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  1. I think there's a perfect storm brewing for an extended work stoppage. You've got this TV deal looming large and if ratings keep dropping then so too does the next TV contract and revenue as a whole. On the flip side of that, I think you're going to see the players want guaranteed contracts like Paco mentioned. Asking for guaranteed contracts is essentially asking for a bigger piece of the pie. The problem is that the "pie" will shrink if ratings and revenue from the next TV deal are down. That's just an ugly situation all around, and it doesn't even account for things like player discipline and other issues.
  2. Not that Eli has been overly spectacular these past two seasons, but moving on means entering QB purgatory and buying a ticket for the "let's find a franchise QB" lottery. It took the Eagles 7 years to find their guy after McNabb, and nothing is guaranteed that Wentz is even that guy yet. Obviously you have to move on at some point, but it can be a long and winding road back to Franchise QBs-ville.
  3. Arizona? They love them some old a** QB's.
  4. This is a game the Eagles should win handily, but there are a couple of things at play here: 1. This is a divisional game where anything can happen. These teams know each other so well. 2. The Giants will essentially be fighting for their season. I don't expect them to just roll over.
  5. Delay of game
  6. I remember watching that game. There was a punt that wasn't fielded and it just stuck in the ground on impact.
  7. Man the Giants look like a pile of horse sheet.
  8. What a crazy FG
  9. Ansah gets held and still owns Flowers for the sack.
  10. One thing I'll give Chip credit for is that his screen game was always strong. It was a thing of beauty watching Jason Peters blowing up DB's down field on screen passes.
  11. TD Lions
  12. Every other team's screens look so much better than ours.
  13. He's down.