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  1. CHIP72

    Redskins Will Have 13 Open Practices

    To be honest, when I hear about people wanting to see the Eagles perform at training camp, I can't help but think of a famous Allen Iverson quote. I think I only went to Eagles training camp maybe once or twice (when they were held at Lehigh and I lived within 20 miles of Goodman Stadium and other athletic fields at Lehigh), and even then I attended only when the Eagles had a public autograph signing and/or organized scrimmage. Even with scrimmages there isn't that much to see if you want to see game-like action, and with the practices there is even less. Having said the above, IMO the Eagles should hold more open practices but I don't think it is that big of a deal that they don't.
  2. CHIP72

    Fantennial Season Ticket Contest

    The PA/NJ/DE residency requirement is such a BS rule. What about people who live in Elkton, MD, which is OFFICIALLY part of the Philadelphia urbanized (and metropolitan) area and is within 50 miles of Lincoln Financial Field, but are ineligible to participate? As for me, I live in Maryland, just outside of DC, between 2 and 2 1/2 hours of the Linc. (It usually takes a little longer than that for me to get to the stadium complex when I drive though because I always try to avoid the Delaware toll on I-95 when I drive to Philadelphia and often stop at either the 7-Eleven or Wawa along MD 279, LOL.) Though it isn't super convenient for me to get to Eagles home games, it also isn't that hard either; since the 2014 season I've been at 10 Eagles regular season home games (and 12 Eagles regular season road games, 6 games of which were NOT in the DC or Baltimore areas, including 4 games at the Meadowlands, a very doable trip for me for 1 PM Eagles/Giants or Eagles/Jets games and nearly twice as far as the trip to Philadelphia). In the 2019 season I plan to attend three Eagles home games (9/22 vs the Lions, 10/6 vs the Jets, and 11/3 vs the Bears.). I'll add that I also attend Phillies, 76ers, Temple football, and some Big Five/City Six college basketball games in Philadelphia every season. Getting to south Philadelphia isn't that much more of a trek for me than it is for someone who lives in the Harrisburg or Scranton/Wilkes-Barre areas. The NFL/Eagles should change the rules on these types of contests to distance-based requirements, and make them eligible to everyone who lives in a zip code that is within the distance requirement. IMO, a 100 or 150 mile distance requirement would be fair (and mind you, I wouldn't qualify for the 100 mile requirement). Even at the shorter distance requirement it would open up the contest to people living in much of Maryland (including most of the Baltimore area) or much of the NYC metro area; it is very doable for Eagles fans living in those areas to attend games regularly in south Philadelphia. Using a distance requirement would also exclude people who live in the western half of Pennsylvania, where it probably is genuinely hard to get to Philadelphia for most of the Eagles' 8 home games.
  3. CHIP72

    Coming from France

    Dude - every game example you’ve provided in this thread to make your argument about memorable plays - the Immaculate Reception, the 2018 Minneapolis Miracle, both Miracles of the Meadowlands plays, heck the 4th and 26 play I mentioned - were won by the team that made the memorable play. The Randall Cunningham play against the Bills was made by the team that lost the game. That’s the difference. There’s a reason why Cunningham’s play against the Giants on ABC MNF in 1988 (where he had his legs cut out from underneath him by I think Carl Banks but kept his balance and then threw a TD pass to I think Jimmie Giles) is remembered a lot more and shown on more highlight packages than Cunningham’s play against the Bills - the Eagles won the game against the Giants. Mention some examples of memorable, positive plays (i.e. not plays like the non-pass interference call in last season’s NFCCG) by teams that lost the game (especially in games not involving the Eagles), and then we’re comparing apples and apples with Cunningham’s 1990 play against the Bills. It’s harder to identify such plays because at the end of the day, most sports fans care about the end result and plays where a team loses aren’t celebrated (unless MAYBE it was a memorable game and an important game in the standings or in the playoffs). I’m not saying that’s right or wrong; it just is.
  4. CHIP72

