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  1. zb2cr_59

    Redskins "Year in GIFs" thread... TOO FUNNY!!!

    That one was a classic for sure. But I liked the one of the guy dressed as superman kicking the other guy in the crotch and lifting him nearly out of the frame, labeled "At halftime down34-0 to the Giants".
  2. zb2cr_59

    What Pats fans are saying as their dynasty crumbles

    And late hits were a way of life then. And the defensive backs were allowed to mug the receiver all the way down the field. Did you, in your supposedly vast knowledge, ever look at the completion percentages and interception percentages for QBs whose careers were entirely before the rule changes in 1977? Unitas, 54% completions, 4.9% INTs. Van Brocklin, 53.6% completions, 6.1% INTs. Jurgensen, 57.1% completions, 4.4% INTs. How hard was it to win a championship? Exactly as hard as it is today.