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  1. ncmalko1

    NFC Wildcard: Vikings @ Saints.

    Im rooting for the Vikes the next two games. I want the home game in the NFC championships
  2. ncmalko1

    Playing against Dallas

    Yes but what no one answered is why isn’t every team bringing everyone up. It’s short pass after short pass after short pass after short pass.
  3. ncmalko1

    Playing against Dallas

    And by "10 yards” I mean the ball didn’t travel down the field more then 10 yards. Zekes 35 yard pick up was a screen (not Dak throwing the ball more then 10 yards downfield)
  4. ncmalko1

    Playing against Dallas

    When Dallas beat Atlanta Dak didn’t complete one pass for more than 10 yards. Not one. He has been successful the last 3 weeks throwing short pass after short pass after short pass. Why don’t teams see this. When we play them we will play our CBs 15 yards of the WRs... Why? Don’t want to get beat by Daks deadly deep ball?? Come on!
  5. ncmalko1

    Shango and The Dallas Cowboys Show

    Dak was very limited 20 of his 25 completions were to TE's and Beasley. Wasn't able to get the ball to his WR. Camped out behind a strong OLINE and threw check downs and dump offs.