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  1. I think they'd make a good one-two punch in any backfield!
  2. If Chris Russo replaces Mike Greenberg on Mike & Mike, would it be called Mike and The Mad Dog?
  3. Flashbacks! Flashbacks! AHHHHH!!!!
  4. Shouldn't the Cowboys get a free kick after that fair catch to end the half? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fair_catch_kick
  5. Easy solution: Contraction for the Chargers and Rams, then move the Raiders to L.A.
  6. The the ball is laying on the ground at the end of the play. WTF!?!
  7. AFC Championship Game preview tonight!!!
  8. Am I watching the NFL or the WWE? WTF!?!
  9. Guess who plays on Monday Night Oct. 31?
  10. Alex Smith more like Phallus Sniff.
  11. We should've Fing traded for him back in '08. Awesome WR!