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  1. Reid Is Incompetent

    Not for nothing, but the 2011 Giants were 9-7. All you have to do is get in
  2. Reid Is Incompetent

    Yeah, and...? Hard to get pumped over a 2-8 team, and I'm rooting for a high pick to get a QB or OL
  3. Reid Is Incompetent

    Wow. You do realize that you cant win a Championship if you dont win in the regular season and make the playoffs......right?
  4. Reid Is Incompetent

    It hasn't moved from the #3 spot, even after the win
  5. Reid Is Incompetent

    The Giants have won a grand total of 2 games, and you still probably kicked the hell out of the dog tonight, didn't you?
  6. ESPN Considers DROPPING ‘Monday Night Football’

    Couldn't tell ya. I didn't write it, I merely posted the link
  7. Speculation on Eli's future with the Giants

    Whiny? No Plays scared? Yep
  8. Its the secondary mostly, the guys that he suspended(Jenkins, Apple, DRC), and all three of them were there last season There is no doubt that there is some kind of mutiny going on. Those guys are giving minimal effort, compared to the effort that we saw from them to start the season, and all of last season. Its as clear as day
  9. Speculation on Eli's future with the Giants

    Eli has done ish like that countless times throughout his career
  10. I've thought alot about that, and my initial response would have been yes, but when at least part of the team is obviously quitting on him, theres no coming back from that.
  11. Ben McAdoo On Hot-Seat - 2 Players Squeal

    Dallas Cowboys - 5 Super Bowl Championships New York Giants - 4 Super Bowl Championships Washington Redskins - 3 Super Bowl Championships Philadelphia Eagles - ........................................................... But yeah, I agree, lets reshuffle, dump the Eagles, and bring in a team that can finish without choking and vomiting on the field
  12. ESPN Considers DROPPING ‘Monday Night Football’
  13. Ben McAdoo

    Before TC was fired, he still had input into the offense, and the Giants wanted to keep the offense intact for their aging QB, since he adapted to it quite well and it was working. Once they fired TC, it made sense(although I was dead set against it) to keep McAdoo as HC, again to keep the offense intact and not force Eli to learn yet another offense at the end of his career. So yeah.....the Eagles had nothing to do with it
  14. Ben McAdoo

    Keep telling yourself that the Eagles get the credit for his hiring
  15. I would be floored if they fired him mid season. The Giants have never been that type of team, but after today, there is no doubt whatsoever that the defense, at the very least, has quit and given up. 2003 was the only other time I've seen a Giants team(or part of the team) truly quit, and I didn't think I'd ever see it again. He's getting the axe when it's all said and done, there is no question now.