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  1. VaBeach_Eagle

    2018 Arlington Draft Vs Philadelphia 2017

    National Championships? This isn't the NCAA. If you're referring to NFL Championships, all NFL Championships 'count', if all of them don't 'count', then someone should inform the Pro Football Hall of Fame, because they 'count' them, and if they don't count then the only thing that does 'count' is the current NFL Champions, the Philadelphia Eagles. 2016 and back, don't 'count'. In 2019, only that NFL Champion will 'count', and so on. So the Turds have 0 that 'count', by your 'standard'. It really is a shame that there's fools like you, though. You want to void 40 some years of NFL history because of a name change to the Championship game. That's just idiotic. Going by your 'standard', how many busts have to be removed from the Hall of Fame because their careers are now voided? Would you stand in front of Jim Brown and tell him that his career no longer 'counts'? That would be a good video to post on YouTube though. You getting beat down by an old man would go viral in minutes.
  2. VaBeach_Eagle

    2018 Arlington Draft Vs Philadelphia 2017

    Jerry Jones believes that he 'built' the Cowboys 90's Super Bowl teams. He doesn't recognize coaching and most importantly, he doesn't understand that without the idiots in Minnesota, the 49ers and Packers likely win those three Super Bowls that the Cowboys got. Good on him for duping the Vikings and being willing to trade a very good RB in his prime. Good on him for robbing the Vikings blind, in broad daylight, with the entire world watching. If that had been the Eagles getting that deal, I'd be elated. But make no mistake about it, 'credit' for those three Super Bowls belongs more to the Vikings than to Jones. (In the larger scheme of things, of course. Ultimately, it's the players and coaches that do it on the field when it matters). But the Cowboys should send the Vikings three Christmas gifts every year, as a thank you for their 90's rings.
  3. VaBeach_Eagle

    2018 Hard Knocks - Who will it be?

    They just did a series with the Browns a few years ago. I'll likely watch Hard Knocks, but I'd much rather see a team that we'd expect to contend in their division. It's been a few years, but the Browns are the Browns. We really don't need to see more than we're already forced to see during the season. Though I do enjoy this:
  4. VaBeach_Eagle

    2018 Hard Knocks - Who will it be?

    Well, it's the Browns. Hopefully it'll be a good season (for Hard Knocks), but it's the Browns. So at this point, I can't envision a whole lot of league wide interest.
  5. VaBeach_Eagle

    OFFICIAL: Nick Foles 2017 option not picked up by Chiefs

    In 22 seasons, Jeff Fisher had a total of 6 seasons over .500. How did he get 22 seasons as a head coach? Both him and Marvin Lewis...
  6. VaBeach_Eagle

    OFFICIAL: Nick Foles 2017 option not picked up by Chiefs

    Every now and then, everyone just needs a few reminders.
  7. VaBeach_Eagle

    2018 Arlington Draft Vs Philadelphia 2017

    All the Cowboys have to do is win a Super Bowl in THIS century ... don't feel too bad though, at least the Redskins are behind you all. Oh, and the Eagles have 4 NFL titles, the Cowturds have 5. So we only need one more NFL title to tie the turds.
  8. VaBeach_Eagle

    Dan Snyder is an a-hole (but you already knew that)

    Yeah, I remember reading about that a long time ago.
  9. VaBeach_Eagle

    2018 Arlington Draft Vs Philadelphia 2017

    Chesapeake is the 'little brother' city? Damn you Virginia Beach!
  10. VaBeach_Eagle

    2018 Arlington Draft Vs Philadelphia 2017

    You're missing my playful sarcasm.
  11. VaBeach_Eagle

    2018 Arlington Draft Vs Philadelphia 2017

    Oh no, don't even attempt to quell our enjoyment. All these years of 'torture' at the hands of NFC East rivals... you all don't get off THAT easily. For at least 1 full year (from February 4th), we are entitled to be as arrogant and petty as we wish. I waited about 42 years for this, so why the hell would I temper my behavior now? We are entitled to enjoy our entire reign as Kings of the NFL Universe. Let us repeat in LIII and then we are entitled to be so unbearably arrogant that opposing fans will flee at even the thought that one of us is approaching them. After all, opposing fans and media idiots keep hitting us for 'snowballs' from 1968.