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  1. Maybe Howie should have grabbed Kareem Hunt

    If we're judging draft picks off of their first games than we hit a grand slam home run with Wentz.
  2. Saints shopping CB Breaux

    If you can only list one pro and rattle off three cons, don't even bother with a thread.
  3. I'm a fan of firepower
  4. now I'm annoyed you made me scroll back for that.
  5. Are You Ready for Some Football?! ESPN/MNF Brings back Hank Jr.

    I don't not watch MNF because they got rid of an opening performance. I don't watch because ESPN is horrendously horrible. So damn bad. Who breaks up Mike and Mike? Really? ESPN is trying to be FOX and CNN all rolled into one...completely forgetting that they are supposed to be the escape from the two. Stephen A is the worst thing to ever happen to them and they don't want to admit it.
  6. Aaaaand another one!

    It's cute how you think Garrett has absolutely any say in any facet of the operations of the Cowboys.
  7. Kaepernick still no job

    "How can we truly celebrate independence on a day that intentionally robbed our ancestors of theirs? To find my independence I went home.” So he has no clue what the 4th of July has to do with anything? Intentially robbed "our" ancestors of what actually? Please, do tell. I hope the travel ban keeps his sorry arse in Ghana. Free to travel the world. The luxury of having the wealth to do so while he is effectively unemployed. The only chains this guy wears are the ones he puts on himself. How many days has he wrongfully spent in prison or jail? Seriously, please tell me how the system has failed this guy.
  8. I make no argument against this. I yam what I yam.
  9. Playing catch up here. The Linc, loud as it can be, has never been and will never be as loud as the Vet. It's loud, but never Vet loud. This isn't even near up for debate. The Flyers have always had a rougher crowd, as hockey is a rougher sport overall. I have been in several fights at Flyers games, with fans of ours and others alike, but never at the Vet or the Linc. My family actually lost our season tix to the Flyers due to fighting shortly after they left the Spectrum. I have to say I think I miss the Spectrum more than the Vet. But it's a close race. That last fight was completely on us. We were a-holes. We had the 8 seats directly behind the net, 4 in front, and the 4 behind. 3 of us went to a game and other fans tried to sit in the seats when we went to piss. We should have been happy to let fellow fans sit there but we were aces about it. But my point, anyone that thinks Eagles fans are the worst fans in sports or even just Philly have never been to a Flyers game. As far as running off or scaring the other fanbases, my question is, why? What's to gain? I'm not sure if they're still a thing or not but google Dead Tree Crew from the Redskins base. These are the fools you are trying to be like. It's pointless. There are more free beers in just giving each other a good natured hard time and busting balls for the fun of it. Fans from other teams no matter where you go are expecting to get a hard time, but why should they fear seeing their team? I may have gone along with that in my younger, dumber days but I would advise my earlier edition to dial it down.
  10. Kaepernick still no job

    This was an very odd situation to me. The video I saw seemed put together and none of the mainstream media ran with this story the way they do with others. I'm not saying anything about what happened, how it happened, or right and wrong. I'm just saying. It's funny. Some of you may remember I lived in Texas from 2006-2014. I grew tired of the bigotry and racism. I didn't bother with any sort of gestures or protests. I just got up and moved. The best thing I could think to do about it.
  11. Kaepernick still no job

    So many parallels to regular folk running so true here. A guy can't find a job. Some blame the system and the color of his skin. Other's look at the fact that he's not very good at his job.
  12. Carson Wentz or Marcus Mariota?

    Nick Foles
  13. Owners approve three rule changes

    I keep saying that ties should be broken by a field goal shootout.
  14. Nolan Carroll arrested for DWI

    It's Dallas. It will get swept under the rug and nothing will happen to him.
  15. Kaepernick still no job

    Didn't Seattle have Law Enforcement Appreciation Day the day they played the 9ers last year? Winning.