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  1. RepPhilly

    Rams acquire Jaguars CB Jalen Ramsey

    I don't really watch Rams games or highlights much but from what fans say, the problem has been O-line and protecting Goff.
  2. RepPhilly

    Rams acquire Jaguars CB Jalen Ramsey

    Same here. One 1st round pick is enough for Ramsey. You still have to pay him a mega contract too. I think Howie made the right move.
  3. RepPhilly

    It is painful listening to Booger MacFarland

    I can't think of many announcers or analysts that I enjoy listening to. Buck and Aikman are OK but nothing special. Nantz is boring. So is Tessitore. Sometimes I watch redzone most of the day and that announcer is annoying. I know it's college but I always liked Verne Lundquist.
  4. RepPhilly

    Kirk Cousins is the next Brees

    As soon as Cousins goes against a halfway decent secondary he'll struggle again and Diggs will be asking for a trade. The Eagles secondary right now couldn't stop a high school QB. Just pathetic and embarrassing.
  5. RepPhilly


    I was thinking the other day that too bad he didn't play in the 70's/80's/90's. Probably be a HOF'er.
  6. RepPhilly

    Week 4: Cowboys @ Saints

    You'd think after the Eagles ran all over them they'd make some adjustments to help their run defense especially with extra time to prepare. We'll see tho.
  7. RepPhilly

    Are the Cowpukes going undefeated?

    Amazing album!!!! Wish some of the vocals were a little heavier at times but still really good. There is no band like them on this Earth.
  8. I don't think the pass rush is anywhere near what it was in 2017 and that alone could make a huge difference. I could be mistaken but has Mahomes pulled out any late close games? I know I've seen him come up short in some games. I get sick of the Dak vs Wentz comparison, who's better? who would you rather have? etc. They're both good QB's and both our teams should be lucky to have them. Problem is most fans want results right now and don't think that maybe these guys will win SB's later in their career. It's possible Dak wins a SB this year or next. Maybe Carson wins 1-2 in year 8 or 9 later in his career, who knows?
  9. I think so too but problem is if they lose on Thursday to GB and drop another 1-2 games in the first half of their schedule then it might be too big of a hole to get out of.
  10. It keeps looking like Wentz isn't clutch late in games and cant bring his team back in 4th quarters but the last 2 weeks he's put the ball right in his receivers hands for TD's (Agholor vs. ATL and Arcega-Whiteside vs. Detroit) and they cant make the catch. Those 2 catches are made we are possibly 3-0 but oh well, that's the way it goes sometimes. I thought the same thing. If they can get guys back healthy and gain more chemistry than they'll be alright. I think they will get better as the year goes on but the problem is it may be too late by then.
  11. RepPhilly

    Dak vs Carson

    I think in Brady's case he's had good/solid WR's that just do their job. But it kills me when people say he's never had great receiver's. Julian Edelman is a beast and Gronk was the best TE for many years. And although he didn't win a SB with them, Welker and Moss were still great receivers for him. I think the 1st 3 SB's maybe you can say the weapons weren't great but they were solid and they relied more on their defense to win those early years.
  12. RepPhilly

    Dak vs Carson

    That's true but his MVP level play before getting hurt is a big reason why we got the #1 seed and home field. Without that, I think we are still without a Lombardi. It's possible if Wentz stayed healthy that maybe he has a dud in the playoffs and they don't make and win the SB. QB's get more credit than they deserve. You need an all around team. Brees and Rodgers are considered 2 of the greatest and have 1 SB each. As great as they are they should have more SB's. Why? Rest of the team isn't defense, no O-line, etc. At least with Brees they have been building that defense up the last couple years and adding Kamara, Mike Thomas and improving the O-line. GB, well we'll see. Know why Philly and Dallas are good right now? It's not just Dak and Carson. It's the threat of a run game, O-line and good receivers along with good defenses. Both teams have them but Dallas has the better defense right now which might give them the edge. Talking about the Patriots, people always say Brady, Brady, Brady...……..but they don't realize they actually run the ball too and their defense won them a SB(Malcolm Butler int).
  13. RepPhilly

    Dak vs Carson

    I've said for the last couple years that both Dak and Carson are good enough to win a SB. If QB's like Foles and Flacco can do it so can these guys. If you ask me, QB's get way too much credit as it is.
  14. RepPhilly

    Laremy Tunsil traded to the Texans

    Seems like a lot for Tunsil and Stills?? Texans must really be desperate.
  15. RepPhilly

    Goodbye McCoy

    He'd be an ultimate traitor if he went to Dallas. Everyone knows Zeke will be signed and back soon. Jerry isn't that stupid. KC makes too much sense. We could use him as well. I love Sproles but we all know he'll be hurt by week 3-4.