    Coming from France

    Somehow, I hear a quote from the hero of the first Miracle of the Meadowlands in my head. 😉😊
  5. CHIP72

    Coming from France

    In the examples you provided, the team that had the memorable play won the game. Also, in the Steelers’ case, it was also their first ever playoff win, and began their era as a dominant team in the 1970s and as a good franchise over the last 45+ years. They also played an undefeated Dolphins team the following week, a team they were not expected to win, even playing at home (the game was played in Pittsburgh due to the NFL’s screwy playoff system at the time). With the Vikings’ play, it is very analogous in many ways with the Eagles’ 4th and 26 play against the Packers in the 2003 playoffs.
  6. CHIP72

    Coming from France

    I feel pretty much the same way. In all honesty, I never understood some Eagles' fans love for that play considering the Eagles lost that game. For what it's worth, that Eagles/Bills game was played on my birthday. I personally much prefer the Eagles game that was played one year to the day later. Listen to Dan Dierdorf's pregame comments in the full game (second) video.
  7. I recommend sitting in the upper deck, and staying at a hotel in Center City Philadelphia (which is bounded by Spring Garden Street to the north, the Delaware River to the east, South Street to the south, and the Schuylkill River to the west). More specifically location-wise, I recommend staying in a hotel on Arch Street or south of that in Center City relatively close to Broad Street, though places in Old City (in the east end of Center City) would be fine too.
  8. CHIP72

    Coming from France

    RE: Vintage jerseys - Mitchell & Ness doesn’t make/have all the players you mentioned. They should have Jaworski, Cunningham, White, Brown, and Dawkins, and might have Carmichael and Montgomery. They almost definitely won’t have Joyner (unfortunately, he’s my all-time favorite Eagles player). RE: Safe areas - many areas in Philadelphia are at least a little rough, outside of Center City, University City (Penn/Drexel and a little SW of their campuses), Overbrook (first stop going west on the Main Line), City Avenue (St. Joe’s and nearby locations), Chestnut Hill, East Falls, and Temple’s campus. South Philadelphia has pockets that are alright too, but some sections that are rough. The worst areas are probably various sections of north Philadelphia, west Philadelphia, and southwest Philadelphia.
  9. CHIP72

