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    2019 Hard Knocks - Who gets it this season?

    Booooooooo...really wanted to see the Giants on the show.
  2. Pass catchers are the least of our concerns. I don't think any team in the division has an elite collection of pass catchers. Dallas might be the most dangerous because they have two elite players (Cooper and Zeke). Philly has 1 (Etrz) and the Giants have one (Barkley), although Tate and Shep are probably at the top end of slot receivers and Philly has a solid second TE. The Giants are going to score. Our W/L record will depend on how quickly the young defense comes together. There's a lot of high draft picks in their first or second year. If they break out we'll win a few games. If not, we'll be back in the top 5.

    Giants fans... Talk about the Giants

    Immediately. Next year’s draft class has a bunch of good QB prospects. The more games we have to see if we’re going to be in the same boat as the Cardinals were in this year the better.

    Giants fans... Talk about the Giants

    I bet the job of "wheelchair guy” in Philly’s camp is equally difficult, but Wentz gotta get to meetings somehow, amirite.

    2019 Hard Knocks - Who gets it this season?

    Twitter speak for imminent.

    Giants fans... Talk about the Giants

    He's talking about them being fiery under the cover and he seems very sweaty. Interesting.....
  7. Best case scenario is Foles plays well inJax, Wentz gets hurt again and Eagles fans that were on team Foles burn down the Linc. There’s actually a decent chance all of this happens.
  8. I think we’re all on the same page in regards to Jones. Pick the best defensive player available at 6 (it was Allen at the time) and gamble that Jones would be there at 17 if he’s your guy. After all the dust has settled I’m happy they traded OBJ and passed on Foles. There was just something about Beckham that was pulling this team down. It was time to move on. Plus, the dude gets hurt, a lot. I think Foles is going to bust in Jax. All things considered, if we get league average play from the QB position, this should be a pretty high scoring offense. The OL looks solid, we have the best combo RB in the league and a nice collection of pass catchers. It’s the young defense that’s going to make or break the Giants season.
  9. He’s obviously a long shot to be a top QB in the league, but he was also a walk on at a basketball school and made his way to the first round of the NFL (he was getting picked in round one no matter what). Maybe he knows a thing or two about beating long odds.
  10. Honest question, I know we’re the enemy here, but do you read the actual words in our posts? Butt hurt, ultra sensitive, where are you getting this from? Look at what we ALL said about the pick. We frickin agreed that it was a reach you idiot. Most Giants fans are furious. The only thing Vince and I are saying is it’s stupid to label a guy a bust before he throws a pass in the NFL. Are the odds against him, sure. The odds are against most of these QBs. We’re just willing to give him a chance because we’re fans. Also, stop trying to use statistics in your posts. Just stop it. You butcher it every single time. Speaking from someone that actually has experience in the field, I can tell you it pisses me off more watching you misuse data than when you insult the Giants.
  11. Read every single post from Giants fans after the draft. All of us said the same thing, this was a reach and we would have drafted Allen instead. No one is denying that (I think the combination of Allen and Lawrence would have been deadly on the DL). What we're not stupid enough to do is declare the guys career over before he throws a single pass in the NFL or believe the Manning family forced this decision. That level of stupid is reserved for Eagles fans.
  12. You fool! Boogy is a meme guy. A jokester. An R&R member. Not a football guy. Why are you falling for his boogie traps (pun intended)? Skippy on the other hand is dead serious when he makes this sheet up. It’s equally comical.
  13. This is a pretty easy game to play. Haskins, he’s definitely gonna suck. 90% chance. Sweat, he’s probably gonna suck. 60% chance. Dillard, he’s most likely going to suck AND the Eagles traded two draft picks to move up and get him. 70% chance. None of these guys have much of a chance to succeed in the NFL.
  14. I have no clue how good Jones will be because I’ve only seen highlights. The same goes for you and everyone else on this board. In situations like this it’s best to reserve judgment until you’ve actually seen the kid play or risk looking very silly. Your comment about him being one of the 50 worst picks is absurd. There’s been hundreds of top 10 busts over the years and many of them were QBs. On top of that, the Giants didn’t trade assets to move into the 6th spot. There’s been teams that have traded up just to draft a bust. Those are biggest disasters.
  15. If they drafted Darnold who's to say he wouldn't have sat on the bench for a year? The Giants don't seem eager to get rid of Eli. Chances are this would have been Darnold's rookie year. I think there's a better chance Jones plays this year than Darnold playing last year since Eli is at the end of his contract. I'm happy OBJ is gone. When was the last time the best WR in the league won a SB? They're going to use the money saved towards building other areas of the team. I agree, today's NFL is about throwing the football. Good thing Barkely is also the best pass catching RB in the league. People keep saying you don't build around a RB, but guys like Barkley, Gurley, Zeke, etc. are a different breed of back. I personally thing the league is trending more towards these hybrid players. All this said, yes the rebuild depends on Jones turning into an above average QB. It's a risk, but I disagree that they are trending in the wrong direction. The Giants roster is now full of young, talented players from the past two drafts and they are about to step into a ton of cap space by getting rid of overrated vets. This will have long term impact and this has been a proper rebuild. One that's not centered around a wide receiver.