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  1. Totally agree and Max gets a huge fail there. Also, it's done before big events for the fans not the event or its performers. It's all part of the event because the people that go to that event want and expect it. Take away the national anthem from any sports event and see how that works out...
  2. bengals had the most criminals on their roster for several years a While back so I can kind of see how the fans would be tired of low character people on their roster making millions. I'm in on the boycott too. What the heck.
  3. 9 picks huh? Who is there qb?
  4. Yeah I'll believe it when I see it.
  5. Jeez. So sad. Praying for the Heap family.... ATNFL is depressing today.
  6. He could have been in service in Jail. But he couldn't find God apparently.
  7. Didn't take very long for someone o bring race into the thread did it? Shady is an immature child with a terrible attitude and kiko flat out sucked as an eagle. Skin color aside.
  8. Sean Payton is no a no nonsense coach. Johnny football would have a very short leash. But him learning under Drew Brees is an interesting scenerio
  9. I cant disagree. Plays like that make Championships reality. He flat out wanted to make a play more than the 3 defenders that were on him. It may not have been "clutch" because it was only 2nd down but that means very little. Plays like that take the life out of a defense and put it right into the opposing team.
  10. You can't attribute their success to one thing. Its the whole system. Player developement. Scheme. Coaching. Playing smart situational football with just the right amount of risk taking at just the right times. And yes. Tom Brady.
  11. I believe the falcons d had 3 holding penalties called on db's in the last few minutes. I didn't like that. But the patriots were having their way for the most part and the falcons d simply spent way too much time on the field in the last qtr.
  12. Falcon Formula my arse. It's called situational football and there is universal formula for it. Run the ball, Eat clock, go up by 11 and get the champagne ready to be popped.
  13. Over. I think the falcons get up big in the 1st half and it's a shoot out in the 2nd half. I cant see these falcons just feeling out the patriots early on. I think they come out aggressive.