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  1. IceColdBrewski

    The Hypocrisy of Kaepernick in 4 Stories

    Everybody (including Kaepernick) knew that his ONLY chance of getting signed was for this workout to go perfectly. He needed to show that he was ready to put the sideshow stuff behind him, and prove that he's 100% committed to concentrating on football. Well, he was a no-show to the workout the NFL set up for him, then he decided at the last minute that he needed to have his own workout at a high school stadium. Then he shows up wearing a "Kunta Kinte" t-shirt. The only thing he proved is that he's not really interested in a job. He's only interested in maintaining his self-made victim platform.
  2. IceColdBrewski

    2019 Hard Knocks - Who gets it this season?

    Gruden got soft. Don't know why HBO felt like we needed a lesson in horse penis, but we got one for some reason.
  3. IceColdBrewski

    bears aren't beating the Vikings

    Amazing that some of you still haven't figured out the method to op's madness. Just roll with it and hope this thread works some magic.
  4. IceColdBrewski

    Kaepernick still no job

  5. IceColdBrewski

    Tebow's Hypocrisy vs. Wentz' genuineness

    Can't blame any guy who wants to wait until they're absolutely sure that they found the right woman before getting married.
  6. IceColdBrewski

    Kaepernick still no job

  7. IceColdBrewski

    Disgruntled Nick Foles skips OTAs (ORIG POST: 6/1/2016)

    Well, so much for the "Fisher probably told him to stay home" theory.
  8. IceColdBrewski

    Disgruntled Nick Foles skips OTAs (ORIG POST: 6/1/2016)

    He's obviously just a coward who's afraid to compete with a rookie.