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  1. TV Guy

    Week 14 Open Discussion.

    Patriots fans whining already about the refs.
  2. TV Guy

    Week 14 Open Discussion.

    They are done. Bill knows it.
  3. TV Guy

    Week 14 Open Discussion.

    It's a feedback loop.
  4. TV Guy

    Week 14 Open Discussion.

    AR: My QBs hand is hurt, let's throw 55 times.
  5. TV Guy

    SNF: Patriots @ Texans.

    Refs couldn't figure out how to give them that onsides kick. AFC goes thru Baltimore now.
  6. TV Guy

    SNF: Patriots @ Texans.

  7. TV Guy

    Your team can't win the next Super Bowl ...

    Year of first-time champs: Raptors Blues Nationals So, Vikings?
  8. TV Guy

    Week 11 Open Discussion.

    Uh oh. Lions getting too close. Time for a penalty.
  9. TV Guy

    Myles Garrett Assault Needs Its Own Thread

    Lack of self-control. Pouncey too.
  10. TV Guy

    Week 10 Open Discussion.

    Steelers get those calls late.
  11. TV Guy

    Week 10 Open Discussion.

    Delightful start.
  12. TV Guy

    Baker Mayfield storms away from media

    One thing you can't do is give the idiot/clickbait media what they want. Which is faux drama.
  13. The refs suck in just about every game. Sad.
  14. TV Guy

    Week 7: Chiefs @ Broncos

    Smart AR. Always smarter than everybody. Looked like Wentz in LA in 2017. Kick the FG, dummy. It's the Broncos.