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  1. Don't look at my profile

  2. Happy Birthday foolio.

  3. Geez, GhettoBird and DE need to lay off the Krystal Cak.

  4. I spelled No wrong......................................?

  5. LOL! Swifty.

    Oh and Hi Silver.

  6. You spelt "no" wrong.

  7. Thanks for the good words. Much appreciated.

  8. I gave myself a comment. Cause know one else will

  9. I think you should get a pat on the back for all your hard work

  10. Hey Dave you never call me anymore.. I'm sad and I feel lonely.Whenever I write I think about you.Your my inspiration

  11. Boy Anachronism

    *Official "Vernon Davis sexual prowess" Thread*

    THis has to be the gayest thread ever made..And By gay I mean Super Gay..Its like a gay orgy in here..No doubt we have san fran natives in here