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  1. If you have any new ones to add, post 'em here... NFC EAST PHILADELPHIA EAGLES Official Twitter: @Eagles (Unofficial) (Unofficial) (Unofficial) (Unofficial) ( (Unofficial) Dallas Cowboys Official Twitter: @DallasCowboys (Official) (Unofficial) ( (Unofficial) New York Giants Official Twitter: @Giants (Official) (Unofficial) ( (Unofficial) Washington Redskins Official Twitter: @Redskins (Official) (Unofficial) (Unofficial) (Unofficial) ( (Unofficial) NFC NORTH Chicago Bears Official Twitter: @ChicagoBears (Unofficial) (Unofficial) ( (Unofficial) Detroit Lions Official Twitter: @Lions (Official) (Unofficial) ( (Unofficial) Green Bay Packers Official Twitter: @Packers (Unofficial) (Unofficial) (Unofficial) ( (Unofficial) Minnesota Vikings Official Twitter: @Vikings (Official) (Unofficial) (Unofficial) ( (Unofficial) NFC SOUTH Atlanta Falcons Official Twitter: @AtlantaFalcons (Official) (Unofficial) ( (Unofficial) Carolina Panthers Official Twitter: @Panthers (Official) (Unofficial) (Unofficial) (Unofficial) (Unofficial) ( (Unofficial) New Orleans Saints Official Twitter: @Saints (Unofficial) (Unofficial) (Unofficial) (Unofficial) (Unofficial) ( (Unofficial) Tampa Bay Buccaneers Official Twitter: @TBBuccaneers (Official) (Unofficial) ( (Unofficial) NFC WEST Arizona Cardinals Official Twitter: @AZCardinals (Official) (Unofficial) ( (Unofficial) Los Angeles Rams Official Twitter: @RamsNFL (Unofficial) (Unofficial) (Unofficial) ( (Unofficial) San Francisco 49ers Official Twitter: @49ers (Official) 49erholics Anonymous (Unofficial) ( (Unofficial) Seattle Seahawks Official Twitter: @Seahawks (Official) (Unofficial) ( (Unofficial) ================================================================ AFC EAST Buffalo Bills Official Twitter: @BuffaloBills (Official) (Unofficial) (Unofficial) (Unofficial) (Unofficial) ( (Unofficial) Miami Dolphins Official Twitter: @MiamiDolphins (Unofficial) (Unofficial) (Unofficial) (Unofficial) ( (Unofficial) New England Patriots Official Twitter: @Patriots (Official) (Unofficial) (Unofficial) (Unofficial) ( (Unofficial) New York Jets Official Twitter: @NYJets (Official) (Unofficial) (Unofficial) ( (Unofficial) AFC NORTH Baltimore Ravens Official Twitter: @Ravens (Official) (Unofficial) ( (Unofficial) Cincinnati Bengals Official Twitter: @Bengals (Official) (Unofficial) (Unofficial) ( (Unofficial) Cleveland Browns Official Twitter: @Browns (Unofficial) (Unofficial) ( (Unofficial) Pittsburgh Steelers Official Twitter: @Steelers (Official) (Unofficial) (Unofficial) (Unofficial) (Unofficial) ( (Unofficial) AFC SOUTH Houston Texans Official Twitter: @HoustonTexans (Official) ( (Unofficial) Indianapolis Colts Official Twitter: @Colts (Official) ( (Unofficial) Jacksonville Jaguars Official Twitter: @Jaguars (Official) (Unofficial) ( (Unofficial) Tennessee Titans Official Twitter: @Titans (Official) (Unofficial) (Unofficial) ( (Unofficial) AFC WEST Denver Broncos Official Twitter: @Broncos (Official) (Unofficial) (Unofficial) (Unofficial) ( (Unofficial) Kansas City Chiefs Official Twitter: @Chiefs (Official) (Unofficial) (Unofficial) (Unofficial) ( (Unofficial) Los Angeles Chargers Official Twitter: @Chargers (Official) (Unofficial) (Unofficial) (Unofficial) ( (Unofficial) Oakland Raiders Official Twitter: @Raiders (Unofficial) (Unofficial) ( (Unofficial)
  2. I started cleaning up the first post and will go through the rest of the links when I have more time. The NFC East section should be current
  3. Does anyone still use this topic? I can't believe I started it almost 10 years ago, but I haven't updated it in like 3 or 4
  4. BigEd76

    Post Your EMB Questions/Concerns Here

    The old stuff will be fixed when their rebuilding processes finish, which could be several hours
  5. BigEd76

    Post Your EMB Questions/Concerns Here

    Emails and screencaps sent to the support team. Now we wait....
  6. BigEd76

    Post Your EMB Questions/Concerns Here

    Edwin got his April revenge and killed every Admin
  7. Oh yeah....message boards I guess I should update the first post at some point huh
  8. Less than a month until the draft!

  9. Can't believe it's time for football again!

  10. Let's get this defense upgraded before the draft!

  11. Be patient. This is a REBUILDING YEAR

  12. BigEd76

    Post Your EMB Questions/Concerns Here

    It looks like TATE stumbled upon another bug with the software. If you have a topic title with quotation marks, then you use an apostrophe later on in that same title, everything after the apostrophe gets chopped off. The title was messed up for a while but it looks like a mod fixed it... Example: Foles "edgy" today, says Chip's offense won't be an issue If you save that post, the title changes to Foles "edgy" today, says Chip'
  13. BigEd76

    Post Your EMB Questions/Concerns Here

    Another bug: Tagged topics that appear at the bottom have "Guest_" appended to the front of the username and "_*" to the end for no apparent reason.
  14. Excited about the upcoming season!

  15. BigEd76

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    Sav Rocca...2-yr deal
  16. 1 week until the draft. Still meh

  17. 2 weeks until the draft. meh

    1. .Dizzle


      I'm not sure what to think this year without Chris Steuber's insight to guide me. :saddyface:

    2. jme42257


      if only free agency started....

  18. Yup. Need an address so I can send it.

  19. what up, Vic. Where's the wedding pics??

  20. ha....I just did a search for "cat computer" and that's what came up!

    Happy Thronsday and Happy Tanning!

  21. Happy Tuesday! :wub: