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  1. O.C.PHIghters

    Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    Foles breaks more playoff records again and is now in a position to win the Eagles a Super Bowl on Sunday and this cockroach can't watch football now. Get lost cockroach!
  2. O.C.PHIghters

    T.O. Takes Another Swipe At McNabb

    McNabb was such a passive aggressive company boi. It's really hard to give an ish either way though.
  3. O.C.PHIghters

    Giants hire Pat Shurmur

    He's not a bad hire and he's a good guy. He knows how to build a team, he's got plenty of experience and has been around enough to have a solid program to put in place. I don't happen to think his ceiling is extremely high but he can put a team together no doubt. Who knows I've been wrong before plenty. If I was a betting man (and I am) I'd wager he hangs around in the top 12 on average once he gets his team built. Sometimes it takes one guy to start something and another to finish it though so who knows. Maybe it's the start to a new dynasty. I certainly hope not though!
  4. O.C.PHIghters

    Giants hire Pat Shurmur

    So the NY Browns is a thing now. Cool.
  5. O.C.PHIghters

    Sad Bills news

    As bad as it sucks paralysis or death would be slightly worse than never being able to play again. Glad for him they caught it. Now he can live a long healthy life with his family. Lucky guy.
  6. O.C.PHIghters

    AFC Championship: Jaguars @ Patriots.

    The Jags just got another penalty.
  7. O.C.PHIghters

    AFC Championship: Jaguars @ Patriots.

    What a pathetic flag laden drive.
  8. O.C.PHIghters

    AFC Championship: Jaguars @ Patriots.

    It looks like Tom Terrific's hand is just fine. He's got a little piece of duct tape on the back of it. It sure looks like his left leg is twice the size of his right though. He's got something going on there...
  9. O.C.PHIghters

    Does anyone compile stats on NFL refs ??

  10. O.C.PHIghters

    Giants hire Pat Shurmur

    He's probably the worst possible candidate I could think of out of a large field of perennial losers. If I was going to pick a coach that would set you guys back a decade that would be him. He's awful, it's really too bad they didn't hire him. I'll have to settle on Shurmur turning you guys into the Browns now I guess.
  11. O.C.PHIghters

    Marvin Lewis is BACK! 2 year extension with Bengals

    He's so much worse than I even imagined. I thought they had won at least one playoff game. They really want to give him the chance to solidify himself as truly one of the worst to ever coach the game. 0-7 in the playoffs. Could I do any better? Maybe not. I sure as hell couldn't do any worse. What a train wreck smh.
  12. O.C.PHIghters

    Saban covets Giants HC job per arians

    Saban's a giant wienie. It'll be the perfect job for him for a couple years...
  13. O.C.PHIghters

    AFC Wildcard: Bills @ Jaguars.

    Amazing play off QB performances on both sides.
  14. O.C.PHIghters

    AFC Wildcard: Titans @ Chiefs.

    The Chiefs aren't losing this, no way. Oh sweet baby jebus. Andy Andy Andy.