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  1. mcnabb76

    Anybody going to the NFL Draft?

    Live in Dallas; I'm going. The NFL fan experience is free -- tickets were given in a lottery (didn't get one) -- but I will be happy to assist in the creation of a large DALLAS SUCKS/SUPER BOWL LII CHAMPIONS banner to be unfurled in AT&T stadium as the team is on the clock.
  2. mcnabb76

    Seattle Dec 3 2017

    Hi, Tom! Flying to Seattle from Dallas -- my girlfriend is probably coming too. Undecided about going to the game (tickets expensive) vs. watching in a bar -- I was looking around and saw that "Buckley's in Belltown" (not too far from the stadium) gets an Eagles crowd sometimes. Will probably check that out if we don't go in the stadium. Coincidentally, we're hoping to check out Vancouver for the first time for a couple of days that week!
  3. I moved to Dallas in March (new job) -- football season has been quite pleasant so far because 1) Eagles look good, 2) Dallas sucks (evergreen post). Any other fans out here? Any places you get together to watch the games? 5/6 games have been televised here so far -- only conclusion I can draw is that they love their Eagles in Dallas!