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  1. Wentz > Dak

    They would still have been out of sinc. Everybody was rusty. ST's gave up a big play on the opeinging kick off which put us in the hole 3-0. Rust. The Cowboys were fired up coming out the gate and the Eagles were sleep walking. Once they woke up, everything started clicking.
  2. Wentz > Dak

    No the turning point was when the Eagles knocked off the rust from the bye week. Simple as that
  3. Buy or Sell: Case Keenum

    Agree and if bridgewater is looking like himself in practice I'm starting him asap. His ceiling is just waaaay higher than keenums.
  4. Yeah i watched a special about him off the field and really was impressed on his character. Was it just that? A Character?
  5. Kap did more than just insult the anthem. He basically tried to make the arguement that Castros Cuba was/is better than the America. Yes. He did. How is that not an insult? And mind you he is the founder Of this NFL movement. No people aren't getting too much football. That's crazy. There are still 32 teams and a 16 game schedule. See the situation for what it is. Fans by-in-large are turned off by politics in their football and tune out. The protest didn't achieve their intended goal because the founder of the movement is a selve serving ahole. Maybe if a guy like Jenkins started this thing it would be takin more seriously.
  6. Week 11 Schedule

    Same here. They win games ugly. I just follow their games because I have Big Ben and brown on my f/f team. Seems like they go 3 and out an awful lot.
  7. Week 11 Schedule

    The Steelers offense is offensively pathetic...
  8. It's Zeke and Dak's love child.
  9. Cowgirls Got Smoked!

    YOu have them reeling off 4 wins in a row without Zeke? I can't see it. I got them losing to the Raiders and the Redskins. And the Chargers will take them the distance. The Rams or Seahawks getting one of the WC spots and the Falcons or Saints getting the other. And lets not forget that the Redskins are still in the hunt for a WC spot.
  10. Cowgirls Got Smoked!

    they have a division loss looming next Sunday. All things concidered I think their playoff hopes are bleak.
  11. Cowgirls Got Smoked!

    We lost Hicks and we Lost Peters. Yeah Hicks isn't Sean Lee. But still a key defensive starter. And Obviously Peters is our best offensive player. Next man up. The coaches and players all need to adjust. The Cowboys just rolled over like a team with no heart. The Zeke thing has hovered over this team all season and it played out in the worst way possible. The players know it and the fans know it. And JJ knew it and that's why he is having his little tizzy fit about the Commish when he should be pissed at Zeke
  12. Once the playoffs roll around you're going to want teddy ready. Let's face it. We all know the Vikings are t going to make a run with keenum. Start teddy the at the 1st opportunity.
  13. It makes a lot of sense. Therefore. Never gunna happen.
  14. Shango and The Dallas Cowboys Show

    So let me get this straight. HE has a huge list of players that are playing great and yet he has no faith in the team w/o Elliott. Makes sense I guess. not to mention he is actin like the NFL is putting the cowboys in this situation. I will be looking forward to his podcast after the eagles game when he realizes that a WC birth isn't even a realistic possibility.