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    Sam Bradford released by Cardinals

    If Shurmur even calls Bradford to say hello, my head will explode. I've never liked the guy, he's never impressed me even a little bit.
  2. Gmen4ever

    Week 9 Open Discussion.

    I cant wait to see the method that the Giants come up with to lose during their bye week. Should be.....entertaining
  3. Gmen4ever

    Giants in rebuild mode

    Something tells me the Raiders are in that mix as well
  4. The fact that the OL was terrible even then was why I refused to buy into that 11-5 team as being legit. What has happened since comes as zero surprise to me
  5. I do as well. If you're gonna fall, go all the way down. They should have started the process 2 years ago
  6. It’s hilarious, it really is. I mean, the kid has a possible shot to be a starting NFL QB, at least for a short time, and he pulls this ish. They’re doomed, and it’s probably gonna get even worse once the injuries start, which is guaranteed. Guys are gonna start getting "hurt” and going on IR very soon, except for Eli....because he refuses to acknowledge that he blows donkey nuts at this point
  7. Ehh...if you’re gonna hit rock bottom, might as well go alllllll the way down Gotta laugh at this ish
  8. So trade away the one guy who has consistently made things happen on a horrible, inept offense, prior to Barkley, of course. Who cares if no superstar WRs have won Super Bowls lately, it sure as hell doesn’t mean that they aren’t valuable. And by the way...TO damn near won the super bowl for the Eagles single handedly, and on one leg. Just putting that out there
  9. He doesn’t deserve all of the blame, but like Brook said, 40% is definitely a fair number. He’s making an already bad situation even worse by constantly going down instead of standing in there to try to make something happen. His OL is garbage, no doubt, but he’s making them look even worse, which makes him a big part of the problem
  10. Manning was asked if he’ll waive his full no-trade clause, and he had this to say to reporters: "No. I want to stay here,” Manning said.
  11. He has not shown one tiny shred of proof that he is anywhere close to quitting or giving up. He's still, despite having a completely incompetent QB, going 100% every game, all game. You obviously have no idea about what it means to ultra competitive people when they aren't winning. He could be really creating a huge scene, but he hasn't.
  12. But why would they trade one bad QB for another? It makes no sense whatsoever, especially if you're Eli Manning. Why uproot your family for what is definitely going to be a very temporary situation? No one in their right mind is going to do that
  13. Yep, GMs would be lining up around the block to help the Giants out by trading for a QB who has a no trade clause, a monster cap hit, and has less than zero trade value. No one would dare to pass that one up
  14. Gmen4ever

    Giants in rebuild mode

    Losing games doesn’t mean he has lost control of the team. They aren’t quitting
  15. Gmen4ever

    Giants in rebuild mode

    Agreed 100% They screwed around and held out hope that Eli could still play at a high level, and that the minimal attention that they paid to the OL would be enough to keep the chains moving. They completely screwed the pooch, and now they're gonna pay the price. It was inevitable, and I'm not gonna sweat a thing for the next couple of years with this team, as long as they do things right. Fix the damn trenches first, above all else, and the rest will fall right into place.
  16. Gmen4ever

    Week 7: Giants @ Falcons

    Damn right, because it would mean a guaranteed run of 5 straight Super Bowl wins if that happens, and your head would literally explode in fury
  17. A dysfunctional The 2015 Eagles were a friggin’ disaster from top to bottom. Denying that they were a dysfunctional team is hilarious, especially since it was on full display all season long. Yes, the Giants, right now, are definitely a mess and have a hell of a lot of cleaning up to do. I’m about 99% sure that they’re regretting giving Beckham that contract, but he’s not going anywhere for at least a couple of years. They can only hope to somehow get him under control, and to a guy like that, the best way is to win football games. Guaranteed
  18. Find me a team that doesn't have the same goal and I'll apologize on behalf of Beckham
  19. Gmen4ever

    SNF Chiefs @ Patriots.

    I was really looking forward to this game, didn't think it was gonna be a crap show
  20. Gmen4ever

    Any more debate on ELI being HOF'er

    Which is kind of ironic, seeing as how his entire NFL career has been loaded with nothing but ups and downs, with very little consistency at all. Good one week, terrible the next. The guy had no middle ground, it was either good or bad, and from game to game.....hell, sometimes quarter to quarter, you never, ever knew which guy was gonna show up. It’s only fitting that people cant agree whether or not he belongs in the HOF because nobody can figure him out to this day.
  21. Gmen4ever

    Any more debate on ELI being HOF'er

    Do you believe that the 5-7 guys that get in every year are all worthy of being inducted among the best of all time? Troy Aikman? Joe Namath? Jerome Bettis? Those are just the ones off the top of my head. They have to put guys in that weren’t great because if they didn’t, they’d have no one to induct, or at least no one from recent times that’s eligible . Ergo, the bar has been lowered
  22. Gmen4ever

    Giants fans, Talk About The Giants

    Not exactly, but they are awesome
  23. Gmen4ever

    Any more debate on ELI being HOF'er

    Since the HOF is now the Hall of Very Good, he'll more than likely get in, even though I personally dont think he should. The bar is set pretty low now To me, the HOF always represented the best of the best. With the way the game has changed so much over the years, and with many of those changes not for the better, guys can pile up stats a hell of a lot easier than those who came before them, and people heap praise all over them. Sure, Eli has lots of stats that are top 10 all time, but anyone who has watched him knows that he has never looked like a top ten all time QB. The eyes dont lie, and if stats were never kept, and guys were voted into the HOF based purely on the eyeball test, Eli wouldn't have a shot in hell.