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  1. As far as the Birds are concerned the best case win scenario would be for them to somehow upset the Pokes at home week 16 giving them a division loss heading into our week 17 potential showdown.

    They've quit on's a battle of RG3 vs Shanahan and everyone knows Shanny won't survive this...

    That being said, I hope they embarrass the Giants next Sunday night in Fed-Ex....

  2. is it? I need to take a deeper look at the draft then...I just feel like stud DT's go off the board much quicker than OG's or C's, so take the blue chip OL in the teens, don;t reach for the leftover DT's. DT is a need and I have seen some people project a DT to Dallas at 18, but I think they can get by there for a year or so, the OL needs immediate help though......

    Jerry being Jerry, some safety or DT will fall a few spots and JJ will give up 1/2 the draft to move up and take him


    Hey I hope..I want Warmack/Cooper about as bad as I wanted your 3.5 inches last night...

  3. Yeah, I actually think they will grab Fluker there if available, and I would be ok grabbing him there even though it's a reach.

    they are actually ok at DT. Ratliff and Jason Hatcher will man the DT spots..they have a couple young guys they like .they might take a flier on someone in the 2nd or 3rd round, but I don't think that is something they would do in the 1st.

    DT's are one of the strengths of this I'm sure they'll fill in some depth there

  4. yeah, i think Vaccarro could help Dallas too, but they seriously need to beef up the OL. I actually think Dallas will draft an OT, because they are going to dump Free on june 1st.....i'm still po'd about Dallas trade last year to grab Mo' Claiborne....if they had gotten an OG then, they'd have a chance to completely remake the OL. I would seriously like Dallas to go OL in the first two rounds......but I have a feeling it will be OT in the 1st, RB in the 2nd

    So if it's OT, maybe they reach a little early for Fluker from Alabama..What about the DL and the switch over to the 4-3? Do they have adequate DT's for that scheme?

  5. would not surprise me one bit to see Dallas either trade up to grab the safety out of texas or trade back to the end of the first and wind up with a bum......Jerry likes to trade because it makes him feel important....if Warmack or Cooper are there and Jerry doesn't take them I will shoot myself

    Vaccarro is a decent player from what I've read..he's not the prototypical CF'type safety...I hope the Giants get a S this draft, but I'd rather have Elam from UF if they trade back (my choice if the Guard isn't there) OR the kid from LSU, Reid, in round 2...

  6. there is no plan...that is the problem, Jerry has a plan....then Jerry sees someone else do something he thinks looks cool so he changes the plan.

    the most recent plan put out was that Dallas hired Ron Ryan and wanted to build a physical team in the mold of the Steelers and Ravens, they were going to beef up the OL, run the ball and play physical.....I loved the plan, we drafted Tyron Smith and Demarco Murray....making baby steps.....then Jerry somehow forgets the rest of the OL, see's Chicago have a good season on defense and decides the Tampa 2 is the way to go and Romo can make do behind maybe the worst OL in the NFL......

    Hopefully the "plan" is to pass on whichever guard is there st 8-Warmack or Cooper for a more "sexy" choice, leaving the player available to the Giants...


  7. So Shanny just said they know nothing yet and RG3's on his way to see Dr. Andrews tomorrow..But wasn't Andrews all over the sideline yesterday hanging out with the sock hat on? And getting kicked outta that makeshift shed along the wall at FED-EX? I'm calling BS on this..they have to know it's pretty bad and Shanny's just stalling to cover his a** AND apparently throw the best orthopedic surgeon on the planet under the bus

    So..up on BBI, I just saw this post regarding Shanahan's presser:

    I'm a decent poker player

    *************: 3:08 pm

    If I were at the same table as Shanahan I'd be thinking he held a disastrous MRI in his hand.

  8. If he did completely blow out his knee then to have called any designed runs/rollouts yesterday, especially with Morris (who as a 6th rounder has to be considered the steal of the 12' draft) more than capable of carrying the rushing load is beyond inexcusable and if I were the Skin's owner heads would be rolling today starting with Shanny's.

    rumors all over DC are multiple torn ligaments. and remember, this would be the 2nd time on that knee as well. If I were the owner, I would fire Shanahan immediately. The Skins have no 1st round pick until 2015 and the guy who was supposed to save their franchise may never be the same again..The happiest people today are in the Rams FO..they have to be thinking of Javon Clowney right about now...

  9. No 1st round picks for the next 2 years-wow! Hope rg3 is ok but if the shanahans keep using him like they do, they are gonna be in some serious trouble.

    Don't see the Skins as a playoff team next year. Teams are going to go to school on that read option this spring. Also, no #1 pick this year. Oh, and they will be losing to SF, GB, and ATL next year. Oh, and Denver. Oh and they probably aren't going 5-1 in the East either...

  10. It makes me sad to type this but I think the Skins will probally be the worst team in the NFL this season (that part makes he smile)

    With that being said, they would have the #1 pick in the 2012 draft and most likley Andrew Luck would be sitting there for them to draft. I dont want Andrew Luck in the NFC let alone the Skins in the NFC east :thumbsdown:

    I don't think you are going to have to worry about Luck going to the Redskins..They should be bad, but I don't think they'll be bad enough to "win" the Andrew Luck sweepstakes

  11. According to research done by the Sacramento Bee, the Redskins, Falcons, and Dolphins have held the most heavily populated player-organized workouts this offseason.

    Redskins workouts, organized by London Fletcher, included about 30 players for a two-day session in April and 41 at last week's "minicamp." The Falcons have been running 7-on-7 practices since May 10 with around 30 players showing up for each. Chad Henne and Jake Long have led Dolphins workouts. Meanwhile, the Packers have held no player-organized gatherings at all.

    Yet have as good a chance at repeating as any recent NFL Champion due to returning players from injury and the best QB in the game at the moment...

  12. Have you listened to some of these guys?

    (I believe it was a player who said the McNabb trade was one of the 10 biggest boneheaded trades in history. He was right, just not the way he meant)

    Nah, other than seeing the players listed on message boards after each show, I haven't watched it at fact, other than draft weekend, I haven't really tuned into NFL Network at all...

  13. If you beleive hes a franchise QB you have to do whatever it takes to get him. It sucks to have to move up, but if he can be your starting QB for the next 15 years then its worth it.

    If you are under the assumption the Skins are going to suck next year, save your picks this year (and next) and try to get Luck next year...he's a guy (by all accounts) you trade your entire draft for...