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  1. dublosausage

    Concerning DirecTV

    Yeah, this is my first year with it 100% free. I've never paid more than 50% for it and I get discounts on other items with it. If I have to pay full price sometime, I really won't be upset...it really is worth it, just so happens they are willing to discount it each year.
  2. dublosausage

    Concerning DirecTV

    Wait...u do this every year? Inconceivable
  3. dublosausage

    Concerning DirecTV

    Yeah I'm over 600. I won't be calling for free discounts again till NFL ticket runs out.
  4. dublosausage

    Concerning DirecTV

    Emb street credit.!!
  5. dublosausage

    Why do people consider Terrell Owens so "talented?"

    I was gonna edit to throw in mote but that's implied. Balance, strength, knowledge of angles, technique, speed, etc. The initial argument from them was a one liner with no backing so doesn't take much to win that one :)
  6. dublosausage

    Concerning DirecTV

    You're right. We are lying. Here's my embed credit back. Oh I guess I should start paying for my sports extras too.
  7. dublosausage

    Concerning DirecTV

    Exactly. New customers and customers that move get St Max free. Its easy to get them to cave.
  8. dublosausage

    Concerning DirecTV

    LOL yet I have Max free... I haven't paid more than 100 for St.
  9. dublosausage

    Why do people consider Terrell Owens so "talented?"

    Blocking takes talent and desire. As does every other facet of playing professional sports.
  10. dublosausage

    Why do people consider Terrell Owens so "talented?"

    LOL. Plus he is.one of the best blocking wrs of his era. Its pretty funny how much fishing this thread is doing.
  11. dublosausage

    Concerning DirecTV

    Yeah. The folks that call and speak to cancellation folks are getting deals :) Seems like the iron is hot this week.
  12. dublosausage

    Concerning DirecTV

    Yeah my bill was two days ago so its in the renewall windows :) but that's what's on my transactions :) suprised I got that much free. I only wanted the regular St free. When the lady said OK you have St Max free I was already happy. Nut never hurts to ask for more LOL. I didn't even have to name drop Viacom.
  13. dublosausage

    Concerning DirecTV

    Here's a copy and paste - ill screenie sometime. Strike now while the iron is hot folks... 06/13 07/12 NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX 2012 Renewal: No Payment Due 0.00 07/13 08/12 NHL CENTER ICE 2012 Renewal: No Payment Due 0.00