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  1. Dawkins 20

    Will Las Vegas be a good NFL city?

    I'm sure they'll do great, but I wouldn't be shocked if the stands were 1/3 full of opposing team's fans every week. So many people are going to piggyback a Vegas trip with watching their team play a game there.
  2. Dawkins 20

    Two Bozos, Two Lawsuits

    Unless there's some kind of smoking gun e-mail or voice recording, it's going to be virtually impossible to prove collusion.
  3. Dawkins 20

    Rolling R-word's (Trademark Pending) updates..

    Likely killed himself because he has to watch the Redskins every week.
  4. Dawkins 20

    Browns Picks

    Seems like the Browns are already doing this, except not at the QB position. They pick the QB they want at #1 knowing full well that they'll get either Barkley or Chubb at #4. To me that's better than doing it the other way where you take the QB at #4. They've already been roasted twice on not taking Wentz and Watson. Imagine they take Barkley at #1 and whatever QB(s) taken by the Giants and/or Jets turns into a stud? No way they're going to make that mistake again.
  5. Dawkins 20

    Did we end the Patriots dynasty?

    It would be great if it happened after the draft and the Pats didn't take a QB. I bet they would still make the playoffs though. Belichick won 11 games with a mediocre Matt Cassel under center.
  6. Dawkins 20

    Did we end the Patriots dynasty?

    Once the season begins Brady and Gronk will be there and they'll be on cruise control until the AFCCG.
  7. Cowherd bought in hard to Seth Wickersham's article about the Patriots back in December, so he's basically doubling down on that.
  8. Dawkins 20

    Tyrod Taylor traded to Browns

    Allen looks awful to me. His accuracy issues are going to be exploited big time in the NFL. I'm not even sure it's fixable. If I'm the Browns I'm taking Rosen.
  9. Dawkins 20

    Isn't Brandin Cooks the dude..

  10. Dawkins 20

    OBJ being sued for assault

    How much is a team willing to give up in a trade for a guy on the last year of his deal that says he won't play without a new contract? He's obviously way better than Jarvis Landry, but I'm not sure he'd fetch much more than what the Dolphins got for Landry when you factor in the rest of the baggage.
  11. Dawkins 20

    JPP traded to the Bucs

  12. Dawkins 20

    JPP traded to the Bucs

    Adds another element of flexibility for them in the draft. If they have Chubb as their highest rated player then they can go ahead and take him at #2 and slide him right into JPP's spot. Assuming they aren't going QB/Barkley/Trading down.
  13. Dawkins 20

    Rams gonna be tough...

    Saints and Packers too. The NFC is going to be a buzz saw once again.
  14. Dawkins 20

    West Coast teams want NFL rule limiting early kickoffs

    Good luck with that. There are 15 teams located west of the Eastern Time Zone. Limiting these teams to playing 3 road games at 1PM EST would create a scheduling nightmare. It's already a gong show to create the schedule without those parameters. Take the Bears for example. Say they have a year where their rotation lines up as: 6 Division Games, 4 vs NFC East, 4 vs AFC East, 2 Games vs. NFC West/South. Their schedule could very easily shake out with the following road games: @DET, @PHI, @NYG, @BUF, @NE, @ATL. Nothing earth shattering from a travel standpoint. In fact, they're all within a 2-hour flight of Chicago. The start time would only be one hour earlier than what they're used to for home games. Yet. according to that rule they would have to play 3 of those games at 4PM EST. I get that it's meant for the Seattle's and San Francisco's of the NFL, but it's a pretty poorly written and thought out rule as constructed above.