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  1. Congrats on making the big dance.  There's a lot of Philly folks rooting for the Chiefs!

  2. Redden

    From the top of the world

    OK, we need to know who you are because that is Fin awesome.
  3. Congrats fans from elsewhere. You guys always check in. It's good to have such loyal support.
  4. :rock:SWOOOOOOOOOOOP!!!!!!!:thumbsup:

  5. You who. Joanie. Where is you?

  6. Oh King of Glory comes the nation rejoices

    1. Redden


      Wow, musta been good and drunk that night....

  7. What up stalky mcstalker

  8. Do you even lift bro?

  9. We got nobody to keep us in line anymore. :saddyface:

    1. binkybink77


      Awwww Reds.. I will try to come around more often. It's not easy with a new job!

  10. fap.. no fap backs!