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  1. Great way for the Chiefs to lose their 2nd in a row. Eagles currently have the best record in the NFL. Beat the Redskins and we'll have that distinction for at least a week.
  2. When I typed that, I was thinking the ball was going to be on the 1.
  3. This is where Lynch really hurt them with his idiocy in getting ejected.
  4. Poor arm talent...
  5. The Chiefs roughed Carr and a scuffle ensued, Lynch ran off the bench to get into the scrum and while in the mix, grabbed and shoved a ref.
  6. Lynch was ejected, he's not even in the stadium anymore. He tucked tail and went home.
  7. I'll swear that goal post looks like it's lopsided.
  8. This is a very losable game for the Chiefs.
  9. He ran off the bench, got into the scuffle, grabbed and shoved the ref. He'll definitely be fined and yes, I could envision the NFL suspending him for a game or two. Note the word 'envision'. That's not saying he will be, or even should be. Just that I could see it as a possibility. Note that 'possibility' doesn't mean 'probability'. He's saving them, at the end of the season he can trade them in for pizza at the local Pizza Hut.
  10. Yeah, didn't belong on the field at all. I could even envision a suspension coming.
  11. Yeah, he's gone. Lynch will get a nice fine also.
  12. Was it just me or do those goal posts look lopsided?
  13. I can't actually remember when the last time was that I saw a coin toss during the regular season, and before all the political crap, they hardly ever showed the National Anthem. As for this game, I think the Raiders can win this game, and as long as we win on Monday Night, I want the Raiders to win this game.
  14. Having the Eagles win the Super Bowl would bring a lot of entertainment value to how Eagles picks would go, as a response to Pearson from this past draft. One more reason for everyone to root for the Eagles to win it all.