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  1. AFC Championship: Jaguars @ Patriots.

    I think that game actually starts at 3:05 PM, with the Vikings/Eagles game starting just after 6:30 PM.
  2. NFC Divisional: Saints @ Vikings.

    It was similar to that play that Denver safety made against Baltimore in the 2012 playoffs, except the play in the Vikings/Saints game was even worse, which was/is hard to do.
  3. AFC Divisional: Jaguars @ Steelers.

    To be honest, that's a nonsensical comment because Tomlin has been the Steelers' head coach for 11 seasons now; any guy who coaches that long leaves his imprint on his team. IMO Tomlin is just as good as Cowher, no better and no worse; their records are very comparable. Cowher was actually overrated, and his teams sometimes were too predictable, which is why they lost a number of home playoff games.
  4. NFC Divisional: Saints @ Vikings.

    That Saints safety (#43) just became one of the all-time goats in NFL history.
  5. AFC Divisional: Jaguars @ Steelers.

    Not when you look at the rushing attempts: Jaguars - 35 (for 164 yards) Steelers - 18 (for 83 yards) Teams that win high-scoring games usually have more rushing attempts, unless they come from behind.
  6. AFC Divisional: Jaguars @ Steelers.

    I made the edit. I'll save my stronger language for the Rant and Rave forum.
  7. AFC Divisional: Jaguars @ Steelers.

    The good Blake Bortles showed up for most of the 1st half and 4th quarter, and made some very good plays He deserves most of the praise he's getting for today's game. As someone who went to college in central PA and graduate school in western PA, I only have three more words to say: Bye Bye Squealers.
  8. AFC Divisional: Jaguars @ Steelers.

    I actually call Heinz Field the Big Mustard Bowl.
  9. AFC Divisional: Jaguars @ Steelers.

    I'm pretty sure you are. I sat in those seats for the Notre Dame/Temple game in 2015.
  10. AFC Divisional: Jaguars @ Steelers.

    10/8/17, Pittsburgh, PA: Jaguars 30 Steelers 9
  11. AFC Divisional: Jaguars @ Steelers.

    Maybe the NFL "experts" should have viewed the Steelers coming into this game the way they were viewing the Eagles prior to the Atlanta game.
  12. Bengals Fans...throwing dirt on Shazier

    It was actually 49 years a scraggly Santa Claus who had a bad arm.
  13. Fumbling in the Endzone

    My opinion wouldn't change even if the Eagles were helped by the rule, which they have in the past, or if some team I strongly disliked was hurt by the rule. As a frame of reference on another controversial rule, I thought it was ridiculous when the Cowboys were hurt by the Dez Bryant non-catch in the playoffs a few years ago against Green Bay. (I think Bryant caught the ball, rolled over on the ground, and then lost the ball after he rolled over.) Let's make sure the rules are fair and reasonable.
  14. Fumbling in the Endzone

    But technically a ball going OUT OF BOUNDS in the endzone is still going out of bounds. As a point of comparison, the catch rules are exactly the same in the endzone as they are outside the endzone. Why should the fumble rules be different?
  15. Fumbling in the Endzone

    If Carr fumbles the ball and it goes out on the 1 yard line, the Raiders maintain possession at the spot where Carr fumbled. Why should 1 yard be the difference between maintaining possession inside the 5 yard line and a touchback where the other team gets the ball?