proved it this year.
  5. McMarc

    NFL Coaching Class of 2016 - How'd they fare?

    I wanted Gase. Not going to lie. No one really knew Doug Pederson was going to be this strong a coach. He has brass balls and knows how to reach his players. So grateful that Lurie and Howie made that choice!
  6. McMarc

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    What is scary about your post, is that it seems A.) Skins management is moving towards competence, B.) The Skins fans realize that TEAM is bigger than 1 player. You're dead on. Haynesworth is a dope.
  7. Happy Birthday!!!

  8. HAHA, you were banned. You will be again soon Gaymenlover4ever.

  9. Love your Avitar. That girl is HAWT.