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  1. Say more??? One cant complain that they just want athletes to shut up and play the game you pay them to play then in the same sentence get mad at them for not doing something that has nothing to do with football. Cant have it both ways.
  2. True and in that case the media has just as much blame as Kap for continuing to perpetuate the story.
  3. Thats all beside the point. If one claims that all they want is to watch football without being interrupted by something non football then where is ones outrage when in 2009 the nfl decided to partner with the military to create a commercialized elaborate flag ceremony. What does. A flag ceremony have to do with football? Or any sport? Ive been to many venues for forms of entertainment, plays, movies, opera, art shows ect...none of those start with a flag ceremony. Ive worked many jobs and unless its in the military or an elementary school ive never been forced by my employer to participate in a flag ceremony before starting work, crap like that only happens in fascist regimes or orwell novels. I find peoples outrage of players kneeling during the anthem to be inconsistent with their claimed reasons of outrage.
  4. Yes except players would stay in locker room during national anthem until 2009 when military started paying NFL to have players participate in "patriotic displays" Basically promoting the military. Like i say if all you want is to watch football where was your outrage beginning in 2009 when the US military partnered with the NFL to spew their imperialistic nationalistic propaganda?
  5. Utebird

    Rams chances of contending in 2019

    Yup. Mcvay was the brains behind goffs sucess. Not sure why more defenses didnt do what belicheat did in the super bowl but then again not every coach is belicheat ge may be a cheater but the dude is a great defensive mind. I think its ridiculous that a coach is able to talk to a qb through his helmet for any amount of time but the nfl is what it is these days. Gives more credibility to the old timers that didnt have the benefit of their coach reading the defense for them and telling them where to throw the ball.
  6. If all you care about as you say is enjoying a game you pay to see than maybe you should gave stopped watching the day the NFL decided to start every game with a flag ceremony paid for by the US military.😒
  7. Utebird

    How long will Jared Goff be the Rams’ quarterback?

    I thought Mcvay had an idatic memory, if so one would think he'd remember captain Kirk Cousins sucks😒
  8. Utebird

    Was Super Bowl LIII Fixed?

    If anything it was fixed to snuff out the Kapernick movement once and for all and restore the "Patriots" back at the top visiting their chums at the whitehouse, Pat super bowl win saves old white men corporatism😒
  9. Utebird

    Super Bowl LIII: Rams vs Patriots.

    When has the super bowl ever had a good half time show. They need to stop getting some corporate sponsored band and do something like a magic show or death defying stunt where some dude jumps over 30 flaming buses while doing a back flip while playing a bavarian cheese whistle. trotting out some band and singers to try and placate to all the different masses is blah.
  10. Utebird

    Should the NFL go to a draft lottery?

    Talk by who, bunch of media heads tryin g to generate headlines. Its tough to tank in the nfl because there are only 16 games and even then its not like in basketball where there are only two rounds and even then most 2nd rounders in nba dont pan out. The nfl draft is a crap shoot, top picks bust all the time while 5th rounders make all pros. The benefits of tanking to get a higher pick just doesnt have alot of merit. If tanking to get top picks in the draft were succesful than the browns not the patriots would be winning super bowls.
  11. Utebird

    Should the NFL go to a draft lottery?

    Ok and what happens if say you have a year where the eagles go 2-14 but another team that went 10-6 missed the playoffs got the number one pick? Would you still be in favor of a draft lottery???
  12. Utebird

    Sean McVay: I got out-coached

    Apparently the Pats ran a bunch of 6 man fronts with just a single high safety on the back end, controlled all the gaps shutting down the run forced goff to beat man coverage well forced mcvay to beat man and for whatever reason mcvay was lost like hed never seen a 6 man single high defense. Its a balsy defense for BB to play but BB has been around and if you dont adjust hes gonna win and thats what happened. Kind of makes one appreciate the eagles win last year a little more if thats possible
  13. Utebird

    Are you rooting for Andy Reid now?

    Ok go root for paytons punchable face, belicheat and his hoodie or media darling and nob slobber mcvay.
  14. Utebird

    Are you rooting for Andy Reid now?

    Yeah those 5 nfccg and a super bowl appearance were the worst eff that fat guy for making the eagles one of the most sucessful franchises in the 2000's😒
  15. Utebird

    Are you rooting for Andy Reid now?

    Always root for Andy unless hes playing the eagles.