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  1. gervase21

    What Pats fans are saying as their dynasty crumbles

    I had those two plays in my head too. Alshon’s arm was pinned to his side by corner which caused him to stab at it with his other arm.
  2. gervase21

    Eli HOFer?

    Comparison against other QBs of his time.
  3. gervase21

    Eli HOFer?

    I'd vote him over McNabb too (based on rings). But, I don't think either belong.
  4. gervase21

    Eli HOFer?

    I say no... he played great in two SB runs. But, other than that he was never even a top 5 QB against his peers. Has a lot of volume stats and his durability is pretty incredible. But I don't see it. Good, not great career.