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  1. Less than a month until the draft!

  2. Can't believe it's time for football again!

  3. Let's get this defense upgraded before the draft!

  4. Be patient. This is a REBUILDING YEAR

  5. Excited about the upcoming season!

  6. 1 week until the draft. Still meh

  7. 2 weeks until the draft. meh

    1. .Dizzle


      I'm not sure what to think this year without Chris Steuber's insight to guide me. :saddyface:

    2. jme42257


      if only free agency started....

  8. Yup. Need an address so I can send it.

  9. what up, Vic. Where's the wedding pics??

  10. ha....I just did a search for "cat computer" and that's what came up!

    Happy Thronsday and Happy Tanning!

  11. Happy Tuesday! :wub:

  12. MAH! Where the hell have you been?! Hope things are going OK.

  13. Congrats on driving a stick! No, I won't be at the Linc on Saturday. I like to hear Kiper complain about every other pick!

  14. Hey shortcake! Add some friends...Your list is empty!

  15. Get back to work!

  16. Dirty D! Have a good day!