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  1. Mr. Mcdermott.. WTF

    The Bills organization is an absolute disgrace. The AFC is about as bad as it's ever been and the Bills are content to fumble away an easy opportunity at making the playoffs for the first time in 18 years. If you can't make the playoffs in the AFC this year, then when can you make it? Even the Jags have figured it out.
  2. Week 11 Open Discussion.

    Wasn't even remotely close. It missed by like 20 feet
  3. Nfc vs AFC competition potential

    The Steelers/Pats game at Heinz Field in Week 15 will likely determine HFA in the AFC.
  4. Cowgirls Got Smoked!

    I don't understand how a coaching staff lets someone like Green get beat like a drum for 3 quarters before they finally do something about it. I remember wondering the same thing when the Eagles let Osi eat Winston Justice's lunch money in 2007. That's piss poor coaching. Dak also needs to get the ball out quicker, or audible out to something else. If you want to neutralize a pass rusher then run the ball right at him. Pull the guard, get a chip on him with the TE. Do something.
  5. Bud Selig did it in MLB. He became commish and relinquished his share in the Brewers.
  6. SkyCam to be primary view for Titans-Steelers next TNF

    I think it gives a better appreciation for how truly fast the game really is, but doesn't let you see enough of the field.
  7. Giants Suspend Janoris Jenkins Indefinitely

    I don't think firing McAdoo before the end of the season will really accomplish much of anything. The team is 1-7 and a number of players have already quit. They aren't going to play hard for an interim HC when the playoffs are long out of sight. At this point it's all about staying healthy and not jeopardizing future earnings. It's the hard reality of the game today.
  8. Vance Joseph looks completely and utterly lost. I know it's Browns-esque to sack your HC after one season, but the Broncos should highly consider it. He looks like he doesn't belong on an NFL sideline, at least not as a HC.
  9. Week 9 Open Discussion.

    It seems like there's this idea out there on both sides that one guy has to be leaps and bounds better than the other guy. They can both be really good quarterbacks and if they are then this division is in for some great football over the next decade. Add Goff to the mix and if all three keep progressing like they have been then the 2016 QB class is going to be looked at as one of the all time greats.
  10. Week 9 Open Discussion.

    It's kinda funny looking around (message boards, Facebook, etc) to see Cowboys fans puffing their chests about beating the only team the Eagles lost to while conveniently forgetting about getting destroyed by the team the Eagles destroyed today. There also seems to be this idea that the Eagles have lost to the only good team they played (Chiefs). If the Chiefs are a good team at 6-3 then so are the Panthers (6-3) who the Eagles also beat. The bottom line is that you can only play the teams on your schedule. 8-1 is 8-1.
  11. Week 9 Open Discussion.

    Eagles win it... Zeke or no Zeke.
  12. The Browns

    I think you missed Whitehurst. When in doubt, just reference this video (although it already needs some updating)...
  13. I could see the Broncos going after Cousins too. Siemian blows and Paxton Lynch still can't beat him out for the starting gig. Osweiler is Osweiler. The Broncos pretty much need a QB enema.
  14. Week 8 Open Discussion.

    Kizer hasn't looked too bad so far today. They need to get this guy some real weapons.
  15. N.F.L. Playoff Simulator: Every Team’s Playoff Path

    Wow, thats really in-depth. Nice find.