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  1. When the CBA was being hammered out, both sides should have worked a little bit harder in this area. He should be there to work with his teammates, yes, but he's not breaking any rules by staying away. All the practice in the world isn't going to prevent someone from dropping passes now and then.
  2. People take this ish waaaaay too seriously I dont disagree
  3. He skipped VOLUNTARY workouts?! Why he's doing it just to hang with some no talent, ugly **** is anyones guess, but he's not breaking any rules. Not a big deal at all
  4. You should have it re-graded. Most places require you to send the card(s) in to them and they'll check it out and mail it back. The site that I linked above does it, here's the direct link to the page you should check
  5. What does the grade sticker say? Does it have a number from 1-10 on it?
  6. Holy crap, so the scouting dept is toast too. Me thinks that the owners were none too thrilled with their draft this year, but still....why let them scout and/or draft at all if you weren't confident in their abilities? Should have canned them all the day after the regular season ended. They did it bass-ackwards
  7. Right? The day after the damn draft is probably the worst day ever to fire your GM Says a lot about how jacked up the Bills are as an organization
  8. How the heck are ya? Been a while
  9. Whats up guy!
  10. When I see the offense function on the level of an NFL team, instead of something that a high school typically runs(and runs it 10x better), I'll crank up the optimism. As it stands right now, not going to even entertain it. I'm hopeful, but not optimisitic. As for them taking 1 or 2 OL in the draft, dont be so sure, my man. Something tells me that they're going to be sticking with DL, RB, WR, TE, and CB. If they grab OL, it'll probably be in the later rounds. I hope I'm wrong about that, because they need OL in the worst way
  11. 100% agreed People are constantly assuming that every team is going to do exactly what they did in the previous season. Its stupid as hell, and its pointless to sweat the damn schedule until we see these teams take the field and show the world how good they really are Personally, I dont think the Giants are getting close to 11 wins again, primarily because they've once again ignored the OL(as it stands today), and I dont see a whole lot of reason for hope that they'll address it in the draft. The defense may not be as good as they were last season. Too many unkowns to guess what might happen, and it sure as ish would be stupid as hell to make any "wagers" at this point
  12. Can't say for sure, Joe, but I think he does it because he's a raging nutbag...
  13. Know what I can't believe? That you started a thread about this stupid ish All fans complain, you more than anyone else
  14. My avatar pic of him might actually become a reality if that were to happen