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  1. Anyway to delete my account other then not showing up? 12 years is long enough.

  2. Thank you to those that remind people to stay on topic and use ignore. If you circumvent the filter, you will be issued warnings (check your warning level), even if you decide later to delete your posts. The board has a filter for a reason. Stay on topic and stay respectful.
  3. I had a account on here. My name was Westbrookalways. My email account I had it under has been shut off and I lost my pass. What can I do?

  4. Hi Moderator 3, I find this thread very offensive. I would appreciate if you took it off.

  5. Dude i got a warning level on my profile from you from 2007. Can you fix that please?

  6. Thanks for being fair. I appreciate you! God bless!

  7. I rated you 5 stars...that should be your new name. 5-star mod!!

  8. Why does my profile say that Im still warned?? Am I still on probation. Its almost 2 years.

  9. It's the MOD u-la-tor. pop pop pop.

  10. Mod 3 and Mod 11a

    Damn. Twice the mod loving

  11. can I be your first friend?

  12. How does 1 become a Mod there supperstar?