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  1. Preseason is when you take the really young ones. Good time. Easy going. It feels like going to the mall. You'll see lots of the same family types.
  2. 2016 NFC East Cap Space

    $5 million with only $75k of dead money tied to it.
  3. People who complain about home field advantage I doubt have ever been there. Go back and look at the start of the Dallas game this year. The stadium was rocking with a 4pm kickoff. Dallas started with the ball. Look at what the noise did to their first series. A false start on the 2nd play of the game!!! Where it goes wrong is when you have 12 yards of offense at that half. That's what killed that game. The stadium is fine. They get from us what the team gives off.
  4. Trust me with the lousy cell service if someones hurt the guy with the nearest ear bud in becomes a star.
  5. $40 To Park?!?!?

    Fairly sure they can swipe credit cards at the CBP lots no? I think I've done it for Flyers before. SEPTA's starting to look better and better.
  6. Rolling Evan Mathis Updates

    Man how old is this guy.
  7. Rolling Evan Mathis Updates

    I think we both could beat Moffitt. He was pathetic
  8. Rolling Evan Mathis Updates

    "Evan! I said paper not plastic! Come on man"
  9. Rolling Evan Mathis Updates

    How old is he anyways?
  10. Rolling Evan Mathis Updates

    How old is he anyways?
  11. Rolling Evan Mathis Updates

    How old is Mathis? Any chance he comes back here with his tail between his legs? I don't think so.
  12. What's crazy is how in this TMZ/Twitter day and age did he/they cover up all this other stuff that's now coming out of the wood work? - Incident in Providence night club in May - Incident at Karma night club June 6th - "Shooting" in Florida civil suit. http://nesn.com/2013...bs-in-may-june/
  13. On CNN they have a video clip of shift workers near where the body was found on smoke break that night calming they heard gun shots. Sounds like he could have been done in where he was found. http://www.cnn.com/2....html?hpt=hp_t3 if they don't have it up anymore here's the orignal source: http://www1.whdh.com...tart#?autoStart
  14. Even if he didn't do it, it's sound like he close enough to it to be a part of it. Not looking good at all.