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  1. Ok ,never wished him harm. I dont just dislike the team he plays on i dis like him he's a grown man who gets paid millions to play a game and acts like a child. As for his suffering lets not act like he broke his neck or is sitting in a foreign prison being tortured or is dying of cancer he hurt his ankle for craps sake. Youre as dramatic as he is.
  2. Lol wow sore spot? Dudes a man child. Hasnt done a single thing on the field? FG nets disagree. Giants suck. Drc the human back pack getting suspended makes for good comedy. Your team is a joke ha ha ha. This is where you retort back with something about empty trophy cases and super bowl rings cuz its all you got in.a dim present and darker future.
  3. I enjoy seeing the giants suck. Marshall getting hurt not so much he's a solud human looked done as a potato though. As for that other blonde haired fruit loop receiver seems the universe rightfully caught up with him
  4. Maybe. Seems he's always been hurt since the day he was drafted but always played through it and dominated but yeah his all out reckless play seemed to catch up to him. Hopefully he can have a productive post career in whatever he chooses
  5. I know its crazy how injuries have derailed him. He was a 3 time defensive mvp and now he looks to be done. Always shocking to see dominant players fall off the cliff much like TD who one day was two time super bowl winner and mvp and in a flash hes wearing a suit and tie on some sports network
  6. I feel like you left like 20 crappy qbs off that list. I mean how does a team that continually pick in the top 3 of the draft every year suck so bad?
  7. So let me get this straight. A guy reports that a video has been uploaded of a coach snorting cocaine and the outrage on this thread is for the guy that reported it? Let me guess fake news reported by un american environmental socialist libtards
  8. Dude was done a couple seasons ago. I thought he should have retired after last season. Oh well wonder if the voters will still put him in the hall dude was dominant Too bad for the majority of his career his team was mediocre
  9. Vikes didnt want him. AP is a shell of his former self as is cj2k but hey maybe they figure two former 2000 yard rushers will equal something. Its always sad seeing great players play out the end of their careers. AP is a shoe in for the hall but its like seeing art monk as an eagle or jerry rice as a bronco or reggie white a panther. Sad stuff
  10. Yup. I also get pulled over all the time. Mostly because im speeding
  11. I answered the rights question in two other posts. There are no rights on paper or in law that women and minorities dont have. Now whether or not they actually have them is debateable. As for wage gap there are studies that suggest their is a wage gap. Just because you havent read them arent aware of them or dont believe them doenst make it not so. Just like just because i have makes it true. Privilege is the idea that a problem isnt a problem becsuse it doesnt effect you. White male privilege would then be its not a problem to me because im white and as such i dont have to worry about it so its not a problem. I dont have to worry about not getting a job because im black or a women. I dont have to worry about getting pulled over by cops for simple fact that im black. I do t have to worry about getting turned down for a loan because im black or a women I dont have to worry about paying more for health insurance because im a women. I dont have to worry about open carrying a rifle down a public street and being called a thug because im black. These are a few examples and im sure there are more and you im sure can come up with more examples of ehite males being disenfranchised but those instances dont erase white male privilege they just show that racism and injustice towards whites also co exist with white male privilege not cancel it out.
  12. That doesnt explain pay gap between races/sexez with same credentials same job same hours of work.
  13. Im aware how courts work. There is a bias towards men and custody of children. Thats not just something that effects white males. Thats a bias that exists for all males of all races. Still though that doesnt delitimigize the thought of existence of white male privilege as a whole. Sorry if your example was someone close to you that sucks. Sucks either way sucks more when its personal
  14. That graph is actually outdated.i think the latest was something like 94 cents to the dollar for white women then decreases but ive also seen a graph with asian women they made more than black and latino women but not equal to white women and no women no matter race was equal to men. This was a few years back though im sure its changed and im sure more studies on both sides have come out with different results ysing different criteria. Having said that saying it doesnt exist because you dont or someone else does or doesnt doesnt mean jack. Like tom cruise says.(paraphrase) It doesnt matter what you believe all that matters is what you can prove. And thats what these studies on both attempt to prove or disprove and then attempt to explain why. Are those motives racially and sexually motivated? That is debatable and inconclusive on either side but what ever the reason for the wage gap there shouldnt be one.
  15. I didnt say no one cared about white males committing suicide lots of people care. I know my wife sure does the majority of her clients are white suicidal males. Now does media care. Im guessing not they have better ways of propagating fear. Also didnt argue the 2nd because they arent white. Said it could be argued and it has.