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  1. "..Tell me again how we need another "playmaker" at WR to have a shot at the SB.

    I'd settle for an accurate QB, a healthy TE, and a good LDE...."

    Standing ovation !! <----

    You've been on a roll-- excellent WR post and recent entries in the Blog. Just wanted to give recognition for some very well presented thoughts, and poking at the core of Tate.

  2. Hey Phreak- I miss your posts man =) I've wondered if you were going to be there this year. I understand being busy- I have a 3 mo. old and just moved to a new job in ATL. Safe travels to you in South America !

  3. Yep, that is me. Thanks for the kind words - I love doing camp reports. Good times up in Lehigh. The only thing that sucks is I scheduled my vacation this year from July 26 - August 9 and I'll be in Texas and South America - so I won't get to go up. I am trying to change some dates though - maybe get up a few times before I leave.

  4. Are you the same Philly Phreak that used to write the Training Camp daily reviews?

    Just curious, because I appreciated those and never got to say so to the poster who was writing them