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  1. Mularkey out (mutually agreed) in Tennessee

    What a bunch of Mularkey!
  2. Donovan Mc5 Fired Again!

  3. Mike Francesa Predicts the Rams Beat the Eagles

  4. Week 13: Redskins @ Cowboys

    Chris Collingsworth just creamed all over the TV booth!
  5. The jet doesn't seem so outlandish when the real story is known. It's not that Jerry has the 'balls', it's that his panties are all bunched up and he wants revenge. ESPN does that crap on a regular basis, btw.
  6. http://www.espn.com/espn/page2/index/_/id/5173267
  7. Joe Mixon and Ray Rice

    I think they'd make a good one-two punch in any backfield!
  8. If Chris Russo replaces Mike Greenberg on Mike & Mike, would it be called Mike and The Mad Dog?
  9. AFC Divisional: Steelers @ Chiefs.

    Flashbacks! Flashbacks! AHHHHH!!!!
  10. NFC Divisional: Packers @ Cowboys.

    Shouldn't the Cowboys get a free kick after that fair catch to end the half? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fair_catch_kick
  11. Easy solution: Contraction for the Chargers and Rams, then move the Raiders to L.A.