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  1. I heard tails and so did the closed captioning.
  2. luckily he didn't tear his femoral artery on that ugly snap
  3. the 14-18 month time table was for a torn pcl and acl from what I heard today
  4. I wish Griffing a speedy and complete recovery, whatever his injuries turn out to be. Their fan base deserves the torture though so this lying and subterfuge by Shanahan has had me LOL'ing at the trash talking chumps I work with.
  5. All info is coming through rat face during his PC at 3 o'clock. Sports radio here has been pure comedic gold today.
  6. Skins had the rest of the game to get revenge for any 'cheap shot' and couldn't man up. Is the talent gap between Philly and WAS that great that the Skins need 11 weeks to figure out a way to avenge an injury? Priority fail.
  7. Skins look unstoppable this preseason.