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  1. [News] What We Witnessed At Tuesday's OTA

    We're winning OTA's baby! Next, we win the pre-season!! After that..superbowlzzzz!!!!11!!!!!
  2. [News] Roseman Details The Free Agent Moves

    I'm certainly not down on him, just wondering if this is more of a depth move. since they kept Wiz and still have saumalo and brooks. But plan may be to move saumalo to center and trade Kelce.
  3. [News] Roseman Details The Free Agent Moves

    Meh. just a guy but Stoutland was his coach at Alabama so perhaps he can get the best out of warmack
  4. [News] Roseman Details The Free Agent Moves

    me too or mike williams. These are one year deals, we can't count on both to be here beyond 2017, Wentz needs someone else in the pipeline. draft is deep at the other positions we need most.
  5. [News] Eagles Release WR Josh Huff

    I'm just wondering If howie has a process he went through to make a decision that's in the best interest of the Philadelphia Eagles.
  6. [News] Ertz's Impact On Offense, And More

    Wentz is the x factor against the possibility of a let down game. His poise and leadership will not allow it!
  7. [News] The Best Of Carson Wentz

    one point I disagree on. O-line did not do a great job, particularly Jason Kelce.
  8. [News] Eagles Building The Foundation At Safety

    with those guys and Hicks in the middle, you can bet players are not going to be out of position very often.
  9. dolphins fans were talking all kinds of ish and I went to the restroom at half time and a dolphins fan was puking in the sink. And we get the bad rep! LOL. i also went in 2003 When McNabb was QB. 20,000 eagles fans took over joe robbie that day too. you could hear the chant E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES showering down onto the dolphins players as they sat on their bench. They were looknig up like "WTF?? isn't this our house???" LOL it was so awesome!!
  10. I live in south florida and I wouldn't go to a dolphins game if tickets were $10 unless it was vs the eagles. I did go the last time the eagles came down. Eagles fans basically took over the stadium. it was awesome. It was $10 for a beer, $8 for a hot dog, that's pretty typical around the country. what atlanta is doing is pretty interesting. Maybe it's to lure fans back. I was just curious because it's expensive enough to go to a game which is why most people don't go. If i wanted to take my wife and two kids to a typical stadium it would cost us about $120 to feed everyone. If you knew you could feed everyone for $50 would you be more likely to go.
  11. Just curious. How many on this board actually go to games and if you don't would you be more likely to go if the eagles slashed concession prices the way the falcons just did in their new stadium? $2 hot dogs, $5 beer, free refills on soda, etc.
  12. [News] Bradford Reports For Voluntary Workouts

    Benzino, I'm not sure what your problem is nor do i care, but nothing i said insinuates that i'm not an eagles fan. i simply don't like the way he reacted to us drafting a QB. nobody does. Of course i hope he plays well and we win games. I also hope that Wentz gets acclimated quickly and sam moves to the bench sooner rather than later. I'm surprised at your reaction honestly. you sure you're from Philly? We don't like overpaid underachievers that whine about having to compete.
  13. [News] Bradford Reports For Voluntary Workouts

    Dear Sammy, we realize this is the first time since high school you've had to compete for the starting job and that has ruffled your feathers. Glad you finally came to your senses. Your future is not with the eagles, but if you want to find a landing spot in 2017, then let's put our big boy pants on and go out and compete and have a great year.
  14. [News] Lawlor: How Do The New Eagles Fit In?

    @Benzino, if sam doesn't play for us, I do believe Chase Daniels will start. I don't believe they want to throw Wentz out there this season. He only starts if the starter gets injured
  15. [Spadaro] A Time To Celebrate In Draft Room

    Cleveland LOL with their draft acumen, they need 30 picks to find two decent players. Hey if you throw enough crap at the wall some of it is bound to stick, right?