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  1. They were planning to go back to just navy/white when they moved last year (the walls and endzones were navy/white only). In 2019 they're redesigning the jerseys too, so there won't be any gold (or yellow) at all
  2. Already a topic about this
  3. I started cleaning up the first post and will go through the rest of the links when I have more time. The NFC East section should be current
  4. Does anyone still use this topic? I can't believe I started it almost 10 years ago, but I haven't updated it in like 3 or 4
  5. Unless there's a last-minute change, the Chargers may announce as soon as tomorrow they're moving to LA
  6. Saw the topic title on the main forum and knew right away this was a Wally topic. No, we shouldn't seed by overall record, otherwise there's no advantage to winning your division. This isn't the NBA.
  7. Adding onto VA's post, other than the screw-up mentioned above, the duplicates are always split between offense and defense, so you shouldn't see the same number on the field at the same time. Here's how it looked before camp: 28 = Smallwood (O) / Perry (D) 35 = O'Neal (O) / Rice (D) 48 = DePalma (O) / Cherry (D) 61 = Wisniewski (O) / Shittu (D) 74 = Bunche (O) / Wujciak (D) 77 = Jones (O) / Vaeao (D)
  8. The old stuff will be fixed when their rebuilding processes finish, which could be several hours
  9. Emails and screencaps sent to the support team. Now we wait....