    Coming from France

    I concur with the recommendations to get to the stadium by 12 PM. You will beat most people to the stadium if you do that and will have no line or only small lines at security. Additionally, assuming you are staying in a hotel in Center City Philadelphia, I strongly recommend taking the SEPTA Broad Street Line to the stadium complex. It’s a bit of a walk from the station to the stadium but not a hard walk, and many, many other people will be doing the same thing. Attire-wise, I’d be surprised if you need a jacket for an early September day game, even sitting in the shade. One other, non-game recommendation - check out some of the sports apparel stores in or near Philadelphia on a day before the game and buy something you can wear to the game (if you don’t already have apparel). Your best bets in Center City are Philly Team Store (on Chestnut between 17th and 18th), Modell’s Sporting Goods (two locations, on Chestnut just east of 16th and on Walnut between 16th and 17th), Mitchell & Ness for vintage apparel (on 12th between Market and Chestnut), and Shibe Vintage Sports for Philadelphia-themed apparel (on 13th between Chestnut and Walnut). If you have a car and/or venture to the suburbs, Rally House, Schuylkill Valley Sports, and the Eagles Pro Shop in (I think) Cherry Hill, as well as other Modell’s, also become options. You can also check out the Eagles Pro Shop at the stadium one of the days before the game (typically open until 5 PM most days) or on game day prior to the game, though on game day the team store is inside the security and ticket checkpoints. P.S. I’d you aren’t renting a car and are staying at a hotel in Center City, you don’t have to use a taxi or Uber/Lyft to get there; the SEPTA Airport Line runs every 30 minutes from most of the airport terminals to two Center City stations (Suburban Station and Market East/Jefferson Station) as well as 30th Street Station (the primary Amtrak/intercity rail station in Philadelphia) just west across the Schuylkill (pronounced school-kill) River from Center City.
  10. You'll be fine using the SEPTA Broad Street Line at night after a game; many people will be riding the BSL after the game. Both Pat's and Geno's are near 9th Street and Passyunk Avenue in south Philadelphia; the perpendicular streets to 9th are Federal and Wharton. It is probably roughly 2 1/2 miles south from the two cheesesteak places to Citizens Bank Park, so they are relatively close to the ballpark. There is a Broad Street Line between Ellsworth and Federal on Broad Street (equivalent to 14th Street), so Pat's and Geno's can be reached by foot via the Broad Street Line, though it is a bit of a walk. Parking at CBP is I think $18, so if you have four people, driving to the park may be a good idea. (I'm unsure if SEPTA offers discounts to kids riding with an adult.) I recommend getting to the cheesesteak places by 4:15 PM to 4:30 PM assuming you drive and park there (and probably roughly 20 minutes earlier if you take SEPTA). I think they probably won't open the parking gates until 5 PM, so you don't want to get there too early; getting there by 5:30 PM will still allow you to beat most people to the ballpark.
  11. The seats in Rows 1-4 in the upper deck are physically separated from the rest of the seats in that level. Those rows are directly above the club level. I wouldn't say the view is dramatically better, but if there isn't much of a price difference between Row 1 seats and Row 5 seats, I'd jump on buying the Row 1 seats. The biggest negative I remember about sitting in rows 1-4 in the upper deck (and I'm pretty sure I've only sat there once, for the Notre Dame/Temple game back in 2015) is there are a lot of seats in the row. That may only be true of selected sections though.
  12. If you sit high, you shouldn't have a problem seeing the end zones. Obviously the opposite end zone will be far away but you can still see it, and the near end zone will be below you. You can also see the end zones without a problem from the sideline seats.
  13. I recommend sitting in the upper deck, partly because it will be cheaper but more so because you can see the whole field better, even though you are further away. I personally have a slight preference for sideline seats because the action will never be on the opposite end of the field if you are sitting near the middle of the field, but sometimes I like sitting in end zone seats because you can see plays develop better from behind or in front of a play. If you haven't attended any football games before, I think you should sit on the sideline so you can get a view reasonably similar to what you are familiar with (i.e. what you get on TV). I recommend sitting close to but not at the end of an aisle, especially the aisle closer to the middle of the field relative to your seat (if you sit on the end, people walking up and down the steps will block your view fairly often; you'll also have to stand up fairly often to let people out of your row). Finally, because the Cowboys game is in the latter half of December, I strongly suggest sitting in the west stands (Sections 201-207, 239-244) on north stands (Sections 233-237) so that any cold, northwest wind is blocked by the stadium structure itself and it isn't blowing on you. Two other tips - try not to stand during plays unless many people around you are also standing (or if you are in the last row, in which case standing doesn't matter). Standing a lot when everyone else or almost everyone else is sitting annoys the hell out of the fans sitting behind you. Also, try not to leave your seat for restroom breaks or concessions during game action; wait until there is TV timeout (i.e. change of possession, scoring play, end of quarter, 2 minute warning, etc.) to get up to go do what you need to do. If necessary, wait until another TV timeout to return to your seat (unless your seat is near the front of the section and near an aisle such that you can get back to your seat between plays without blocking your fellow fans' view of live plays.) P.S. If you live in Minnesota, you should try to attend the Eagles/Vikings game in Minneapolis in early October too. (Ironically, I'll probably make a road trip to that game.)
  14. Here’s the screen I get:
  15. I’m seeing two tickets for the 12/22 game starting at $164 each on Ticketmaster (resale tickets). The above cost is probably reasonable, but I’d monitor things for a few weeks to see how the prices change.