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  1. Towlfan...thanks a ton. I think I will probably get a hotel near the airport. Definetly will do inde hall and liberty bell. If you think of any other ideas please chime in again. This year it's my wife and friends. Next year I'm taking my oldest son....want to make it annual thing. Again...thanks for the response.
  2. Finally making it to philly for the first time in my life, and will see the Eagles play for the 4th time.....finally when they are the home team. Im coming in late Oct for the Vikes game. Can I get some advice on fun things to do...where to cheesesteak.....etc etc etc. My wife and I are coming with another couple, we like to drink and have a good time, so something geared along those lines. Thanks!! Also, is it a terrible idea for my friend and his wife to wear Vikings jerseys? I know some cities aren't bad, but I know how philly fans can be