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  1. Gilmore to the Pats. Bouye is probably going to get close to the same $.
  2. Going to San Fran----- 16 mill a year in his first year. lol. WR market is going to be a joke.
  4. QB rating of over 100 against the Vikings and Skins and they won both games. Wouldn't exactly call that horrible.
  5. Brutal. The guy has been useless for me in my fantasy league this year. I guess the drugs didn't help his performance? lol.
  6. He continues to light it up and Mathews continues to fumble in crucial situations. Our running game is mediocre at best. I don't care about the contract/money BS. We could really use this guy right now. I guarantee that he wouldn't be pouty like he was last season if he was in this offence with this coaching staff. Chip Kelly could make even the most behaved/well liked player disgruntled.
  7. This is exactly why I am bitter. They look like they have potential but Murray in this offence would put us over the edge. Then again, this was supposed to be a rebuild year and the success that we have had so far ( ie..instant emergence of Wentz, quality of the Defense) wasn't expected. Again, hindsight 20/20.
  8. I agree with all of these pretty much. I don't think #5 would have been such an issue if #'s 1 and 3 didn't happen.
  9. Dude is straight up balling. He looks like a different player. I know his contract was inflated and he was a bit of a whiner when he was here. But part of it is as a result of how he was used in Chip's crap shoot of an offence. Hindsight 20/20 but is anyone at least a little bit bitter and envious of what could bring to this current team? He would have been well worth the $ if he had been performing like this last season.
  10. Sooo pissed! Had to stream the game last week. But that I was kind of expected. I have Cogeco cable and usually check a few days before to see what games are being covered. I check on Wed or Thurs and both the Cogeco website and the guide on the TV said that the game will be showing. Then all of the sudden they change it to Bills-Dallas! WTF?!! The Bills game is already on at least 2 other affiliates. You think that one of the stations would show the Eagles. Anyways, just venting. I'll have to stream again. I used to purchase the Sunday ticket but then it got too expensive, plus they showed the Eagles most weeks and I would stream the rare times that they didnt. It just sucks when they pull the switcheroo on you.
  11. Is a stud. Now that's a shutdown corner. Only 2 games, I know. But if he stays healthy and continues to improve, he has potential to be a top 5-10 corner in this league. I'm jealous that we didn't get him.
  12. G GS Att Yds Avg Lng TD Rec Yds Avg Lng TD Westbrook's 2nd year 2003 Philadelphia Eagles 15 8 117 613 5.2 62T 7 37 332 9.0 38 4 3 2 McCoy to date- 2010 Philadelphia Eagles 10 8 146 726 5.0 62 6 51 381 7.5 31 1 2 1 Attempts obviously way more for Shady but nuff said!