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  1. I think the bigger question is, is it socially acceptable for adults to eat pigs in the blanket with out any children present?
  2. Thats awesome for you but like i said different strokes for different folks. I think the military can be good for some and bad for others
  3. Funny im just the opposite I beat it into my heads to never join the military unless this countrybis at war defending ourselves and freedoms from tyrrany. Hasnt happened since world war 2. And even world war 2 we werent involved until we were attacked.
  4. Yup is why i said im fine with job part, skills training and the such
  5. Im fine with the job part its the war part i have a problem with. There are plenty of ways to serve ones country without commiting to be part of the war machine.
  6. True most addicts possess addictive behaviors. Having said that one could say the same thing about pornography. While in itself pornography dpesnt contain any addictive chemicals the way ones brain reacts to it and changes classifies it as addictive. Weed. Can effect brain chemistry to the point where one becomes dependant or addicted to those changes. But yes the behavior can be addictive
  7. There's a lot wrong with america today i wouldnt consider not wanting to be in the military one of them. I have my reasons for believing that and id rather not discuss them here. Military service. Can be a good avenue for certain individuals but its not a cure all for ailing american youth.
  8. No thanks ill pass on military service. Im sure it was helpful for you but different strokes for diffetent folks.
  9. I dont know where this thought started. Weed is addictive. I have brother in law when he was young he was foing all sorts of stuff. Meth heroine and weed and he said the hardest for him to kick was the weed. Weed effects brain chemistry just like other drugs and can be addictive. Having said that weed isnt considered a deadly drug because its really tougj to od on. But it is addictive.
  10. not to mention his off the field concerns and the questionable characters he surrounds hims self with and its also said he drinks a bit too much, which might explain his poor combine performance. Not a fan of Cook in the first second or 3rd round, lots of backs in this draft with better measureables and not a head ache off the field.
  11. exactly, he played him on the outside as well, i think matthews is fine as a number 2 guy, but to ask him to be the guy at receiver is a bit of a stretch, his numbers this year were enflated because they forced the ball to him so much, he played from the slot and on the outside and was average at both. he's not fast enough or athletic enough to be a consistent threat on the outside and he's not quick enough to be a consistent threat from the slot, it would help if he had great hands but he doesnt.
  12. yup, the same moron that only had 4 pass plays in his play book, which had matthews run two routes from the slot, didnt take long for defenses to figure it out until they were just waiting to blow up matthews on those routes, which is what happened. having said that Matthews was chips ideal slot guy, and not sure he's quick enough for that position in dougs offense.
  13. Matthews fit what chip wanted to do from the slot but not so much with pederson, also becomes a bit redundant when Ertz and DGB are all running the exact same routes. Alot of the pats receivers over the years have been small quick guys, Deion branch set a super bowl record at the tim against the eagles he ws a midget, troy brown was the go to guy for years, wes welker, amendola, edelman, and even james white at RB running alot of those same option routes where LBs or most safeties just cant stay with the quickness of those little guys. The closest Wr the eagles have to that mold is sproles, who isnt the biggest target, and Turner who doesnt have elite quickness like say edelman. Pats continually get quicker guys on bigger slower guys and exploit those mismatches, whether its a RB or a WR and its been a key to their success over the years.
  14. Except one of the best receivers for the pats in the super bowl was a rookie in malcolm mitchell. but other that yeah experienced depth is good
  15. pre season is different than regular season, sure their is still chance for injury but most espablished players play very little in pre seaon, most the guys making plays in the pre season arent on a roster come game day. id rather see less games with higher quality football, stretch it out to 18 games and towards the end players would be playing on one leg, which makes for tired sloppy football. i dont see the value in an 18 game season except more generated revenue for the NFL and its owners. if the nfl were serious about player safety like they profess to be they would eliminate more pre season games and either keep the 16 game schedule go back to 14 but going to 18 doesnt protect players health or make for a better product on the field.