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  1. Utebird

    Chargers Potential Move to London is messed up

    If i were an owner. Id want a team in Deleware.
  2. Utebird

    Bowling Green, KY

    Not sure but while you are in Kentucky could you throw a beet pie at Moscow mitch for me?
  3. Utebird

    Browns fans are ready!!!

    I wish i were too, the go fund me account was accompanied by a video my sister attached which consisted her whining for about 10 minutes of the injustices of life. She even started crying. The video went viral, well viral among my family and friends.😉 And like i said all she ever got was 1 donation of 20 dollars and im pretty sure it was from my mom. 😁
  4. Utebird

    Browns fans are ready!!!

    True, my sister started a go fund me to help her as a 30 year old get out of my mothers basement, she got about 20bucks from one donor who im pretty sure was my mom😁
  5. Utebird

    Browns fans are ready!!!

    People do it so much now because so many people dont have medical insurance or. Have crappy medical insurance.
  6. Always thought Chung looked more like a tweeker...
  7. Utebird

    Dak Prescott or Kirk Cousins?

    Im taking Dak, Cousins career to this point can be summed up by one play, Redskins need to spike ball to stop clock, cousins gets everybody up to the line rushes up under center gets the snap and takes a knee??? Boneheaded mental fart under pressure in the clutch, story of his career.
  8. Utebird

    All Time QB rankings... Do championships matter?

    If there is " scientific" evidence why did brady destroy his phone?8. Well never know we can guess but what we do know is that people that have nothing to hide dont destroy evidence. Same with spygate which you conveniently left out of your latest minimization justification, if the league considers what the pats did the norm then why destroy the evidence? Like i said the answers to those questions dont really matter and even if those answers were revealed im guessin you would minimize and justify those as well to continue to support the false narrative in your head Its cool though carry on!
  9. Utebird

    All Time QB rankings... Do championships matter?

    It wouldnt be so confusing if the patriots just stopped cheating. Where theres smoke theres fire. If the league wasnt going to take bradys personal phone then why smash it. Whats more likely, that he smashed it in a fit of rage or he smashed it to hide something incriminating? Doesnt matter you and most pats fans will never accept that the pats cheated why would you accept the possibility of something that could challenge your fandom, so you minimize justify the cheating. Carry on.😒
  10. Utebird

    All Time QB rankings... Do championships matter?

    So every player hands over their phones but the one guy accused of deflating footballs destroys his phone and its because he doesnt want the league to see his dic picks? If the league is ok with what the Pats did during spygate and filming other teams is the norm why did the league destroy the tapes??? You can minimize and justify all you want but innocent people who have nothing to hide dont destroy evidence.
  11. Utebird

    All Time QB rankings... Do championships matter?

    Brady was a direct beneficiary of the taping by his coach/staff and knowingly knew of the taping as did the whole team as such they are all guilty of cheating. As for records on others phones if there was evidence in others phones then why did tom feel the need to destroy his records? Again people that have nothing to hide or arent guilty of anything dont take actions to hide their actions.
  12. Utebird

    All Time QB rankings... Do championships matter?

    Wow really, how bout the tapes that were destroyed by the league. Why would the league destroy evidence? As for deflategate if brady had nothing to hide why did he destroy his phone records? Theres two possibilities? 1 they are covering their tracks 2 they are idiots Which is it?
  13. Utebird

    Daks Agent wants $34m per year

    I like Dak, i think hes a solid dude, having said that i think hes a qb that needs alot of pieces around him to be sucessful, having said that whats that put his value at as a qb?
  14. Utebird

    All Time QB rankings... Do championships matter?

    The league and evidence disagree with you.
  15. Utebird

    All Time QB rankings... Do championships matter?

    Montanna never cheated, every other team in league also didnt have FA so its not like montanna had an unfair advantage. And again montanna never cheated, brady or his coach and organization have been busted for cheating twice. Brady cheating scandals 2 Montana 0