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  1. Romo Is Toast In Big D

    Yeah they'll do whatever they need to get under by the start of the new league year which most likely will include releasing Romo which is a win-win for both as it will give him the opportunity to sign elsewhere as early as possible and also cut their projected CAP overage by more than half.
  2. Romo Is Toast In Big D

    The Pokes have the most salary cap commitments in the league for 2017 @ $176.4M and are projected to be $9M over next year's CAP. Even with the $5M they potentially save they'll still be approximately 4 over and will have to do other restructurings and or releases to get under the CAP by the start of the new league year in mid March.
  3. Romo Is Toast In Big D

    Denver didn't give up deek for Manning. He was released by the Colts and signed with the Broncos as a fa. You're hallucinating if you think anyone would give up a 1st for a 37 years old in April, chronically injury prone Romo.
  4. Week 9 Open Discussion.

    Thanks man, she hit some early snags in her recovery but seems to be turning the corner. Her next post op appointment is Monday so hopefully everything will go well.
  5. Week 9 Open Discussion.

    My wife just had major surgery 3 weeks ago yesterday so I have more important things to concern myself with right now than the Eagles eschewing a couple of chip shot field goals to hand a mediocre at best swamp squad a gift win. If you're bored I suggest you take up a hobby or if you're lonely maybe get a pet.
  6. I'm thinking Patriots-Cowboys

    You obviously were plenty high when you came up with that unprecedented stupidity. Oh' and we won't need to wait 3 years to put the Mearns theory to the test since they'll face each other again week 17.
  7. I'm thinking Patriots-Cowboys

    Are you really suggesting that the margin of victory is indicative of how many games (out of a 10 game set) team A would beat team B, seriously? Quite possibly the most moronic load of convoluted BS ever posted here. So according to the Mearns theory of embarrassingly clueless idiocy how exactly would those 7-8 victories have to play out; be tied at the end of regulation and dependent on the Girls winning the OT coin toss every time?
  8. Week 9 Open Discussion.

    Logan practiced "in a limited basis" yesterday, no update on today's practice available yet.
  9. Week 8 Open Discussion.

    In his post game presser Doug said something along the lines of the D was chomping at the bit to get back out there so they thought pinning them deep was the way to go. My thought is since the D was balling up to that point and held them to FGs with much better field position than they would have had if they missed the kick you've absolutely gotta take the chance to go back up 2 scores there giving the D an even wider margin of error. Hopefully he learned his lesson because he gave a mixed message post game both defending/rationalizing the decision while also vowing to stay aggressive going forward.
  10. Week 8 Open Discussion.

    Situational Football 101 says that if you even call a pass there the only thing you absolutely can't do is take a sack that pushes you into low percentage FG range or completely out of it. If the 1st read, quick hitter isn't there you throw it away period. Unfortunately Doug not only called a pass but one that if sniffed out immediately was guaranteed to be the equivalent of a 6 yards loss sack. Mind boggling.
  11. Week 8 Open Discussion.

    Absolutely, instead of coaching to win Pederson coached not to lose which still gets you beat most of the time. Hopefully a valuable lesson learned there.
  12. Week 8 Open Discussion.

    While I agree completely if he just makes I safe call (basically any play with a low probability of losing enough yardage to take the O out of FG range) on that 3rd down they most likely go back up by 2 scores and win the game regardless of all the head-scratching calls that preceded it.
  13. NFL Fan Violence Is Up

    It's a giant cluster f. You're actually better off parking like 8 blocks away and walkings from the stadium because if you park close it takes like 45 minutes to drive those same 8 blocks between the sea of people and streets either closed or designated as one way.
  14. NFL Fan Violence Is Up

    Here in Charlotte there is no stadium parking lot so all the tailgating happens in private lots. The.stadium is also in the center of uptown so regardless of where you park you'll pass at least a half dozen bars/resturants on the walk to the gates.
  15. NFL Fan Violence Is Up

    People he'll bent on getting loaded before attending games will still find a way regardless of what stadiums try to enforce.