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  1. Dawkins 20

    All Time Winning Percentages for All Teams.

    Never sell Danny, never sell.
  2. Dawkins 20

    All Time Winning Percentages for All Teams.

    Mama says that Vikings fans are so ornery because they've got all them wins and no championship.
  3. Dawkins 20

    Rams chances of contending in 2019

    I think they'll contend in 2019, but I doubt they end up with 13 wins again. Goff better learn how to read a defense because DC's are going to be picking through that Super Bowl tape with a fine-toothed comb.
  4. Dawkins 20

    Super Bowl LIII: Rams vs Patriots.

    General Public: "Andy Reid is the worst at managing timeouts." Belichick and McVay: "Hold our beer."
  5. Dawkins 20

    Lawsuits field from Rams-Saints game seeding do-over

    It's pathetic. Reading some Saints threads on their message board (which is a pretty hilarious place right now BTW), a large number of their fans want Goodell to restart the game from the point of the non-call. If we're going to restart the game, why not go back to the blatant non-call on the facemask on Goff then? If that's called properly, the Rams get the ball first and goal and have a shot at 7 points instead of the 3 that they got. Or how about we go back to some missed holding call in the second quarter? Hell, let's just replay the whole game! It's like they have no idea how ridiculously absurd they sound. Just because the refs missed an obvious blown call, it does not make it any more worthy of re-starting at that point than any other missed call during the game. A blown call is a blown call, regardless of how egregious it is.The whole idea is silly and laughable anyways and it really makes Saints fans look like losers.
  6. It gets finer with age!
  7. Dawkins 20

    Should teams be able to challenge penalties or non calls?

    This. They also need to make sure what's being challanged is specific too. The last thing you want to see is a defense giving up a big 1st down at a key point in the game and then having their coach throw the challange flag and saying "someone on the offensive line was holding."
  8. Dawkins 20

    AFC Championship: Patriots @ Chiefs.

    Edelman touched it that time...
  9. Dawkins 20

    Hey Dallas

    He got absolutely wiped out of the play on one of their long runs last night. The Cowboys linebackers has no answer for all of that pre-snap movement the Rams were doing.
  10. Dawkins 20

    AFC Divisional: Colts @ Chiefs.

    That's one way to get back in it.
  11. Dawkins 20

    Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    Foles getting traded to the Raiders to replace Derek Carr would bring this thread so full circle that it's almost impossible to believe.
  12. Dawkins 20

    NFC Wildcard: Seattle @ Dallas.

  13. I feel like I did pretty well.