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    Fans Helping Fans is Nationwide!

    Well if you are into helping Eagles fans nation wide ATTENTION!!!!! The Department of Defense is at it again to take things away from our soldiers. The spokesman said due to overwhemling support of sending our troops care packages they have to addressed to certain soldier not just to any soldier. Because the APO is overlaoded. HELLO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Here is prime job or volunteer for Americans!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Call your mother brother sister aunt and uncle local,state, fedral and government offices and the DOD itself!!!! WE have lost another soldier in Faluigah here in the NorthWest . Demand that they get these packages to these troops. Women especially need sanitary supplies and other hygene products not easliy accessible especially in an infantry unit. I am aPersian Gulf War Veteran and I know how important a care package is. And also get on these politicans to resurect and pass the bill for free postage of sending care packages to Iraq!!!! ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!