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  1. madball

    Week 12: Colts @ Texans

    Wow. So jealous of this ****. Hopkins is a stud but teams are doing this every week.
  2. madball

    Week 9: 49ers @ Cardinals (Halloween)

    Glad we didn't give up a 1st or 2nd for Patrick Peterson
  3. madball

    Week 3: Titans @ Jaguars

    Man I like this QB. Hes got fire and hes dropping dimes.
  4. madball

    AFC Divisional: Chargers @ Patriots.

    This game sucks. Loved seeing the Cowboys get destroyed but was hoping the AFC games would be closer. Kind of disappointing.
  5. madball

    NFC Divisional: Cowboys @ Rams.

    Whose going change Jerry's diaper tonight?
  6. madball

    NFC Divisional: Cowboys @ Rams.

    Wow. Cowboys run D has been stout tonight.
  7. madball

    NFC Divisional: Cowboys @ Rams.

    Crap. Giving them momentum.
  8. madball

    NFC Divisional: Cowboys @ Rams.

    Man. Anderson looks fat. Reminds me of Mike Tolbert.
  9. madball

    NFC Divisional: Cowboys @ Rams.

    Cowboys rush D solid tonight. Lol
  10. madball

    NFC Divisional: Cowboys @ Rams.

    Cowboys suck! Loving it. Was so pissed that they pulled it off last week. Tonight they are getting sent home packing.
  11. madball

    Week 13: Saints @ Cowboys

    Stupid New Orleans Aints. Should wear those paper bags over their heads again. Picked a great time to crap the bed. Not sure if I hate them or the cowboys more right now. Have to give credit where credit is due though. Dallas is by far the best team in the division currently. Their Defense has rea─║ly improved. LVE is an absolute stud. I'm jealous that we don't have him.