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  1. Brotha2thaNite

    St Nick Foles

    Maybe but if they trade Clowney (preferably to the Eagles)... that just might be enough to flip in Nick/Jags favor.
  2. Brotha2thaNite

    St Nick Foles

    Luck retired and Texans RB out... Can Nick and the Jags win the division? Man... this is going to be a great season. I love seeing the Wentz /Foles fans go at it 😂
  3. Brotha2thaNite

    REPORT: FA WR Corey Coleman released by Patriots

    And he was right on time... There was a "rule of thumb” that most rookie WRs need 3 years of the NFL (in a system) to catch on. Some how we all stop using that rule and assumed the WR should be a Star year one. Smh
  4. Brotha2thaNite

    LeSean McCoy Accusations

    I believe Shady is guilty. Anyone who has don't this to their child mother is Shady as smuck! BUT... Am I the only person wondering, why he or his mother was unable to remove furniture he paid for from a house he paid/paying for? I know it's some crazy law. Can't someone explain this? Is it because she has record that it's her resident and his resident is in NY or Philly?
  5. Brotha2thaNite

    Reuben Foster

    Dang, I just saw this 2013 article on his dad... sad smh
  6. Brotha2thaNite

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    I can't believe he is still acting like this after the man let him use his privat jet.
  7. Brotha2thaNite

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    .....C'MON ANDY REID.... GET'EM have anyone heard? link
  8. braves suck! bwa to the ha!