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  1. Ghost town in here

    Same here. I just took a look. The guy hasn't been on since last January, which is crazy. I thought it was only like 4 or 5 months since we last spoke. Hope he's ok.
  2. Giants hire Pat Shurmur

    Bite your tongue. We still have Eli, Webb and a #2 pick to get through before Bradford gets the job.
  3. Giants hire Pat Shurmur

    I'd be ok with the Giants drafting a QB at number 2 and making Eli beat him out for the job (which he probably will). If Eli plays poorly or the team sucks at mid season they can put the rookie in. If the rookie beats him out during the pre-season, so be it. You have a $22M backup on the roster. If they cut Eli this year it's $12.4M in dead money. If they cut him next year it's $6.2M in dead money.
  4. Giants hire Pat Shurmur

    Dude is a master of QB play, which is good for a team that BETTER have a young guy in the roster next year, but I have no clue if he’s able to run a team.
  5. AFC Championship: Jaguars @ Patriots.

    When you play in a division with three other scrub teams your playoff ticket is basically punched every year, plus you get to pile up the wins and get homefield. Clearly rooting for the Jags and Vikings this week, but if the Birds and Pats win I promise I’ll be an Eagles fan for one week. I think the Jags, Vikes and Eagles all have the defensive personnel to beat them. We just need one to execute, Giants-style.
  6. NFC Divisional: Saints @ Vikings.

    Vikings won’t be able break double digits against the Eagles defense. Keenum sucks. He’s tosses up ducks and prays.
  7. Ghost town in here

    Definitely some good battles.
  8. Haters going to Hate

    Your profile pic is really distracting....
  9. Ghost town in here

    Yea Mighty and Rich accounted for a good amount of the volume in here. I used to enjoy the 4 page battles, but I’m old and tired now.
  10. Ghost town in here

    Sadly, I'm not sure this section gets that kind of traffic anymore. Most of controversial posters are long gone.
  11. Ghost town in here

    I ran out of things to say in this forum towards the end of last season....it's been a nice, long run. That Philly defense is a beast. I fear a game between the Birds and Vikings will be a boring 6-3 affair. A match up with the Saints might be more interesting for those of us without a horse in the race.
  12. Week 15 Open Discussion.

    Just had a chance to watch that Steelers-Pats game. I can’t believe Pitt handed NE home field advantage. As if playing in the crappiest division wasn’t enough, the Pats get another break.
  13. Jaguars Fans take trash talking up a notch

    I wonder if all 3 Jags fans will follow through with this plan....hiyo!!
  14. Week 15 Open Discussion.

    Guess there’s a reason we’re currently searching for a new coach.
  15. Week 15 Open Discussion.

    Good fight, although it’s never fun losing a game on special teams.