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  1. phoenixseangels

    Why do people consider Terrell Owens so "talented?"

    football is a team sport and terrel owens was one of the most selfish prima donnas to ever play the game. watch any game he ever played in, he would've rather scored 4 touchdowns and lose then get shut out while his team won. as far as backing mcnabb over owens, it all started in the game against the browns game 6 2004, eagles had the ball, team is huddling back up after a play and owens is telling mcnabb to throw him the ball he was wide open, mcnabb tells him to stfu and it was pretty much down hill from there. as far as him single handedly almost winning the super bowl? his grand total of zero touchdowns really didn't help much, he had zero yac, belichick had his dbs play off owens and baited mcnabb into throwing owens the ball because he couldn't run.he was worthless in the super bowl and the two playoff wins were done without owens. what is your point again about owens? he's a cancer, has been one on every team he played on, no matter how good his numbers were, i bet every gm he played for, wished they'd never met him.
  2. welcome, just checked your proflie as i spent 18 years in eau gallie/ melbourne

  3. i appreciate all the work you do on the emb.