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  1. CHIP72

    Kevin Stefanski new Browns HC

    I hope Stefanski, a Philadelphia area native (his father Ed was the general manager for both the 76ers and Nets), does well, but for most of the last 20 years the Browns job has been the worst head coaching job in the NFL.
  2. CHIP72

    Bill Cowher — HOF?

    IMO, Bill Cowher was a good coach, but not a Hall of Famer. In all honesty his career accomplishments are very, very similar to his successor in Pittsburgh, Mike Tomlin (another good but not great coach), who is usually perceived as being an inferior coach to Cowher. I'd be more impressed if Cowher took over another team and made them a regular playoff contender and/or took them to a Super Bowl appearance. Tony Dungy only ever appeared in (and won) one Super Bowl as a head coach, but at least he turned around a Buccaneers team that had been terrible for most of the 15 years prior to him becoming head coach, in addition to winning a Super Bowl with the Colts. Dan Reeves never won a Super Bowl, but he led the Broncos to three Super Bowl appearances and the Falcons to one Super Bowl appearance (and also turned around the New York Giants and took them to the playoffs after Ray Handley's disastrous two year tenure as the Giants' head coach). Cowher did improve the Steelers when he took over, but the franchise was already on solid ground, having made the playoffs in 1989 and finishing with a winning record in 1990, not long before Cowher took over in 1992. Cowher, much like Andy Reid, was a master at losing conference championship games at home, losing such games in Pittsburgh in 1994, 1997, 2001, and 2004. His only home AFC Championship Game win was by a 20-16 margin against a 9-7 Colts team after the 1995 season. Additionally, besides 2005, Cowher NEVER won a road playoff game in the rest of his NFL head coaching career.
  3. CHIP72

    AFC Divisional: Titans @ Ravens

    Here's a somewhat related thought that directly relates to the Eagles: The Eagles have never lost to the New York Jets in the regular season. The Jets used to be nicknamed the Titans. The Eagles have also never lost to a team based in Houston, which includes the Houston Oilers. The Oilers eventually moved to Tennessee and became the Titans, a team the Eagles HAVE lost to. The bottom line is if teams have trouble beating the Eagles, they need to change their name to the Titans, and need to never change their name from the Titans. LOL. One other thing related to your original comment - the Chiefs' franchise last game played as the Dallas Texans was played against a team based in Houston (1962 AFL Championship Game).
  4. CHIP72

    AFC Divisional: Titans @ Ravens

    In 2004 the Eagles largely didn't have to worry because the entire NFC excluding the Eagles sucked that year.
  5. CHIP72

    Matt Rhule new Panthers HC

    Very pleased that Matt Rhule has achieved his dream of being an NFL head coach, though I have mixed feelings about him going to Carolina (for his sake I would have liked for him to go to the Giants, the native New Yorker's favorite team as a kid, but for my sake I'm glad I don't have to root against twice per season). On a related note, I'd love to see the two annual Carolina/Tampa Bay game broadcasts on TV when the announcers mention both teams are led by former Temple football head coaches, Panthers coach Matt Rhule (2013-2016; he was also an assistant coach at Temple from 2006-2011) and Bucs head coach Bruce Arians (1983-1988).
  6. CHIP72

    Historic sites related to the NFL

    Some sites: 1) Obviously the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, OH (I was there in 2005, and it was well worth the visit). 2) The house where Eagles founder and former NFL commissioner Bert Bell lived in Narberth while he was commissioner in the late 1940s and 1950s. 3) Every site where the Eagles played home games: *Baker Bowl, 1933-1935 - also the Phillies' long-time home ballpark (1895-mid 1938), at the block bounded by 15th Street, Lehigh Avenue, Broad Street, and Huntingdon Street in north Philadelphia *Municipal Stadium (aka Sesquicentennial Stadium and JFK Stadium), 1936-1939 - was located where the Wells Fargo Center now stands *Shibe Park/Connie Mack Stadium, most of 1940-1957 period - also the A's (1909-1954) and Phillies' (mid 1938-1970) long-time home ballpark, at the block bounded by 21st Street, Somerset Street, 20th Street, and Lehigh Avenue in north Philadelphia; the Deliverance Evangelical Church now stands on the site *Franklin Field, 1958-1970 - used for 100+ years for Penn football and the Penn Relays, it still stands *Veterans Stadium, 1971-2002 - also the Phillies' home stadium (1971-2003), serves as a parking lot at the stadium complex, primarily for Citizens Bank Park 4) Original Yankee Stadium site, location of first sudden death overtime game in pro football history and Chuck Bednarik's famed tackle of Frank Gifford 5) Kezar Stadium in San Francisco, 49ers home stadium from 1946 to 1970, not far from famed Haight-Ashbury neighborhood, still stands as a downsized venue used for soccer and high school football 6) Dallas Love Field Airport - the site where Lamar Hunt (AFL founder and Kansas City Chiefs owner) and Tex Schramm (Dallas Cowboys general manager and then-NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle confidant) met to initially discuss the possibility of a merger between the AFL and NFL
  7. CHIP72

