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  1. John Fox fired in Chicago.
  2. AFC Wildcard: Titans @ Chiefs.

    Hands down the most yawn-worthy game of the Wild Card round.
  3. Week 17 Open Discussion.

    Bills @ Jags... Just like everyone predicted back in August.
  4. Week 17 Open Discussion.

    Holy crap, Buffalo finally made the playoffs.
  5. I think I end up 3/4 here with Bowles getting an extension yesterday. I'd be incredibly shocked if John Fox survives. The Bears will likely bring in an offensive minded HC to work with Trubisky. I wouldn't be surprised if they poach Reich or DeFilippo from us.
  6. Week 17 Playoffs Scenarios

    Playing with fire. There's no guarantee they get out of the wild card round against Carolina. It's not like the LA Coliseum is an intimidating place to play.
  7. Week 17 Playoffs Scenarios

    There's a scenario that exists where the Panthers win the #2 seed. In order for it to happen they need to beat Atlanta, the Rams lose to the 9ers, the Vikings lose to the Bears, and the Saints lose to the Bucs. So not friggen likely.
  8. Week 16: Vikings @ Packers

    Hundley has a 3.33 YPA tonight
  9. Bengals Fans...throwing dirt on Shazier

    The same fans crapping on Shazier support a team that employs Vontaze Burfict. That guy is the king of dirty hits and being an overall a-hole.
  10. Jim Miller and Pat Kirwan had a good conversation about this yesterday on NFL Radio. They both think that the NFL and the other 31 owners are going to be extremely picky on who gets to buy the franchise for a few different reasons. This purchase will set the market for the remaining franchises in a time of uncertainty over declining TV ratings and other things going on. They also expect character/integrity/etc is going to play a big part after what's gone on with Richardson. I think it's going to be much more complicated than just Diddy/Steph Curry/etc. pooling money together and buying the team. The other owners are going to make 100% sure that it's someone they want to work with. I could see this being a fairly complicated process before it's all said and done.
  11. NFC Week 16 clinching/elimination scenarios

    Yeah it's a long shot that either of them make it in, but they're both lucky that the teams they're chasing are playing each other this week.
  12. NFC Week 16 clinching/elimination scenarios

    Yep. The Falcons and Saints play each other so one of them losing will keep the Dallas/Seattle winner alive.
  13. Fumbling in the Endzone

    I'm pretty sure this rule goes back to a game from the 70's where a team fumbled the ball into the end zone and rather than trying to recover it, they intentionally knocked the ball out of bounds. I'm fine with the rules as is.
  14. Who Likely to Make AFC/NFC Playoffs

    Dallas is pretty much done if the Falcons win tonight. They'd need to go 2-0 and have the Falcons go 0-2 to get in. Atlanta owns the head to head tie breaker. I guess it could happen. The Falcons schedule is pretty tough the rest of the way (@ Saints, vs. Panthers).
  15. New England Patriots Cheat Again

    The rule might be stupid, but it was absolutely the right call based on the rules.