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  1. Just now, sseifert said:

    I get it. But it's a thunder/lightening situation.

    Howard rarely gets tackled for loss. If it's 5mill or less, I'd do it all day. He's young and performs.

    Yeah, my hope is that because RB is a devalued position and Howard hasn’t been a total world beater we can re-sign him for cheap.

  2. 1 minute ago, sseifert said:

    Birds better keep Howard after this year. Just pay the man, we need him.


    I sort of agree.

    On the other hand, we have Sanders and RBs are a dime a dozen. You can always get a guy in free agency or trade for cheap. So it’s going to depend on just how much he wants to be paid.

  3. 1 hour ago, JimmytheFalcon said:

    I jumped on the Eagles bandwagon back in '98 when I went to college...and I haven't ever got off. I was running around and screaming like an idiot last night. I can't imagine all of you 30 and 40+ year fans and how you feel. Amazing night. Fly Eagle Fly

    My father went to the 1960 championship game with his father, and had waited 58 years to watch the Eagles win another title. Last night, he finally got to watch the Eagles win the Super Bowl with his own son.

    Not to get overly emotional, but he’s an old man and honestly I don’t know how many years he has left. This is one of those little things in life that I’ll cherish.

    Even better, I was dejected after the Wentz injury, and he called me up and said not to worry, that Foles is a great QB and we can still win it all. He was on the Foles bandwagon from the start and even after the Raiders game never lost confidence in him.

  4. '3rd round' and 'project' in the same sentence? is andy still in charge?

    Nothing wrong with a project - even in the first - as long as the upside justifies the risk. The problem with Smith is that if you view him as a project, the upside doesn't justify the investment of a first round pick. If he was a 6-5 265 pound freak athlete who just needed to be coached up, it wouldn't be much of an issue. But he's not that. He's just a solid athlete in a very average sized body.

  5. He didn't, though. His combine times were in the 4.6-4.7 range. He wasn't considered a "raw athlete" at all. He was a kid with a lot of guts - he ran the 40 at his pro day with such determination that he busted through some chained doors and wound up panting in the rain. The only team whose scouts were even at his workout was the Green Bay Packers. The 49ers probably took him because all the receivers they had in mind were off the board and he was just the best guy left on their draft board, and they got lucky. He was inches away from slipping to day 2 of the draft. He was an all-conference player 3 years in a row. That's not "boom or bust."

    His "physical strength" only translates into a 260 pound max bench press, which isn't special. That's after tons of working out, too. If his strength after all that working out is rather unremarkable, it's safe to say his natural strength is below average. He's no bull, either. An offensive coordinator of his criticized him for being a "chicken" over the middle (which you can read about in a Clark Judge article). He's a finesse player with terrible workout numbers. An unbelievable overachiever. He gets by on technique and feel for the game, as he lacks the speed, strength, hands, agility, leaping ability, and explosiveness to beat people with raw ability.

    He had 2 rushing touchdowns in San Francisco. That's "routine" in your book? Jerry Rice had 10.

    You really have no clue what you're talking about.

  6. Now TO wasn't that talented? Seriously? He may not have the raw talent of Randy Moss (who is probably the best raw athletic raw talent in NFL history and pretty high on the list for any sport), but he's probably top 4 pure talents all time at the wr position.

    For some reason, his combine measurables didn't jump off the page. But he outran and outjumped some absolute physical freak defenders. He could be just about anyone in a foot race in pads. He was a deep threat who could outmuscle a linebacker.

    Probably because they didn't record them back then...

    He was drafted as a high upside, boom or bust guy. That's all he was coming out of college - raw talent. It's true he wasn't a natural hands catcher and didn't run low 4.3's (though again, most reports have him as a 6'3" 210 pounder running low 4.4's at the combine).

    The guy was a dynamic raw talent. I wouldn't say top 4 all time (Calvin and Andre Johnson, Randy Moss, and Charles Rogers come to mind off the top of my head as guys who all had better natural athleticism) but definitely a unique, elite individual talent.

  7. Your crazy if you don't think TO was that talented. He was drafted in the 3rd round as a small school prospect based purely on upside. That was his draft profile - boom or bust raw athlete.

    Owens had good, but not great speed. Combine numbers don't exist, but he supposedly ran a 4.4 flat.

    His best physical attribute was his physical strength. The guy was an absolute bull. And he could run... not Desean Jackson obviously, but guys his size shouldn't be able to run like he did - not just in a straight line, but he had quick feet and excellent balance to go along with the strength and speed.

    Seriously, have you people seen the guy play? Not just in the past few years, but with the 9ers? They used to give him end arounds, and he'd routinely break tackles after the catch and take it to the house. A superb talent. Not in the same league as Randy Moss or Calvin Johnson, but easily an "elite" raw physical talent.

    And yes, he was a ridiculously hard worker as well. He maxed out his potential. Got to respect that.