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  1. ESPN Considers DROPPING 'Monday Night Football’
  2. Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    The Dolphins could use a QB ... A.J. Feeley anyone?
  3. Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    Foles' first 25 games (not all starts): 538/876 61.4% 6,580 YDS 44 TDs 16 INTs 93.7 Passer Rating (There were a couple of games where he threw 1 pass or 2 passes, I didn't count those.)
  4. I don't watch any NFLN anymore, any of their shows, and I used to be addicted to that network from the day it started until 3 or 4 years ago.
  5. NFL Network sucks. And I used to have it on my TV all the time. When they hired Irvin and Sanders though, things began going down hill. I haven't watched more than a few minutes here and there for the past 3 or 4 years now.
  6. Week 11: Titans @ Steelers

    As a supplemental view, it would be ok. A few downs here and there. Not as the primary view though.
  7. Week 11: Titans @ Steelers

    I hated it. On a 2D TV there's no depth to be able to tell what's happening in terms of yardage. Hopefully, it's a gimmick whose time has come, and now gone.
  8. Week 11: Titans @ Steelers

    Sky Cam for most plays, sucks.
  9. Yeah, I used to do the pool every week when I was a kid, it was a pool at my oldest brother's job. I'd fill out the sheet, give him my money and he'd put it in for me. They didn't care that I was only 14 or whatever, as long as I put my money in lol
  10. Concerning DirecTV

  11. Post Your EMB Questions/Concerns Here

    I actually haven't had any lobster since I was a kid. My parents would get it on New Years Eve, but they stopped doing that back in the mid to late 70's.
  12. Concerning DirecTV

    What are you going to dip them in though? Chocolate?
  13. You don't have to respond, I'm not going to engage with you.
  14. Post Your EMB Questions/Concerns Here

    Yes, but in Super PTATE (SPTATE), we're allowed to talk about PTATE because it's one of the lower levels of hell and we're elevated above that... it's funny though, in our SPTATE meeting with Jeff (most people call him Mr. Lurie), we were laughing about all those poor slobs in PTATE. Then he handed out the Cubans and poured the Cognac and served the Lobster tails and Caviar and we watched some Eagles football. Ah the perks...
  15. Yeah, I used to do it back in the early to mid 90's when everyone used the newspaper's sports page to get stats. The actual newspaper, not a website. Those weren't around yet lol. You call it what you want, I'll call it what I want. That's my right, as it is yours.
  16. You don't understand what 'rivalry hatred' is? It's not the anthem issue that's killing the NFL, it's fantasy football...
  17. Yes, from what I'm reading, they can force him to sell. They can't just take it away. As far as what he's doing that's detrimental, anything that makes the league look bad would qualify for that. The argument of Goodell doing that might be one that people would like to use, but if the owners don't view his actions as being detrimental, then it doesn't matter. If they view what Jerry's doing as detrimental, then that's all that matters. Once they proclaim his actions as detrimental, and then decide to force him to sell, it'll go to court (I'm sure Jerry wouldn't go into the dark night easily). So proving it would be the thing. If they have proof that he put Papa John's up to their statements, that could be all the proof they'd need. I'd also assume that executives at Papa John's would have to testify under oath as to any contacts with Jerry and other documents would be subpoenaed and all that good stuff. Of course we're WAY out in left field right now. I REALLY don't see things going that far. What I expect to happen is Jerry will back down, at least publically. Goodell will get his extension and going forward, Jerry will have lost a lot of his influence in the league. At least in the short term. How old is he? Has there ever been any talk of him turning things over to his son in X number of years, or whatever?
  18. I wouldn't think that they could force him to sell the stadium and other facilities. Those things, I would think, would be considered personal property (or at least business property). The NFL has their bylaws which govern the franchises though. With a normal business, Jerry could just decide to fold up and go out of business. But he can't just fold up the Cowboys and say "No more Cowboys!" The league would still retain the rights to the franchise in that case. If I remember right, that happened to the Frankford Yellow Jackets. They couldn't operate any longer and had to fold. A year later, the league awarded the franchise rights to Bert Bell, who changed the city from Frankford to Philadelphia and the Yellow Jackets mascot to Eagles. I honestly can't see it ever getting to the point of them forcing him out. They're just using that as a big scare tactic to shake him up and shut him up (publically). Now let's look at a couple of things that you said more closely. In the first sentence you said: "Yeah, but I don't know that that was detrimental to the league in any quantifiable way." In the last couple of sentences you said: "... but it's just another example of the leagues dysfunction in the front office that is slowly eroding the NFL. I am not close to getting to that point, but I know a lot of people that have quit watching" You just quantified the detrimental consequences, or at least some of them. There's more to the leagues problems than just Jerry shooting his mouth off in public, but what he's doing adds to the perception of dysfunction. So what he's doing is 'detrimental' to the league. Jerry needs to just stop, at this point. The League also needs to examine whether or not Goodell should get this extension, and in fact whether or not he should be the commissioner. But if the owners believe he's doing their bidding well enough, they'll keep him.
  19. If they have proof that he put Papa John's up to what they did, that alone could be enough.
  20. The only problem with your temptation, if you were him, is they've now served him with notice and the bylaws give them the method of taking the team away from him. What Jones did in the past is irrelevant if he's now doing things that harm the league. He may not lose the team, but he's effectively being neutered as far as his influence is concerned.
  21. Owners warn Jerry Jones that his "antics” could be "conduct detrimental” to NFL
  22. If they have proof that Jerry instigated the Papa John's remarks, then Jerry dug his own grave (if they opt to force a sale of the team).
  23. The Anthem Insult issue was a big issue last season, the league was blaming the election for the decline in ratings but everyone else was saying it was the Anthem Insults. This year was just a continuation from last year.
  24. Let's not turn this into a CVON topic, let's keep it an ATNFL topic.