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  1. And the Jaguars? "I can't think of anything positive about that organization outside of the fact that they have pools in the stadium," he said. Savage
  2. The Steelers game last year is probably the loudest I've heard the Linc in the 12+ games that I've seen there. Obviously it isn't a great stadium for trapping sound from a design standpoint, but the crowd will overcome that if there's a quality product on the field.
  3. I'm sure all the details will come out over the next few days.
  4. Thank you. I figured there had to some something up with the wording. That makes sense. I know we've ragged on Carr a lot in here (mostly just F'ing around with Rstarter) but good for him. He's about to blow past big brother's $40 million in career earnings. At least this Carr is good.
  5. Makes sense if that's what it is. Just seems funny how they worded it in the article. Without any context or additional explanation it basically seems like they're saying "$40 million is guaranteed with $70 million guaranteed." I read it like 3 times to make sure I wasn't missing something.
  6. Okay, so I feel like I'm pretty well versed in how contracts and the salary cap works, but... How is fully guaranteed and total guarantees any different here? If something is guaranteed then it's guaranteed. Is $30 million of the total guarantees somehow recoverable? If it is, then it isn't a guarantee. Teach me people.
  7. Same here. I think the MNF ratings have dropped for a couple of reasons: 1. ESPN being ESPN. Viewers are tired of them politicizing everything and they're tuning out their programming. 2. MNF doesn't get the marquee matchups anymore. They get the B and C list games behind Sunday Night Football and the national 4:25 Sunday game.
  8. 5 years, $125m for Carr
  9. I guess when your ratings are tanking and you're paying $1.9 billion per year for Monday Night Football you might as well do whatever it takes to save the sinking ship. $1.9 billion For 16 games and the draft And no Super Bowl
  10. Can't wait for that hard hitting analysis. "You see, the key to success is keeping it simple. What you want to do is run 5 plays out of different formations, cut all of your talented players, big people beat up little people... and just watch the Lombardi's come rolling in."
  11. The Run N Shoot (Yourself in the Face)
  12. From what I've gathered, they offer up club level season tickets all the time. I know someone that was like 20,000th on the waiting list and the Eagles offered them club level season tickets. It's tough to justify 300 bucks a seat per game, so I can see why they're always available.
  13. Teams have to decide if they are picking up the 5th year option on former first round picks prior to the start of their 4th season (with the deadline typically being in May). Once the decision is made, it's made. From what I can tell, it doesn't prevent the team from franchising the player or working out a long term deal prior to the player reaching Free Agency.