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  1. Enjoy your trip!

  2. I haven't harassed you since Apr. 14th.

  3. May I be the first to say Happy Birthday to you a bit early!

  4. Ok. How come I'm the only one leaving you comments??????

  5. You have no friends. You need to start adding them so you can be popular.

  6. I couldn't pull up that game you left for me on April 1st. So what was it?

  7. Ok, ok, I'm backing off. Actually, I'm going away for Easter. But I'll be back! check in then!!!!

  8. Been missing me?

  9. Just checking in on you! Why haven't you added me as your friend???????

  10. My visitation is behind schedule. Consider this visit #1

  11. Hello Son. Did you clean your room today?

  12. Hey, Joker, thanks for the invite!

  13. I am going to visit 3x a week, just to creep you out!

  14. Zuker, you have added no friends! I will add you to mine!

  15. Thanks for the invite Tony!

  16. Hey Riley! We're still praying for you!

  17. Mama

    Hey Scott! This is just like MySpace now!!!! Love you!

  18. Good to see you back here! You were missed, you shiny appliance!!!!!

  19. Hi Ed! Will you be my friend???