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  1. :rock:SWOOOOOOOOOOOP!!!!!!!:thumbsup:

  2. OP is a stoon. I had season tickets at the Vet and the Linc. The Vet was when we were feared and for good reason. The cost of season tickets at the linc weeded out most of the rowdy locals and went to corporations instead. We have chunks of our section filled with sales guys taking opposing team clients to the game to close a deal. It's definately not like the old days.
  3. $40 To Park?!?!?

    Park in Franklin Delano Park across Broad Street or the Navy Yard. Both places are free.
  4. We don't lose as many people to injuries at the linc than we did at the vet. Players and opposing team fans.
  5. One star. Next time post pics.
  6. You who. Joanie. Where is you?

  7. Rolling Evan Mathis Updates

    I hope Evan shows up next week
  8. Rolling Evan Mathis Updates

    You guys would like RnR.
  9. Oh King of Glory comes the nation rejoices

    1. Redden


      Wow, musta been good and drunk that night....

  10. What up stalky mcstalker

  11. Do you even lift bro?