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  1. Utebird

    Your top guys at each position.

    Imagine montanna having gronk to throw to.
  2. QB Joe montanna. Tom brady may have won more super bowls but joe cool never lost one 😎 RB Jim Brown. I compiled a list once assigning points to each statistical category of top RBs and Jim Brown came far and away ahead of everyone. He was just dominant. FB- Lorenzo Neal- alot of the older "FBs" were really just RBs but neal was a True Run blocking RB who had something like 10+ seasons of blocking for 1000 yard rushers. WR Jerry Rice. Dont think any one would argue this. TE. Rob Gronkowsi. Hes the most dominant TE ive ever seen play. Not only was he a nightmare mismatch a a receiver he was an elite run blocker as well. OT. Anthony Munoz- guy was dominant many experts will say best they ever saw. Other guys i thought of, walter Jones, john ogden, orlando pace... OG- Larry Allen. Larry Allen was one of the strongest players in the NFL and at 340 lbs could move as well. OC-gonna say Jim Otto, never saw him play but dude has some impressive accolades and played for a long time. DE Reggie White. Some will argue Deacon Jones or Bruce Smith but theyd be wrong. DT-John Randall. Im sure some are gonna argue and bring up some old timers but randalls non stop motor and intensity just put him here for me plus i saw him play so that helps. OLB-lawremce Taylor. Some will argue hes not just the best OLB ever but one of the best Football players ever crazy crack head could take over games. MLB- D Butkus. Apparently if one looks up in the dictionary NFL MLB it has a pic of this dude.😉 CB- Rod Woodson over Deion becayse Rid could tackle also returned kicks and punts Safety- Ronnie Lott. Any dude that hurts his finger during a game gets half it cut off and comes back and finishes the game gets my vote. That and the dude was really good. Kicker Adam Vinitieri. Cant remember a kicker having so many clutch kicks in so many big games and moments. Punter- Ray Guy. I mean for petes sake the best punter gets an award called the Ray Guy award. KR/PR Devin Hester never seen coverage teams so scared of one dude. For a few years he was the most dangerous man in football and he only touched the ball 5-7 times a game if that. Coach. Bill Walsh. Some people would say how could you not say Lombardi the freakin championship trophy isnt called the Walsh. Like his QB Walsh never lost a chamoionship, Lombardi did to the eagles☺
  3. Utebird

    Is former Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles a Hall of Famer?

    His best stat is ypc other than that he doesnt have HOF numbers or post season success. Good player good back not HOF
  4. Im not sure why the whining, its not your money so who cares. Reminds me of when a labor union strikescand wins highervwages and people on the outside get mad like all those mooch workers striking for better pay are lazy. Why do you care if somebody gets a bigger piece of the pie, unless its your pie and even then how much more pie does one need than everyone else. Good for lawrence gettin his hes a good player. Now this might cause some financial problems down the road but for now good job. Having said that where do eagles fsns get off saying the cowboys have glaring holes and yada yada. Last i checked they beat us twice last year. I expect this year the division comes down to eagles cowboys. Sounds awesome! Oh yeah COWBOYS SUCK!
  5. Dude forgot his helmet
  6. Utebird

    Jets new uniforms

    Like the all green shiney helmets with the white jets logo on it Like that logo they used in the 90s The jerseys and pant are ok but like the helmets.
  7. Im having a tough time fathoming how one can divert so much energy to nfl scheduling. Who cares???
  8. Im gonna run this by my boss at work, see what he says. Or maybe i can go talk to my sons principal see if maybe they can implement this in his school😒
  9. Utebird

    The Hypocrisy of Kaepernick in 4 Stories

    Sure except that we pay more in taxes yearly on corporate subsidies about 4000$ and about 35$ a year for welfare programs The largest employer in America is walmart they also employ the most employees on welfare even though their employees are working they dont earn a livable wage so apply for welfare which we the tax payer pay for. Instead of being angry at the Corporation not providing a livable wage were told to blame the working poor as lazy free loaders when in reality the free loaders are the corporations. Redistribution of wealth would mean giving employees a livable wage putting more money in the pockets of the working class and having employers pay their fair share.
  10. Utebird

    The Hypocrisy of Kaepernick in 4 Stories

    I think you are confused about socialism and wealth distribution. Both already occur in the US. The government already takes your money and redistributes it to the military corporate subsidies... Fire department is a social program. Your taxes pay for a fire department thats a social program. If you cant grasp the basic tennants of what socialism is than this conversation is pointless.
  11. Utebird

    The Hypocrisy of Kaepernick in 4 Stories

    You realize countries like sweden and norway countries that are traditionally thought of as socialist countries also have free markets as well. Where as a country like the US traditionally thought of as a capitalist country also has social programms, military, law enforcement, public water, fire department, government, k-12 education... Its not about being socialist or capitalist its about dustributing the wealth in a responsible way that benefits all of society instead of the top 10% Currently in the US the wealth of the nation is pooled at the top 10% and your solution is to decry socialism??? Dont like socialism dont use the roads dig your own well home school dont call the fire department when your house is on fire and demand that no more of your taxes go to corporate subsidies and funding the military.😒
  12. Utebird

    The Hypocrisy of Kaepernick in 4 Stories

    Good for them serving, and that sacrifice brought what exactly? The last war that was justified was world war 2. The US is currently engaged in 9 wars across the globe. They arent liberating or freeing people theyre killing them with bombs that your and mine taxes pay for, and im supposed to salute that? As for socialism it does work. Countries all around the world have social governments in fact the largest social programm in the world is The US military. Look at you not only contributing to the war machine but as a socialist.
  13. Utebird

    The Hypocrisy of Kaepernick in 4 Stories

    How is not saluting the flag disrespectful. Did you know according to flag code displaying the flag vertically like they do at football games is in violation of flag code. That shirt or hat you wear that are the flag against flag code. Those flag plates you eat from on 4th of july against flag code. You want to bring up too many sacrificed for what we have, well what is it that we currently have? We currently spend more on military than the next 10 countries combined while vets starve on tje streets. America currently has the largest populstion of jailed imprisioned citizens, yay us were number 1 Currently only developed country without some form of universal heath care with millions lacking any health care. America is currently the richest country in the history of the world yet kids and adults are still starving and homeless. How does that make sense. Our fore fathers had a dream for this country that dream isnt currently reflected in american society. 3 people own more money than the bottom half of the population capitalism works for the 10% off the backs of the 90% who are struggling to make ends meet and your solution is to salute a flag in memory of some long past forelorn dream? Saluting a flag doesnt change anything it says you conform with the current state of the country. Id rather try and make it better than blindly salute a flag in a false sense of patriotism.