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  1. All I know is that when the Eagles play the Vikings in the playoffs, not only are the Eagles 4-0 against them, but the Eagles are also 4-0 in the playoff games immediately after they play the Vikings. I LOVE seeing the Eagles play the Vikings in the playoffs, especially in the NFC Championship Game or at least the divisional playoffs.
  2. That's definitely what Jason Kelce would say. That's why some other NFC North team fans call Minnesota's team the Viqueens.
  3. CHIP72

    Minnesota pep rally Saturday

    Sorry, I can't make it - I'll be attending the Penguins/Wild NHL game in St. Paul. Whenever I go to an Eagles road game or for that matter on a leisure or work-related trip that requires a flight/overnight stay, I'm always looking for other sports events to attend in "new" venues, even if I don't care about either team playing in the game. Attending a Minnesota Wild game, their home opener to boot, fits that description. I would have attended the Nebraska/Minnesota college football game too if it didn't overlap with the Penguins/Wild game (which still irritates me, though if they hadn't overlapped time-wise I would have froze my butt off - in mid-October - at the Nebraska/Minnesota game), and I also would have tried to attend the Rays/Twins ALCS Game 2 on Sunday night had the Twins and Rays both advanced to the ALCS (the only way the Twins could have hosted ALCS games this weekend).
  4. The first order of business to reserve a hotel room, preferably in Center City, ASAP. (I assume you have a hotel budget; if you don't then making your reservation immediately isn't as critical.) Regarding your specific questions: *Reserve a hotel room in Center City. I would shoot for a place south of Market Street and north of South Street. If you can't get a hotel in Center City in your budget, get a hotel near the Eastwick SEPTA regional rail station. (There are some hotels within walking distance of that station, as well as a Wawa.) Staying in University City (just west of Center City; it is where Penn and Drexel are located) is also an option. *Use the SEPTA Airport Line (regional rail) to travel between the airport and Center City. *Use the SEPTA Broad Street Line (subway/heavy rail) to travel between Center City and the south Philadelphia stadium complex both before and after the game. *Based on the security line and ticket entry issues the Eagles have had this year (had long lines at both games I've attended so far this year in the former case, and long lines at the Lions game in the latter case, though the ticket scanning was much better for the Jets game), I recommend getting to the stadium 1+ hour before the game so you get in before most people get there.
  5. CHIP72

    Road trips 2019

    Are you willing to walk? If so, my recommendation is you drive to Silver Spring, Greenbelt, or probably best yet New Carrollton and take the DC Metrorail to Morgan Boulevard station on the Blue Line. It is a little less than a mile walk from the station to FedEx Field; many fans (both Redskins and Eagles, including me) get to the stadium that way. You avoid paying for parking (which I think is on the order of $60) and also avoid the bad traffic. (If you go to New Carrollton, you might get caught in the traffic on the DC Beltway a little bit, but you'll have a shorter Metrorail ride. If you go to Greenbelt or Silver Spring, the Metrorail ride is longer but you won't have to deal with traffic on the DC Beltway fairly close to the stadium.) I'll note that if you have an MTA CharmCard you can use that on the DC Metrorail system; WMATA accepts the CharmCard (and MTA Maryland accepts the SmarTrip Card). For a 1 PM game at FedEx Field, another option for you would be to use the MARC Penn Line from Baltimore Penn Station (or Halethorpe or possibly Martin Airport) to Washington Union Station and then use the Metrorail Red and Blue Lines from there. You could even use the Baltimore light rail to get to Penn Station if you want to minimize your driving.
  6. If you are willing to walk, I recommend parking in the NovaCare lot on the north side of Pattison west of Broad. That's where I park when I drive to games (and I'm also coming from Maryland). You have easy access to I-95 via the Platt Bridge.
  7. I've sat low behind the Eagles sideline a few times with a friend who is a season ticket holder (including at yesterday's Lions game) four rows from the field, and IMO those are terrible seats, unless you want to closely watch what the players are doing on the sideline (and yell at and mock Howard Eskin 😂). You're sitting so low that you have no depth perception of the field, the players and coaches on the sideline block your view of the field, and the mobile TV camera on the sideline will also block your view from time to time.
  8. CHIP72

    Post Your EMB Questions/Concerns Here

    I was going to post the same thing. I actually found the message board in the app by accident, but I have no idea how I found it. Part of the reason for that is the updated app requires you to log into the message board again and I couldn't remember my password.
  9. Among Eagles players who played in the NFL since the AFL-NFL merger, I think Bill Bergey and Harold Carmichael are the most deserving candidates. I’d love to see Seth Joyner and/or Clyde Simmons, my two favorite Eagles players of all-time, in the Pro Football HOF, but I think both fall a little short of the standard. One final thought - with the Broncos Rod Smith is a good choice, but Randy Gradishar is an even better choice. Quite frankly, he should have been inducted 25 years ago (he was first eligible in 1989 and probably should have been inducted within his first five years of eligibility). Gradishar was considered as good or almost as good as Jack Lambert, an exact contemporary at the same position, but wasn’t as flashy and didn’t have as many standout teammates as Lambert (though with defensive teammates like Lyle Alzado, Tom Jackson, and Louis Wright, Gradishar played with some very good players too). I think most people consider Lambert a slam dunk HOF player (a fair assessment IMO), so why is someone who was comparable in quality to Lambert not in the HOF as well?
  10. CHIP72

    Andrew Luck decides to retire

    Michael Jordan's first retirement in 1993 was probably even more shocking because he was the best and most well-known basketball player in the world. There was also Barry Sanders, though Luck's sudden retirement is shocking.
  11. CHIP72

    Andrew Luck decides to retire

    Andrew Luck's father Oliver Luck is the XFL Commissioner. Incidentally, the elder Luck was a Rhodes Scholar finalist and graduated magna c-u-m laude from West Virginia in 1982. Oliver Luck was also a standout QB at West Virginia and played as backup QB in the NFL with the Houston Oilers for five seasons. I think Andrew Luck's retirement will be permanent.
  12. Right - people have the option to get printed tickets, but at least on the single game ticket holder end, you need to pay for that privilege. The Eagles (and I think most other NFL teams) are trying to strongly encourage (some would say force) fans to go the mobile ticket route. I know the Vikings are doing the same thing with single game tickets as the Eagles; last month when I bought a ticket for this season’s Eagles/Vikings game in Minneapolis, the Vikings’ website said all sales would be in the mobile ticket format.
  13. Everybody who has bought tickets from the Eagles - both season ticket holders and individual game holders - is getting mobile tickets. (I think individual ticket holders can buy physical tickets, but it costs $10 to do so.)
  14. The issue with staying in Philadelphia (at least the better parts of Philadelphia) isn’t safety, it is finding something family-friendly for people with kids.
  15. CHIP72

    Road trips 2019

    Earlier this afternoon I bought my ticket for the Vikings game as part of their pre-sale. (I was able to get access to the Vikings’ pre-sale through signing up for some special e-mail list. I even participated in some Vikings trivia contests so I’d look like a legitimate Vikings fan, LOL.) Interestingly, the Eagles game was tied with their game against the Bears as the second-highest priced game for sale on the Vikings’ website. Only the Packers game was more expensive. Their cheapest games were against teams with few fans; the Deadskins were one of the two cheapest games, LOL. (The Lions were the other cheapest game.)