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  1. Gmen4ever

    Eli Manning

    As long as they refuse to admit that he’s part of the problem, they’ll continue doing what they always do and blame everyone else around him. It’s never his fault, so he should never be benched. Mara proved to me last year after Eli sat for a week that hes a gutless turd. Instead of forcing the issue and seeing what they had in Webb, they threw Eli right back out there because of all the crying from the fan base, despite the fact that the season was already well dead and buried at that point. It seems to me that Eli has a lifetime pass not only with these idiot fans, but also with ownership.
  2. Gmen4ever

    Eli Manning

    I seriously doubt that Lauletta will ever start as long as Eli is on the roster and is not injured. Mara is obviously scared of the Eli fanboys, who put him(Eli) above the team, making too much noise. Its ridiculous.
  3. Gmen4ever

    Josh Gordon UPDATE: Traded to the Patriots

    Don’t be upset, you just aren’t capable of being as awesome as I am
  4. Gmen4ever

    Eli Manning

    I dunno man, this one is pretty freakin’ funny
  5. Gmen4ever

    Eli Manning

    Admittedly, his protection is very questionable, but at the same time, there are plenty of times where he does have time to survey the field and find a receiver, and he blows it. In the last couple of years, the guy almost constantly checks down no matter what the protection looks like. Most QB’s, when the pocket breaks down, can shift around and buy themselves a little time. Eli used to be able to do so, but in the last few years? Holy ish....the guy doesn’t even try anymore. He either takes a huge sack, or trips over himself instead of throwing the ball away. They absolutely made a mistake. He’s not the only problem, not by a long shot, but he’s definitely a big part of the offense looking like complete trash.
  6. Gmen4ever

    Josh Gordon UPDATE: Traded to the Patriots

    Damn I’m tired of being right all the time...
  7. Gmen4ever

    Josh Gordon UPDATE: Traded to the Patriots

    Sounds crazy and illogical, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Pats took him in
  8. Gmen4ever

    Best NFC ever?

    Took the words right out of my mouth.
  9. They cut Webb, and kept Tanney. I seriously cant believe it. What a stupid, nonsensical move On a better note, John Jerry is gone too. I hope they have a plan for OL depth, because while Jerry sucked, he was still a body.
  10. Gmen4ever

    Odell Beckham Jr Contract Extension

    He's a homophobe. Thats all you need to know Everyone and everything has teh ghey.....except for him.
  11. Gmen4ever

    Odell Beckham Jr Contract Extension

    What stuff? Getting arrested? Being accused of rape? Getting into fights in the club? He hasn’t done any of that ish, or anything even remotely close, but keep on hoping and wishing that he will. His biggest crime, at least according to the morons of the world, was getting his picture taken on a boat without a shirt on. Heavy duty stuff...
  12. Gmen4ever

    Odell Beckham Jr Contract Extension

    He's a blatant homophobe. Been saying it for years Anyway, the Beckham deal.....they had to keep him, but I've got mixed feeling about the timing of all of this, mainly because he's coming off a pretty ugly injury. I hope it doesn't blow up in their faces What? Beckham catchig TD's? I agree, it sure will be
  13. Gmen4ever

    Giants fans...

    Oh yeah, of course. I hope he thrives in the new offense, I really do, but if he keeps taking a dive to avoid contact, or keeps throwing the ball away to avoid it, it’s a sure sign that it’s time. He was already doing it against Cleveland last week
  14. Gmen4ever

    Giants fans...

  15. Gmen4ever

    Giants fans...

    I was ready to see him go 2 years ago because personally, I think he's done. If he starts stinking up the joint again this year, it's definitely time to move on. Enough is enough Still rooting for him to succeed, of course, but I dont see it happening. There are too many signs on full display that he's playing scared, and once that happens...