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  1. Anyone who knows their teams' history knows better. It was always fun to bust the stones of Eagles fans with the "empty trophy case" crap, but thats all it was, just for fun. I certainly knew that they already had a few Championships prior to the SB era, just as the Giants do, and a lot of other teams.
  2. Did we end the Patriots dynasty?

    You're either still high on the win, which is understandable, or you're high on something else altogether
  3. Did we end the Patriots dynasty?

    Holy ish, one win does not make anyone a damn dynasty. You guys are hilarious The Pats, until proven otherwise, are still miles ahead of everyone
  4. Who Are You Rooting For?

    Hey guy! Nice to see you pop in here Congrats on the little one
  5. Who Are You Rooting For?

    We can always start on the number of rings they've got. They're stil lagging way behind
  6. Losers no more

    That was one hell of a game! EagleJoe, VA, Dawkins 20, Rodney Zero, jrsu37, and there are definitely a few more of you guys who I'm too tired to remember right now, but you know who you are. Sincere congrats, fellas. I'm happy that you finally got a taste of what its like Herb, wish you could have been here to enjoy it, dude
  7. Who Are You Rooting For?

    Believe it or not, yeah. He's a jack***, but he's a true fan.
  8. Who Are You Rooting For?

    Cant do it, Joe. Its in my DNA to go against them With that being said, I'd be happy for some of you guys if it happens. I really would.
  9. Who Are You Rooting For?

    You are correct Go Pats!
  10. South Florida.... smh

    Let me guess: You're gonna play the "disrespect" card again...? It was obviously either a really dumb mistake, or a little bit of a ball buster
  11. Giants Scoping our assistant coaches

    Yep, I'm not sure that they're even gonna bring in an OC
  12. Giants Scoping our assistant coaches

    Didn't surprise me at all. I knew he would nail it the second he took the field, just because
  13. Giants Scoping our assistant coaches

    So, wait. The fans on a message board mentioned a couple of names from the Eagles' staff, and you think the team wants to hire them? Or was there an actual article on the web site that you saw that I didn't? "Soundly beat"? Winning both games by a total of 8 points? Know whats sad? Your delusions. Shurmur is going to be calling the offensive plays himself.