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  1. Most ppl wouldn't get lung cancer if they never smoked cigarettes. Same with cirrhosis and alcohol. Being obese and diabetes. And the list can go on and on. Just because something is self inflicted doesn't change that it is still in fact a disease. Atleast IMO
  2. Ozzie Newsome wanted him. He's generally considered one of the best GMs in the game. I guess an unnamed GMs opinion carries more weight tho. Have you ever been checked for an extra chromosome?
  3. You realize that Matt Millen was once a GM right? Just because you get a GM job, it doesn't mean you are a football genius. 75% of the ppl on this board could have done a better job running a team then him. It would be almost impossible not to
  4. First, he is one of the greatest ever. That's universally known. As has been shown in this thread. You realize that the EMB is on the internet right? Anyone who ever watched this guy play knows he was an absolute beast and if they don't then there's really no point in having a football conversation with them. Because they know nothing about the game. 2nd he did waste his talent. Football isn't just about stats. It's also about being a good teammate and doing everything you can to help your team win. TO did the opposite and destroyed teams. The 2 things are not mutually exclusive. He was one of the greatest ever but at the same time a waste.
  5. I must have missed something over the past 16 or so years. When has anybody ever said that TO underachieved for his career? The only thing I've heard over that period of time is that he was one of the best receivers in the game and also an a-hole
  6. thedon5

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    Redskins are a joke. Luxery pick on Cousins with all the other needs they have on that team. They are going to ruin Griffin. Dont be surprised if hes an Eagle in 5 years.