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  1. I know it's not best scenario, but NFL Game Pass offers out-of-market game live (not if you're in Philly market). If you have the app, and you're in the market, you can listen to Merrill and Mike. We are also testing a livestream of Merrill and Mike on our desktop homepage for those out-of-market fans. We are live after the game with highlights and press conferences. NFL Net has the full replay tomorrow afternoon
  2. Dear Chris, Do you mind sending me an Email at your earliest convenience when this problem (BELOW) is resolved. That way I know when to request one of my EMB buddies to send me a personal message using the EMB and see if it makes the jump to my Email? Ever since my personal Email was hacked (now fixed) my EMB Notifications no longer make the jump to my Email inbox. Could you please fix this issue for me? I checked my 'Notification Settings' and my 'Account Settings' overview and everything is set correct but the system isn't functioning normally. A few EMB members replied to my posts but I didn't receive Email to notify me. Sincerely, EaglesTD123 PS-You do an outstanding job for this fine organization! I'm so sorry to bother you but I've already submitted this request to 4 other Admin's since Mon. 11/7/16 and nobody has responded to my inbox. I had this same problem a few months ago w/o being hacked and forget who I sent a request to but they fixed it,unless the system fixed itself because I never received a reply. Please get me some help!