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  1. Is there an English translation somewhere?
  2. Dawkins 20

    Rival players who should be in the HOF, but aren't

    Cowboys fans were salty AF when Dawkins made the HoF before Woodson. It was hilarious. Having said that, I think Woodson should be in and will get there eventually.
  3. Dawkins 20

    Over rated Head Coaches ?

    McVay is a good coach, but definitely over rated. The media acts like hes the second coming of Vince Lombardi and Tom Landry. It boggles the mind that Jason Garrett continues to be employed in Dallas. There's a guy that used to post here about 10 years ago that summarized every HC that's won a SB and how long it took. The overwhelming majority of SB winning coaches either won it all in their first 5 years as a HC or didn't win it at all. The Bill Cowhers of the coaching world we're extremely few and far between. Jason Garrett doesn't strike me as someone that's leading any team to the promised land.
  4. Dawkins 20

    5 in / 5 out of the playoffs....

    Hoping so. Honestly I think a lot of DC's are going to be studying that SB film of Goff to see what BB did to shut him down. Good DC's will pick up on it and exploit it. It'll be up to McVay to counter punch.
  5. Dawkins 20

    5 in / 5 out of the playoffs....

    Out: Saints, Rams, Cowboys, Ravens, Texans In: Falcons, Niners, Packers, Browns, Jaguars
  6. Dawkins 20

    Daks Agent wants $34m per year

  7. I feel like Marvin Lewis was a mainstay on these lists for a solid decade I know the Steelers don't cycle through coaches very often, but I feel like Tomlin is on the hot seat if the Steelers finish behind the Browns and Ravens, especially after kicking their two best players to the curb.
  8. Marvin Lew... oh wait. Finally! Mike Zimmer Matt Patricia Mike Tomlin Bill O'Brien Sean McDermott
  9. A 14 team playoff format would work well. I like the idea of only the #1 seed getting a bye. I wouldn't want to push it any higher than 14 teams though. No need to get into the NBA/NHL territory where too many teams make the playoffs.
  10. Dawkins 20

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    Idol time is the worst.
  11. Dawkins 20

    Seahawks and Wilson agree to mega contract

    I thought the same thing.
  12. Dawkins 20

    Is former Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles a Hall of Famer?

    Nope. He was a really nice back, but if you're gonna go the Terrell Davis route then you better have rushing titles to back it up. Rings don't hurt either. Hall of Very Good.