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  1. Yea yea, we all know your opinion on comparing different generations.
  2. Hey bud...I mean "B" or "sir"...You are an EMB Legend and we salute you! :worthy:

  3. So essentially you're saying Wentz will be a MUCH better QB than the best QB in Eagles franchise history? Lofty expectations...
  4. Ha, you guys stink!
  5. Too many unknowns? They're bringing back 10 out of 11 starters on defense and added Marshall on offense. They'll take 1 or 2 OL in the draft, you can bet on that. It's ok to be optimistic. That goes for you too Vince...
  6. It's harder to play football in Dallas than in NY or Philly, but when you take the 4 major sports as a whole there are no cities that are more ruthless.
  7. This times 100. That stadium will be sold out for every game, and the Raiders will have absolutely no home-field advantage going forward. Can you imagine if an NFC East team is there to visit. The place will be 60% opposing fans.
  8. Ha, Geno is camp fodder unless he completely blows people away. Only $100K of his $750K salary is guaranteed.
  9. The Giants are close to having another pretty good off season given the resources available. Our key free agents were signed (JPP, Robinson), they made the appropriate cuts (sorry Cruz), we picked up a little offensive juice with Marshall, some blocking help with Ellison, a Newhouse replacement in Fluker and thankfully did not cut DRC. My only regret is that they were not more aggressive in finding competition for Flowers and others on the line, but most of the top OL candidates were not in reach from a financial perspective (Okung, Zeitler, Whitworth,etc). Perhaps they could have went a little harder after Whitworth, but he did land a $36M contract at the age of 35. That's a decent sized risk. All that's left now is Hankins. I could go either way on him.
  10. Well they signed John Johnson to a 2-year deal to serve as the backup, so Geno is either camp fodder, an emergency QB or plays we'll enough in the pre-season to elevate to backup status. Not much risk in bringing him to camp.
  11. Great news on JPP. Nice to see them signing a homegrown DL to a long term contract. Hopefully it frees up some cap space in the short-term. I still don't see any way they re-sign Hankins based in his current $10M a year asking price. Geno Smith is probably a camp body. They re-signed last year's back up John Johnson to a 2-year deal. No shot they sign AP. Use any cap space available to sign Keenan Robinson.
  12. In the Giants defense, average OLs received crazy FA contracts this year. 4 years $53m for Okung...yikes. The Giants had cap space, but they used some of it to fill needs and JPP's franchise tag is occupying the other half. They need to get him signed long term to free up more space. I actually like what they did in FA, they just didn't have the money to go crazy like last year. In fact, last year was an anomaly for the Giants. They rarely if ever spend like that in FA. It was the perfect storm of cap space and players that filled very specific needs. Maybe the best FA haul of all time. That will never happen again.
  13. He wasn't the problem at all. It was the tackles Newhouse (gone) and Flowers. Jerry actually had a really good season in pass pro and is average in run blocking. At this point, our entire season rests on the idea that Flowers will improve....