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  1. They’ll probably end up getting Gronk back later in the season too when he decides it’s time to win another SB.
  2. You guys are ridiculous. The eagles have had a rough start but they will still win the terrible east. Anything can happen in the playoffs.
  3. pfan151

    TB12 : The decline of the GoAT?

    I don’t think Brady has declined significantly if at all. I do think the patriots team as a whole is on the decline though and I expect them to be 9-7 or 10-6 next season.
  4. pfan151

    Jets make their Franchise QB Trade

    Not sure I’d say they can trade up to 1-2 pretty easily. Coming all the way from 12 would pretty much take their whole draft. Both 1s and both 2s and more. 4-5 would be easier but the guy they want could be gone by then.
  5. That I agree with. I’d rather it be a 10 yard penalty and if that picks up the first down fine. If not it’s a replay the down situation. I don’t like changing the PI rule. Too easy for DBs to just take the 15 when beat. I would like to see them be more hesitant to call PI though. Especially on deep balls that are way underthrown. It basically gives the DB no shot to avoid committing a penalty the way it is right now. They shouldn’t reward the offense for bad throws.