    Most hated teams

    For me personally: 1) Steelers (they are in their own category; I lived in western Pennsylvania for almost 2 1/2 years and learned to despise all Pittsburgh teams) --------------------------- 2T) Cowboys (sometimes I hate the Cowboys more and sometimes I hate the Redskins more) 2T) Redskins (this has a lot to do with living in the DC area, though I started hating the Deadskins in the early 2000s before I moved to the DC area) ---------------------------- 4T) Packers (media darlings that are overhyped; would love to see them go back to their 1980s failures) 4T) Saints (also media darlings that are overhyped, plus their fans whine too much; would love to see them go back to their pre-2006 and especially pre-1987 failures) ---------------------------- 6) Ravens (their fans like to talk big, but I can't respect a fanbase that has almost no fans outside of their home state and/or more than 50 miles from their home city) 7) Chiefs (got very turned off by Andy Reid after about 2007 when he was with the Eagles and want to continue to see him fall short) Strangely enough, I respect rather than hate the Giants, though I have dealt with a couple of a-clown Giants fans in my past.
  8. Considering the Cowboys' execution against the Eagles often wasn't very good, it seems appropriate that the Cowboys' charter plane couldn't execute properly either.
  9. CHIP72

    Eagle fans must take over MetLife Stadium on Sunday

    When I attended the Eagles/Giants game at MetLife Stadium in Week 15 of the 2017 NFL season and the Eagles were looking to eventually clinch the top NFC seed (or at least a first round bye) while the Giants were playing out the string, the crowd was probably about 50/50 (though I happened to be sitting in an area that was mostly Giants fans). Giants fans won't allow Eagles fans (or any other team's fans) to take over their stadium like the Redskins fans have during Eagles/Redskins games at FedEx Field the last two seasons (2018, 2019), both of which I also attended, partly because Giants tickets won't/don't deflate in value on the secondary market anywhere near as much as Redskins tickets do. Having said that, I do expect there will be slightly more Eagles fans than Giants fans at the Meadowlands on Sunday. Unfortunately due to family commitments I will not be able to attend the Eagles/Giants game in north Jersey this coming Sunday.
  10. CHIP72

    Week 16 Saturday NFL Threads

    By federal law (more specifically the Sports Broadcasting Act of 1961), the NFL cannot televise games on Saturdays (or Fridays) from the second Friday in September to the second Saturday in December. Congress put this law into place when they agreed to allow the NFL to have a common, national TV contract that covered all the teams (something the NFL had been pursuing for a decade prior to this). In exchange for allowing the NFL to have a league-wide TV contract, Congress put in rules that prevented the NFL from televising games on Fridays and Saturdays to protect the live gate and TV audience for college and high school games. This federal law is why the NFL does not televise Saturday games until the latter half of December (or years ago, somewhat earlier in December when the college football regular season ended earlier than it does now).
  11. CHIP72

    Week 16 Saturday NFL Threads

    Some interesting, competitive games today. Today's games also show why NFL > college football.
  12. There was a play in the Bills game that made me laugh - the Eagles were inside the Bills' 20 yard line, and had a 3rd and about a half a yard. As he picked up the ball for the snap, I swear Kelce moved the ball forward by at least a foot such that it was roughly even with the 1st down marker. If the Eagles hadn't made the 1st down (they did convert on the play), I think Kelce was trying to fake out the officials so that they'd give the Eagles the 1st down even if they didn't actually make the required yardage, LOL.
  13. Jason Kelce says Khalil Mack's problem is that he didn't eat breakfast on Sunday.
  14. I should note that based on the NFL schedule on Sunday 11/24, there is a chance the Seahawks/Eagles game will be flexed from 8:20 PM ET on NBC to 1 PM ET on either Fox or CBS. I would strongly consider tweaking your planned flights if possible to account for that possibility. (If you arrive in Philadelphia by say 12 PM ET, you could also take an Uber/Lyft or taxi from the airport directly to the stadium complex; they are probably less than 5 miles apart. I believe the Eagles have lockers outside the stadium, though I'm unsure if those lockers are large enough to hold suitcases.)
  15. All I know is that when the Eagles play the Vikings in the playoffs, not only are the Eagles 4-0 against them, but the Eagles are also 4-0 in the playoff games immediately after they play the Vikings. I LOVE seeing the Eagles play the Vikings in the playoffs, especially in the NFC Championship Game or at least the divisional playoffs.