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  1. On 9 April 2019 I was involved in a motorcycle accident which resuted in four burst vertebrae and severe nerve damage which required a 7-hour surgery to repair. Also go some neat hardware--seven screws amonn others. Morphine injections helped but mostly just dulled the pain--which did help immensely! Doctors and surgeon said I should be dead.

    Of course, my 30-something year-old philipina OT and PT therapists were incredible...very caring and compassionat. (Not too bad to look at either). :wub:

    So now here I am, finally home and doing oh navigating our first floor with some walker assistance, gobbling up pain meds and muscle relaxers struggling to pee like s 75-years-old man (I'm 36). Thankful to still be alive and not a paraplegic. 

    God is good!


  2. Would you please put beast o Ignore. 

    Thank you

  3. Westbrook#36

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    Oh, definitely! I mean, John Keim says so. JOHN KEIM!
  4. Watch out for this one, he's feisty!

    ...for a turd.