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  1. 20Safety_Hazards

    The Double Doink Broke Matt Nagy

    That bears Mascot is a pro. I know its not necessarily the look the Bears want, but that is a guy who is committed to the character. Like the time the Philly Phanatic got beamed by a foul ball and cartoonishly played up the incident so that kids didn't get upset he was hurt.
  2. 20Safety_Hazards

    Zeke Set To Hold Out Of Training Camp?

    From a player's perspective, why should I be paid less than someone who I am more valuable then. Not saying its true, but that's where the impasse is.
  3. 20Safety_Hazards

    Zeke Set To Hold Out Of Training Camp?

    If true, Elliott should sign that deal. He shouldn't get more than Gurley, hell Gurley shouldn't have gotten that much money. So you're getting the next highest amount, that's a win. Selfishly though, KEEP HOLDING ON ZEKE! 20 MILLION A YEAR OR BUST!
  4. 20Safety_Hazards

    The Double Doink Broke Matt Nagy

    Or help Trubisky not have just an attrocious first half. As bad as the Double Doink kick was, there were multiple areas where the Eagles flat out beat the Bears that day.
  5. 20Safety_Hazards

    The Double Doink Broke Matt Nagy

    The story of the Bear's kicking search is just Bizarre. I'm linking to the story because there are some fascinating pictures in the article.
  6. 20Safety_Hazards

    What Pats fans are saying as their dynasty crumbles

    The contact was on Hogan, who was not in the area at the time the ball was thrown so, it's not pass interference if the ball wasn't in the air or it wasn't in his direction. At worst its illegal contact. Yeah, it means another shot, but that's still another hail mary play.
  7. 20Safety_Hazards

    AFC Wildcard: Titans @ Chiefs.

    What a block by Mariota
  8. 20Safety_Hazards

    Gruden to raiders is happening!

    I'd be in favor of a modified Rooney rule. I.E. if you've hired a minority HC or GM you are exempt from the rule for a time, or if you currently have one in place you are exempt.
  9. 20Safety_Hazards

    2018 Pro Football Hall of Fame Finalists

    I don't care who else makes it, if Dawkins does not get in this year I am going to lose my ! Especially if Lynch gets in over him.
  10. 20Safety_Hazards

    Gruden to raiders is happening!

    Raiders cannot announce until they comply with the Rooney Rule. Not saying its not a done deal, but there's a whole process to this that prevents a guy from being hired an hour after his predecessor was fired.
  11. 20Safety_Hazards

    Marvin Lewis is BACK! 2 year extension with Bengals

    Guys, you're being a little hard on the Bengals. Marv just hasn't had enough time to get the players he needs to incorporate his system. I'm sure he'll get it done in the next 2 years.
  12. 20Safety_Hazards

    Ranking available head coaching vacancies

    I'd agree with the Ownership comment. I disagree with the Strength of Division. If the Bills, Dolphins or Jets job became open are you really going to discount the fact that you have to play the Pats twice a year. Or do you really want to go to the Lions knowing you have to face Rodgers and the Vikings defense 2x a year. Likewise, if you look at a division like the AFC South that has not been competitive since Manning left, does that not make a coach's options better. If I know I can go into a situation and win right away is appealing. Especially if you have a good QB (see colts, etc.). I know the league changes from year to year, but there are some constants that can come into play, especially for a young coach looking to make a name for himself. Wanting to prove they are worth a look. Is it a major factor? No. But its certainly in the conversation.
  13. 20Safety_Hazards

    NFC Wildcard: Falcons @ Rams.

    the Rams! Go Falcons!
  14. 20Safety_Hazards

    NFC Wildcard: Panthers @ Saints.

    Go Panthers! Not that I like them, I just think they are a better matchup for us.
  15. 20Safety_Hazards

    Rams plans failed?

    I hope the Rams get destroyed by Minnesota or upset by the Falcons. I hope all their efforts to get cute with the seeding comes back and bites them in the @ss.