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  1. wayne

    Anyone else get sad watching the Saints,Chiefs, Rams

    A local radio show host in my area was saying today that any team who has a defensive minded coach (he did exclude Belechick and Tomlin because they've evolved) is basically a dinosaur at this point. I see a lot of people begging for us to go out and get DB's. I say who cares, let the secondary rot at this point, there more or less scarecrows out there anyway these days.
  2. wayne

    Anyone else get sad watching the Saints,Chiefs, Rams

    I think the answer is to add speed everywhere. You look at the Rams and Chiefs, they're skill players could be track stars. The reality of the league now is that fast players have all of the advantage because the defense isn't allowed to cover or hit them anymore.
  3. wayne

    Anyone else get sad watching the Saints,Chiefs, Rams

    This is precisely it. Those who are saying about Schwartz, Mills an co are the problem clearly aren't watching the multitude of players and teams who are on pace to shatter league scoring records this season. It's what the NFL wanted with their Rodgers rule and other "player safety" rules. They're really about TV ratings not player safety. Defensively our biggest problem has been injury. DB is the obvious one, but Jernigan and Barnett hurt as well as losing Allen for an older Ngata. Our pass rushers are now a year older (looking at you Graham and Long) and having less of a rotation that they did last year which leads to wear and tear over the course of the season. Even despite giving up 48 last week, we're still tied for 12th in the league only allowing 23 PPG. Offense has been the big difference this year. We've dropped from 3rd in the league with 28.6 PPG to 24th with a paltry 20.5 this season.
  4. Direct TV and all the other TV providers would never allow to NFL to do that. They just stand to lose way too much money IMO.
  5. wayne

    MNF: Patriots @ Bills.

    Pats Oline getting away with some holds so far.
  6. wayne

    Hue Jackson FIRED by The Browns

    Best part is he says that as if Todd Haley has never been a head coach before.
  7. wayne

    Hue Jackson FIRED by The Browns

    Yeah he helped build that offensive freakshow that they have in KC. He was responsible for drafting Kelce and Hill I believe.
  8. wayne

    Hue Jackson FIRED by The Browns

    Yup. Notice all the perennially crappy teams - BUF, CLE, OAK, WAS they all change coaches and schemes every 2-4 years. I live in the Buffalo market and I've watched them change from 4-3 Schwartz (which was successful) to 3-4 Ryan then back to 4-3 McDermott since 2014. So needless to say most of the players that the previous admin drafted became useless and were released or just performed horribly. The good franchises on the other hand may lose or fire coaches but they tend to hire successors that are consistent with the same philosophy so as not to completely waste draft and free agent talent every couple of years. Can't tell if this is sarcasm or not. Either way, thanks for giving me a good laugh lol
  9. wayne

    Hue Jackson FIRED by The Browns

    Well they have some legitimate talent on the team now they just need to get a head coach who has half a brain - which seems to be a struggle for them. But yeah, the midseason firing and personnel changes have been a large part of the reason why they can never develop a QB. Hopefully for them the firing will bring a bit of a culture change. I believe Rapaport said after the firing that Baker wasn't a fan of Hue to begin with.
  10. wayne

    Hue Jackson FIRED by The Browns

    The Browns just made two good decisions today... Imagine that. Never liked Hue as a coach, too mild tempered which needless to say clashes with Mayfield's personality. I think if you're going to have Mayfield as the starter, you need the culture of the team to reflect his. And Todd Haley just sucks.
  11. That was a really dumb penalty. Burfict was clearly involved in the play and JJSS had his back turned to the ball carrier. If you want to flag him for taunting, fine, but had that been a broken tackle, Burfict would have been the next closest defender there. And btw, are we seriously talking about feeling sorry for the dirtiest scum bag in the NFL because he finally got what was coming to him?
  12. They should do stuff to build off of the dig like deep curl, in and go etc. They could also probably get him the ball on a drive route since he's so physical and good after the catch in open space.
  13. When Romo was their QB they ran that dig route on 3rd down almost every single time with success.
  14. wayne

    Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    "Look at the cushion" Well no ish, you don't throw the deep out if the CB is breathing down on the receiver with his eyes to the QB.
  15. wayne

    Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    The point of us joking about Carr's struggles last season was due to the fact that rstarter had literally (and repeatedly) made ridiculous claims about a rookie QB (ROTY lock, already better arm than Rodgers, already on Andrew Luck's level etc). That, plus the fact that whenever anyone made the slightest criticism of Carr he would somehow tie that into how terrible Nick Foles is as a QB, as if somehow criticizing Foles made up for Carr's shortcomings. You can even see in some of the posts he quoted above, most of the posters said something to the effect of 'Carr could be a good QB, but at this point rstarters claims are way overboard'.