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  1. originalman

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    Cosign on everything you said. People forget how bad this team was last year...........Washington was straight trash last year.
  2. originalman

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    True Kingnabb some of these Ints that Mcnabb has thrown are bad. Some of it is him trying to go deep and the WR aren't fighting for the ball the way his WRs did in Philly and can't get separation. Remember this is the worst WR starting unit in the league. With that OL and with those group of WR. Plus a running game that hasn't really done anything outside the last 2 games. I expected that his stats would take a hit. People like to put QBs on a pedestals. But without an OL and WRs most QBs aren't worth crap unless they are extremely mobile and with Mcnabb being older he isn't able to carry a team on his back. Thats why its important for Washington to get him help just like teams get QBs like Palmer, Flacco, Manning and Sanchez help. They don't expect those guys to throw to 38 year old WRs or guys who were arena football players. At Mcnabb's age and the amount of success he has shown it was down right criminal for Washington to not get him some help at WR in the offseason. Heck Brett Favre has the best RB in the game but looked like crap because his OL can't block and his WRs were hurt. Then the old man gets Randy Moss and looks 10 times better. How do you think that Washington Offense and Mcnabb would have looked with Randy Moss or TO or Marshall????
  3. originalman

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    Great points the offensive line can't block and the team has a lack of talent at WR. Many times Mcnabb is running for his life and to add to that Kyle is calling an inconsistant game from a play calling stand point. He seems to give up on the running game and goes to the pass too soon. Right now Washington is winning with smoke and mirrors. A few plays from Mcnabb each game and a few plays from the defense every game. Its a team with heart but very few play makers. But I will say this.........Washington could turn this thing around in one year if they are willing to get a RB a few OL in free agency. And get Mcnabb a true play maker at WR. Either VJ, Chad Johnson or Fitzgerald (because the Arizona and Cincy teams may be blown up after this year).