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  1. I've never been a big Vick fan (HS, College or Pro), but that season had some great games in it from him.
  2. Great game. Maybe I'll pull that DVD out this weekend.
  3. Extensions don't mean anyone's safe. Just ask McNabb and the Redskins...
  5. What I read into it is that think that they alienated a large portion of their viewers by dropping Hank Jr., so they're trying to bring them back by bringing him back. The reason that he was fired, was a silly reason to begin with. If that action caused them to tank in the ratings, then they got what they deserved. I wouldn't think that firing the singer who sings the opening jingle, would be the main cause in a ratings drop though. Add to that, the bad matchups then add to that the POS kneeling during the anthem last year and you tend to have multiple reasons why people stop watching. Not to mention the oversaturation that they're probably suffering from. Monday Night Football, Thursday Night Football. Sunday morning in London football. Sunday afternoon football, and Sunday Night Football. Then Late in the season, add Saturday Football. Get rid of Thursday Night Football and Sunday Morning in London.
  6. You mean I can't hack the ACP anymore?? err... never mind...
  7. Without getting too 'CVONish', never underestimate the radical alt-left.
  8. I don't often watch MNF anymore, but on the occasions that I do, the sound is muted so I don't have to hear his voice and idiocy. I have literally watched games where I held the remote in my hand and muted after each play (when it was time for him to speak) and unmuted just before the snap, when his mouth was shut. When it's an Eagles game, I have Merrill and Mike on.
  9. Supreme Court delivers victory for Redskins on trademark case
  10. Yeah, all of the tread marks on his forehead from all of the WR's that have run over him in recent times.
  11. The National Anthem isn't a political thing.
  12. I don't watch ESPN except for MNF when the Eagles are playing... (for the most part)
  13. That's ok, we'd have converted Pollymolly to either WR or LB.
  14. He should have forced a trade to the Eagles back in his prime...
  15. Does anyone know how Chief's fans reacted to him being released? Their board seems to be deactivated as of this moment, or I'd go through their posts.
  16. I have no idea of they were or not, but I would guess that they may have shown interest with lukewarm money and a 1 year deal while the Ravens were more serious.
  17. 31 teams, he voluntarily terminated his employment with the 32nd team. Oops on him! lol
  18. There's always the CFL, has he tried to catch on with a team in Canada?
  19. I think he's probably rated where he belongs. He's not the best but he's not the worst, and I wouldn't call him incompetent, he's held onto a job of which only 32 exist in the entire universe (31 when he began), for nearly 20 years. An incompetent coach wouldn't last 4 or 5 years in the league, if that (reference Chip Kelly).
  20. Hall of Famer Cortez Kennedy dead at 48
  21. Great Googley Moogley!
  22. You're assuming that the Eagles will keep Ryan Matthews?