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  1. Hey man, I got your book for Christmas and I am about half way through so far. It's a great read and I love hearing all the stories about waiting all night for tickets and going to Eagles games. It's funny and touching and the same time. Very nice work, it even inspired me to join this forum so I could let you know how much I like it!

  2. I loved your book! - i am Grammy nominated record producer from Lower Merion (Howard Benson) - living in LA for 30 years and never miss a game either DTV or our season tickets (50 years and counting) or Sirius etc! Bleed green and kids also do - even living in LA!! Hope u write more - after they win it!

  3. Barely even been on the EMB at all this season. Kinda busy writing, but also needed a break.

  4. never see you in WU anymore, what gives?

  5. your avatar is just way too funny