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  1. Preseason is when you take the really young ones. Good time. Easy going. It feels like going to the mall. You'll see lots of the same family types.
  2. $5 million with only $75k of dead money tied to it.
  3. People who complain about home field advantage I doubt have ever been there. Go back and look at the start of the Dallas game this year. The stadium was rocking with a 4pm kickoff. Dallas started with the ball. Look at what the noise did to their first series. A false start on the 2nd play of the game!!! Where it goes wrong is when you have 12 yards of offense at that half. That's what killed that game. The stadium is fine. They get from us what the team gives off.
  4. Leave at least an hour before kickoff to get in. Security line for the Dallas game was brutal.
  5. Trust me with the lousy cell service if someones hurt the guy with the nearest ear bud in becomes a star.
  6. Fairly sure they can swipe credit cards at the CBP lots no? I think I've done it for Flyers before. SEPTA's starting to look better and better.
  7. This for sure. It's a great idea down to the game for sure but afterwards it will be impossible to find one. Your best bet if you want to try is to get onto Patterson Ave. even before the game ends. Start at Xfinity and start walking west towards Broad Street. Most traffic/best possible chance is there. I even walked to the Holiday Inn by Citizens Bank Park thinking there would be cabs there. I only saw one when I got there and tons of people trying the same thing. Plan B: The subway is fine. You'll have some wait time but not as long as waiting for a cab. So much cheaper too and you'll save time. Plan C: Go to Xfinity and keep partying. Crowd will die down after you've had a few more drinks and food. You can get a cab out front an hour and two after the game ends.
  8. Man how old is this guy.
  9. I think we both could beat Moffitt. He was pathetic
  10. "Evan! I said paper not plastic! Come on man"
  11. How old is he anyways?
  12. Man, what's taking the Redskins so long to sign this guy.
  13. How old is he anyways?
  14. How old is Mathis? Any chance he comes back here with his tail between his legs? I don't think so.